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US Chamber Calls for Transparency, Dialogue
US Chamber Warns against Rush to Pass Korea’s Online Platform Competition Promotion Act
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The following is attributable to Charles Freeman, Senior Vice President for Asia at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The U.S. apparent ...

Expo 2023 Doha Unveils Exclusive Fan Zone for Asian Cup 2023
Expo 2023 Doha is set to elevate the Asian Cup 2023 experience with the grand opening of its exclusive Fan Zone, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Al-Bidaa Park. The Expo 2023 Doha Fan Zone ...

UAE 52nd National Day Observed in Seoul
UAE Envoy Abdulla Saif Alnuaimi Hosts Reception
UAE Embassy in Seoul hosted a diplomatic reception at Shilla Hotel on Nov. 24, 2023 to celebrate its 52nd UAE National Day. The UAE National Day gets celebrated yearly on December 2 every year to ...

Palestinian Envoy Waleed Siam Speaks on Hamas-Israeli War at Oman Embassy in Seoul
Mr. Waleed Siam, non-residing ambassador of State of Palestine to South Korea, will speak on the current situation surrounding war between Palestine and Israel at the press conference to be held at ...

Moroccan Embassy to Host Seminar in Seoul
Ambassador Chafik Rachadi to Throw Luncheon
The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Seoul will hold a symposium under the title of “Autonomy as a relay for Development: Comparative Approach” on Nov. 24, 2023 in a ...

UAE Embassy Hosts “UAE-Korea Strategic Dialogue” Forum in Seoul
Strategic partnership and cooperation between South Korea and UAE were emphasized in the seminar hosted by UAE Embassy in Seoul on Oct. 10-11, 2023. “UAE-Republic of Korea Strategic ...

Ecuador FM Gustavo Manrique Calls for Close Ties at Business Forum in Seoul
Ecuador Foreign Minister Gustavo Manrique emphasized the bilateral business ties between Ecuador and South Korea at a global business forum held at Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul on Oct. 11 ...

Scholars Call for Co-Existence of Humans and Nature in Seoul Symposium
Director Shin Jeong-Hwan of HUFS Institute of Latin American Studies Hosts 1-Day Seminar
Symposium on cooperation between South Korea and Latin America was held on the campus of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul on Sept. 22 (Friday), 2023. The one-day ...

"Road to COP28 in the UAE" Held in Seoul
UAE Ambassador Nuaimi Promotes "COP28UAE"
UAE Ambassador to Seoul Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi hosted "Road to COP28 in the UAE" in Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul on August 31, 2023 as a pre-event of "COP28UAE" or officially 28th ...

UAE to Mark "Emirati Women's Day" in Seoul
Dr. Aisha Bilkhair Will Speak on Emirati Women
UAE Ambassador to Seoul Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi will host an event to celebrate "Emirati Women's Day" on August 28 (Monday), 2023. Women: the Sustainable Identity" to be delivered by a noted scholar ...

Riyadh to Host Inaugural International Conference on Justice
RIYADH, February 13, 2023 – Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice has announced that the first International Conference on Justice will be held in Riyadh between March 5 and March 6, 2023. The ...

Lufthansa, Air France, and KLM Compete to Buy Bankrupt Flybe
Lufthansa, Air France, and KLM are said to be competing to buy Flybe which went out of business last week. According to news site Preferente on Monday, February 6 the two companies are not ...

Ex-PM Hwang Kyo-Ahn Declares His Candidacy to Run for the Ruling PPP Leadership
The former Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-Ahn declared that he will run for the chairmanship of the ruling People's Power Party (PPP) in the coming March 8th national convention at the opening ...

Will Indonesia in ASEAN Go Up against China in South China Sea?
As one of ASEAN's founding members, Indonesia will take over the organization's president in 2023. Additionally, as decided at the 2020 Riyadh Summit, Indonesia will hold the G20 presidency ...

Imperial Delusion Is the Enemy of Peace and Prosperity
As Russia's war in Ukraine drags into its eighth month, the European Union scrambles for energy to heat its homes and power its industry in the coming winter, the US and China continue to rattle sabers ...

UAE Embassy in Seoul Organizes "The UAE Is an Example of Coexistence and Tolerance"
UAE Embassy in Seoul Joins Forces with International Vaccine Institute (IVI) in Ceremony
UAE Embassy in Seoul Joins Carbon Neutrality & Green Growth Investment Seminar
UAE Embassy in Seoul Hosts 2nd Webinar on "Women Empowerment" in UAE, South Korea
Russian Minister Alexei Chekunkov Visiting South Korea for Economic Cooperation
Czech Ambassador Gustav Slamecka's Message for Czechoslovak Independence Day
UAE Embassy in Seoul Holds a Webinar on Women Empowerment
Wife of Belgium Ambassador Peter Lescouhier Turns Out to Be Master of Chinese Martial Art
New Premier Kim Boo-Kyum to Rap Up Lame Duck President Moon Jae-In's Reforms
UAE Envoy Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi Joins in #Live Together Campaign of MOFA & UNESCO
UAE Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations with the ROK
UAE Ambassador to Seoul Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi Appears on Abu Dhabi Channel
PETA to Dump Big Fat Pile of Coconuts at Thai Embassy in Seoul at Noon on March 5
UAE Ambassador to Seoul Participates in KAIST International Symposium
UAE Ambassador to Seoul Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi Participates in PPF 2021
UAE Embassy Participates in 21st Diplomatic International Forum of Seoul (DIFOS) 2021
UAE Envoy Delivers Opening Speech at the first S. Korea-Indian Ocean Rim Association Seminar
"Give S. Africa Some Space," Says S. Korean Ambassador Dr. Park Jong-Dae
UAE-South Korea Webinar Held to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations
UAE Embassy in Seoul Participates in the 3rd Public Diplomacy Week
UAE Embassy in Seoul Participates in Nam-gu Book Festival with 3 Poems
Ex-Lawmaker Kim Sung-Kon to Lead Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF)
UAE Ambassador Delivers Lecture on Youth Empowerment to George Mason University
UAE Ambassador Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi Chats Online with a Local Korean Elementary Student
The UAE Ambassador Attends the Screening of Sayyedat Al Baher in Seoul
Lee Nak-Yeon Defeats Hwang Kyo-Ahn in Jongno District in April 15 General Election
"2020 Mexican Armed Forces Day" to Be Observed in Seoul
UAE Embassy in Seoul Introduces Korean Students to Tolerance
UAE Embassy in Seoul Promotes Tolerance to International Students
Italian Embassy, History & Culture Salon Society Mark Leonardo da Vinci 500 Anniversary
UAE Embassy in Seoul Plays a History Film on Its National Day
UAE Embassy in Seoul promotes Al Maha Diplomacy
Italian Embassy in Seoul Hosts 1st Bilateral Symposium on Smart Agriculture
Special Events Take Place as Part of "4th World Week of Italian Cuisine" in Korea's Sokcho City
Austria's National Day Observed in Seoul
"Fiesta Nacional de España" Marked in Seoul
Colombia's Commerce Minister Jose Manuel Restrepo Abondano Meets with Press in Seoul
UAE Embassy in Seoul Focuses on 2019 Parliamentary Elections for FNC
Opposition Chief Shaves Hair in Strong Opposition to President Moon Jae-In
62nd "Hari Merdeka" Marked in Seoul
Only US Can Pull Japan, Korea Back from Brink
Latvia Participates in HANATOUR Travel Show
UAE Makes Fourth Industrial Revolution Efforts
"Hibiscus Should Be Symbol of World Peace"
S. Africa's "Freedom Day" Marked in S. Korea
1st Direct Charter Flights between S. Korea and Latvia to Boost Tourism, Mutual Ties
Colombian Foreign Minister Meets with Press
"Qatar National Day 2018" Marked in Seoul
UAE's 47th National Day Marked in Seoul
Ties between Doha and Seoul Fast Developing
Photo Exhibit, Conference for Azerbaijan's 100 Anniversary Held at Korea's National Assembly
100th Anniversary of Independent Czechoslovakia Observed in Seoul, Korea
Neutral Austria Marks Its National Day in Seoul
6th World Green Energy Forum Kicks Off Today for 3-Day Run in S. Korea's Gyeongju City
Spanish Ambassador Gonzalo Ortiz Marks Its National Day in Seoul
Amb. Ramzi Teymurov to Host Azerbaijan "Seminar and Photo Exhibition" in Seoul
Ashgabat-Seoul Ties Fast Developing
Miracle of Han River & Miracle of Desert
Costa Rica Marks 197th Independence Day
US Should Stop Meddling in Spratly Dispute
Bangladesh Envoy All Out for Ties with S. Korea
North Korea Should Not Miss the Opportunity
Morocco Marks 2018 "Throne Day" in Seoul
North Korea Begins Dismantling Key Facilities at Sohae Satellite Launching Station
ASAS Donates 30,000,000 Won to Seung Ga Won Welfare Center in Seoul
Arab Coalition’s Efforts in Liberation of Hodeida
Philippines' 120th Independence Day Celebrated
Singapore Summit: Historic Aagreement, Beginning of US-N. Korea Relations
UAE Announces Its Position on "Hodeida Port Liberation"
Hotline Finally, It’s Morning Calm in Korea
Mexico Ready to Negotiate with U.S. Only on Mutual Respect
Prof. Francesco Canganella to Host Italy-Korea Science Club's March Meeting at His Residence
Costa Rica Celebrates Signing of Central America-S. Korea Free Trade Agreement
S. Korean Ambassador Shin Soong-Chull Decorated by Costa Rican Government
Latvia's National Day Observed in Seoul
King's Day of Belgium Celebrated in Seoul
Ugandans in S. Korea to Celebrate Its Independence Day
Gerhard Schroder to Marry S. Korean Lady Kim So-Yeon 25 Years Under His Age
Singapore's 52nd National Day Marked in Seoul
Ex-US Envoy Lippert Visits Ball Park in Gwangju
Bolivia Marks 192nd Independence Day in Seoul
Mexican Military Attache Sexually Harass Local Female Employee at Mexican Embassy in Seoul
Morocco's 2017 "Throne Day" Marked in Seoul
Tunisia Marks 60th Anniversary of Proclamation of Tunisian Republic in Seoul Event
Hong Kong Hosts Grand Reception in Seoul to Mark 20th Anniversary of Its Handover to China
UAE Energy Minister Blames Qatar for Supporting Terrorism in Press Briefing in Seoul
President Moon Jae-In's Initiative of "Miracle on the Daedong River," a Cornerstone for Inter-Korea Ties
Ahn's Soaring Popularity Unstoppable
Tunisia Marks 61st Independence in Seoul
"It Is Fortunate That I Wasn't Born as a Korean," Ex-Japanese Envoy to Seoul Says in Column
Older Half-Brother of N. Korean Leader Killed by Agents with Poison Needle in Malaysia
38th Anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution Observed in Seoul
"Russia to Take Steps If THAAD Is Deployed in S. Korea," Russian Envoy Warns in Seoul
Is S. Korea, Shrimp between Two Whales of US and China in Their Riverly and THAAD?
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Mingling with Grass Roots
Cho Yoon-Sun Arrested Finally in S. Korea
Park Geun-Hye Unwilling to Communicate
S. Korean Political Parties Woo UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon As Their Presidential Candidate
N. Korean Diplomat Analyzes "Park Geun-Hye & Choi Sun-Sil: AVA Diplomatic News Agency
Ex-Saenuri Chairman to Lead Parliamentary Procedure to Impeach President Park Geun-Hye
S. Korea Shouts "Down with Park Geun-Hye!"
Trump's Victory to Drastically Alter US-S. Korean Military, Economic Ties
Mogul-Turned Politician Becomes US President
US Envoy Seen Walking His Dog at Protest Area
Japanese Scholar Apologizes to Comfort Women in Front of Japanese Embassy in Seoul
“North Korean People Have No Effective Leadersship,” Says S. Korean Ambassador
"Unidos Por La Literatura" Enraptures Locals
Kenyans Living in Korea Elect New Leaders during Chuseok
Singapore's 51st National Day Marked in Seoul
Bolivia's Independence Day Marked in Seoul
N. Korean Diplomats in Dire Economic Situation
Peru Marks Its 195th Independence Day in Seoul
Swiss National Day Marked at Grand Hilton
ICC to Host Kalaripayattu Workshop-Cum-Presentation in Seoul on Aug. 1, 2016
6-Term Opposition Lawmaker Chung Sye-Kyun Elected as Speaker of National Assembly
Yasumasa Nagamine(長嶺安政) to Be Next Japanese Ambassador to South Korea
S. Korea, Tunisia Sign MOU for Cooperation in E-Government
Morocco's Urbanism Minister Driss Merroun Now in S. Korea to Seek Ways of Cooperation
Bolivia Joins "Seoul Food 2016" at Kintex, Ilsan
Bangladesh Envoy Meets with Local Press
Landlocked Bolivia Yearns for Outlet to Ocean
Tunisia Marks 60th Independence in Seoul
My Take on “Hell Joseon” Narrative
Ambassador Gello of Kenya Graces Kenyans Seollal Gathering in Seoul
Alasitas Fair Celebrated in Seoul
"Black January" Remembered in Seoul
Altruistic Woman Politician to Run for National Assembly in Seoul
Costa Rica Blames N. Korea's Nuclear Test
Tunisian Embassy Hosts Event to Mark Its Winning of "2015 Nobel Peace Prize" in Seoul
44th UAE National Day Celebrated in Seoul
Roundtable Held at Uzbek Embassy in Seoul on Role of Its Constitution
New Italian Ambassador Marco della Seta to Attend "Italy-Korea Science Club" in Seoul
Deputy Chairwoman Svetlana Artikova of Uzbek Senate Attends Round-Table at Hanyang Univ.
Papua New Guinea (PNG) Marks 40th Independence Day in Seoul
Kenya Community Holds Historical Retreat in Busan
Saenuri Party Chairman Kim Moo-Sung to Visit Washington DC, NYC, LA
Diaspora Bonding: East African Countries Meet at Seoul National University for Sports Day
Multi-Lingual Envoy Speaks about Popularity of Korean Culture in Romania
Celebrating Yeats 150 in Seoul
S. Korea to Raise 10 Bil. Won to Help Nepal Overcome Tragic Quake
Bolivia Envoy Devoted to Boosting Mutual Ties
2 Local Guards Killed in IS Shooting Spree
Tunisia Marks 59th Independence Day in Seoul
US Envoy Knifed by Activist in Seoul
Mr. Charles Hay MVO Appointed New British Envoy to S. Korea
Romanian Tourism Event, Wine Tasting Held
TOEIC ® Program’s "Why English Matters" Roundtable Explores Role of English Proficiency
Turkmenistan Marks 23rd Anniversary of Its Independence in Seoul
Angola Marks 39th Independence Day in Seoul
China to Overtake US as Superpower: Chinese Academic at TAF Roundtable in Seoul
Asia Foundation to Host Roundtable in Seoul
Kenyans in S. Korea Celebrate Life, Times of Their Outgoing Ambassador
Columban Sisters to Host Annual Bazaar
Uruguay Marks 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Establishment with S. Korea
Indonesian Embassy to Host Forum in Seoul
Cote d'Ivoire 2014 Independence Day Celebrated in Seoul
189th Anniversary of Bolivia's Independence Day Celebrated in Seoul
“Colors of Morocco” Impresses Local Koreans
Morocco's 2014 “Throne Day” Marked in Seoul
“Stop Killing Our Children”: Palestinian Envoy
Highest Taiwanese Envoy Arrives in Seoul
“Bastille Day” Celebrated in Seoul
Lotte Hotel’s Cancellation of Venue for Japanese National Day Causes Big Confusion
“Day of Russia” Marked in Seoul
Police Say Speeding Found to Be Cause of Late Lebanese Envoy’s Car Accident
Azerbaijan Marks 96th “Republic Day” in Seoul
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Visits Seoul
Nepalese FM Urges for Stronger Cooperation
Pakistani Embassy Postpones “Mehndi Function” due to Ferry Accident
“Freedom Day” Marked in Seoul
Irish Embassy Seeks Temporary Post "Attaché"
Cho Yoon-Sun under Fire for “Showy Manner”
Condolence Message from Nigeria
Senegal Marks 54th Independence Day
Tunisia Marks 58th National Day in Seoul
St. Patrick’s Day in S. Korea
Sri Lanka Marks 66th Independence Day
India's 65th Republic Day Observed in Seoul
Panama Marks Independence Day in Seoul
Canada-Korea Arctic Policy Symposium
British Foreign Secretary William Hague in Seoul
Romanian Language Speech Contest in Seoul
Ireland House Seeks Economic Officer
Belarus’ Independence Day Marked in Seoul
2013 "Day of Russia" Celebrated in Seoul
S. Korean President Park Geun-Hye Tours Indian Pavilion at Seoul Int'l Book Fair (SIBF)
Jordan's Independence Day Marked in Seoul
Georgia Marks Independence Day in Seoul
Azerbaijan Celebrates 95th Anniversary of Its “Republic Day” in Seoul
Nepal’s 6th Anniversary of “Republic Day” Celebrated in Seoul
EU Marks 50th Anniversary in Ceremony
President Park’s Speech Enthralls US Congress
65th Anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day Celebrated in Seoul
Tunisia Marks 57th National Day in Seoul
"St. Petersburg Int'l Economic Forum" to Be Held in Seoul on April 3
Kuwait Marks 52nd National Day in Seoul
Amb. Ismail Marks 29th "Brunei Darussalam"
Dominican Republic's 169th Anniversary of Its Independence Marked in Seoul
Canada’s Governor General to Visit Seoul
"Czech Centre Seoul" Will Broaden Image of Czech Republic Among Local Koreans,” Says Ms. Petra Hovorkova
MARK’s 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) to Be Held at Malaysian Embassy in Seoul on Feb. 23
President-Elect Park Geun-Hye Designates Yun Byung-Se as Her Foreign Minister
India's 64th Republic Day Celebrated in Seoul
Indian Ambassador Calls on President-Elect Madam Park Geun-Hye
Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties
Georgian Envoy Host Its Wine Tasting Dinner
49th "Jamhuri Day" Celebrated in Seoul
S. Korean Defence Minister Kim Kwan-Jin, 10-Member Delegation Visit India
41st UAE National Day Marked in Seoul
Lebanon's Independence Day Marked in Seoul
Algeria Marks 58th Revolution Day in Seoul
Czech Independence Day Marked in Seoul
Day of German Unity Celebrated in Seoul
Malaysia Marked 55th National Day in Seoul
Ukraine Commemorates 21st Independence Day in Seoul
Saudi Arabia Marks 82nd Independence Day in Seoul
Brazil Marks 190th Independence Day in Seoul
65th Anniversary of India's Independence Day Celebrated with Bazaar in Seoul
Singapore Marks 47th Independence Day
Swiss National Day Marked in Seoul
Morocco's Throne Day Celebrated in Seoul
First Ever Visit of IFS Probationary Officers to South Korea
Korea-Italy Symposium on Infinite Dimensional Analysis Quantum Probability In Seoul
Colombia Marks 202nd National Day, 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties in Seoul
Venezuela Marks 201st Anniversary of Independence in Seoul
Hong Kong Marks 15th Anniversary of Transfer
Bangladesh Ambassador Shahidul Islam to Leave Seoul for New Post in Paris
German Envoy Awards Local Photographer
2012 "Day of Russia" Celebrated in Seoul
Indian Naval Ships' Goodwill Visit to Busan
S. Korea's MOFAT Helps Poor, Elderly
Diplomatic Academy Set Up for New Diplomats
India, S. Korea Simplify, Speed Up Visa Procedures
German Envoy Stresses Cooperation in Speech
"Swiss Weeks in Seoul" and Others Take Place
Tunisia's 56th National Day Marked in Seoul
EU Elder Statesman Warns of Greedy Capitalism
Business Grows between Kuwait and S. Korea
Thierry Mariani Calls for More Use of Its Ports
Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra to Visit S. Korea
Dominican Republic Marks 168th Independence
News Media Laud Press Officer Doe Phil-Young of German Embassy in Seoul
28th "Brunei Darussalam" Marked in Seoul
Kenya and S. Korea Strengthen Economic Ties
"Made in Korea 2012" Abu Dhabi Exhibition to Entice S. Korean Businesses
Ukrainian Diplomat Booked by Yongsan Police for Drunk Driving
Malaysia's Role in "Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea"
"Polish-German Relations since 1945" -- Korea-Japan Future Ties to Be Explored in Seminar
Irish Funds Industry Association Visits Seoul
Algeria Marks 57th Revolution Day in Seoul
German Minister in Seoul for Trade Mission
Czech Republic Celebrates Independence Day
Day of Germany Unity Marked in Seoul
Ireland to Offer 4 Scholarships to Korean Teachers of English to Study in Ireland
Joint Conference on Impacts of Climate Change to Be Cohosted by Germany Embassy in Seoul
1st Korea-Italy Symposium on Genetic, Nongenetic Determinants of Successful Aging
Chilean National Day Marked in Seoul
Azeri Envoy to US Protests to US Congress
54th "Hari Merdeka" Celebrated in Seoul
Chemistry & Ethics: Lecture to Be Held at Yonsei University
Singapore 46th Independence Day Marked in Seoul with Hundreds of Well-wishers Attending
Dr. Durkop Will Leave Seoul After Finishing His Duty As KAS Regional Representative
Top 10 Designs Chosen for Int'l Online Vote on Human Rights Logo
12th Throne Day of Morocco Marked in Seoul
ASEAN's 44th Birthday Marked in Seoul
65th Birthday of Brunei Ruler Marked in Seoul
Kenya, KCK Animates Seoul in Cultural Event
Italy's National Day Celebrated in Seoul
Sung Kim to Become US Ambassador to Korea
Azerbaijan National Day Observed in Seoul
Position Director-General of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Is Urgently Sought
Israel's 63rd Independence Day Marked in Seoul
United Arab Emirates' 35th Armed Forces Day Marked in Seoul
Vietnam Amb. Tran Trong Toan Marks Vietnam-Korea Cultural Exchange Day in Seoul
New Singapore Envoy Peter Tan Visits LFP Chairman Lee Hoi-Chang at National Assembly
Bangladesh's 40th Nat'l Day Marked in Seoul
71st “Resolution Day” Marked in Seoul
Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to Visit Seoul in April
27th "Brunei Darussalam" Marked in Seoul
Intruders Turn Out as S. Korean Agents
Russian Diplomatic Service Day Marked in Seoul
Russian Envoy Confers "Pushkin Medal" to Korean Professors in Seoul
Korea Univ. President Lee Ki-Su Awarded with "Pushkin Medal"
German Envoy Hosts New Year's Event in Seoul
Lao Enovy Stresses Better Bilateral Ties
Azerbaijan Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov Visits S. Korea
35th Laos National Day Celebrated in Seoul
Envoy Stresses Growing Bilateral Ties between Kenya and S. Korea
UAE Celebrates Its 39th National Day in Seoul
Lebanon Marks Its Independence Day
Oman Celebrates 40th National Day in Seoul
Angola Marks 35th Independence Day in Seoul
"Angola Wants More Investment from S. Korea"
Kenya's Veep Stephen Musyoka to Visit Seoul
Constitutional Process in Ukraine
Russian Envoy Konstantin Vnukov Marks 20th Anniversary of Russo-Korea Ties in Seoul
German Envoy Stresses Long History of Medical Exchanges between Germany and Korea
Vietnam’s Independence Day Marked in Seoul
"S. Korea Can Learn from Australian Experience on Multiculturalism"
Bicentenary of Chile Celebrated in Seoul
India's Defence Minister AK Antony Meets with S. Korean President Lee Myung-Bak in Seoul
Renowned Holocaust Writer to Visit Seoul
Pakistan's 63rd Independence Day Marked in Seoul As World Mourns Its Flood Victim
Morocco's Throne Day Marked in Seoul
Pakistani Youths Visit Seoul
Pakistani Enovy to Bid Farewell to Seoul
Japanese Envoy Attacked by Korean Man
30 Years of UAE-Korea Ties Marked in Seoul
"Day of Russia" Celebrated in Seoul
German Envoy Promotes Its Wine at Party
S. African Roadshow on June 3 for 2010 FIFA
"Great Victory Day" to Be Marked in Seoul
39th Bangladesh Independence Marked in Seoul
Pakistani's Republic Day Celebrated in Seoul
Iranians Celebrate "Norouz" in Seoul
54 Years of Tunisia's Independence Observed
Bulgaria National Day Observed in Seoul
Kuwait Marks 49th National Day in Seoul
Amb. Belashov Marks 10th Anniversary of Ukraine Culture and Art Council in Seoul
Seoul Relays Concerns to Moscow after Hate Crime against Korean
Alleged Taliban Member Nabbed after Entering S. Korea with Fake Passport
Reception Held on 31st Iran's Islamic Revolution
"Never Give Up Reunification Chance"
Russia Supports 6-Party Talks: Russian Envoy
"Paraguay Wants Better Ties with S. Korea"
Paraguay's FM Hector Lacognata Visits Seoul
"Pakistan Also Hub to Middle East, Central Asia, Europe" Says Pakistani Amb. Murad Ali in Seoul
133rd Birth Anniversary of Pakistani Nation Founder "Jinnah" Obserbed in Seoul
Emperor's Birthday Celebrated in Seoul
82nd Birthday of Thai King Celebrated in Seoul
UAE’s 38th National Day Marked in Seoul
Oman Celebrates 39th National Day in Seoul
Muhammad Iqbal's Birthday Marked in Seoul
Gerhard Schroder Cites S. Korea as Model Case in Overcoming World Economic Crisis
ADeKo President Lee Ki-Su Hosts Conference
Gerhard Schröder to Visit Seoul Nov. 3-5
Bulgarian President Parvanov Visits S. Korea
Pakistani Envoy Talks with Local Journalists
S Korea, Vietnam Vow to Further Strengthen Ties
S. Korea, EU Initial Free Trade Deal
Libya to Boost Overall Ties with S. Korea
Swedish Amb. Vargo at Helm of Cooperation
KAS Korea Marks 30 Years of Its Presence
"Sweden Day 2009" To Be Marked in Seoul
Singapore Celebrates Its 44th Birthday in Seoul
"Day of Russia" Celebrated in Seoul
"Day of Portugal" Celebrated in Seoul
"EUNIC Seoul" to Be Established
Hanmi Rotary Club Hosts Charity Auction
"Festa della Repubblica" Celebrated in Seoul
Tunisian Mosaic Arts Shown to Locals in Seoul
Azerbaijan's "Republic Day" Marked in Seoul
Africa Day Observed in Seoul
UAE Envoy Meets with Local Journalists
Mexican Order Granted to Ex-Korean Enovy
Mr. Volker Kauder Meets with Korean Politicians
French Minister of State Visits Seoul April 15-16
Gala Premiere of “The Forgotten War” Serves as Reminder of Closer Korea-RP Ties
Iranian New Year's Day Celebrated in Seoul
53 Years of Tunisia's Independence Observed
Greece Celebrates Its National Day in Seoul
Dominican Republic Marks 165th Independence
RP Envoy Announces Plans for 60th Anniversary of Philippines-Korea Relations
Brunei Marks 25th National Day in Seoul
Ukraine Envoy Wants to Promote Economic Ties
S. Korea, Iraq Ink Accord on $3.55 bil. Deal to Reconstruct War-torn Arab Country
HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang to Visit Seoul
Amb. Baas Greets German Publishers in Seoul
India's 59th Republic Day Marked in Seoul
Indian Embassy Celebrates the Republic Day
UAE Envoy's Wife to Lead Local English Education as Mayor of Seoul English Village
New Indian Enovy Stresses Better Mutual Ties
Minister Yu Asks American Envoy to Allow US Soldiers to Visit Hongdae, Shinchon Areas
France Marks Birthday of "Rights Declaration"
UN Chief Holds 'Greed and Corruption' Responsible for Global Financial Crisis
UAE Fetes 37th Nati'l Day in Gala Party in Seoul
Chairman Choi Soo-Myung Hosts Dinner for New Czech Amb. Jaroslav Olsa Jr.
New Czech Envoy, Big Fan of Korean Literature
Tunisian Envoy Immersed in Local Language
"Malaysia Truly Asia Kitchen" -- Good Opportunity for Sample Malaysian Taste
Prof. Kim Hong-Nam Gets Highest French Order
Angola Marks 33rd Independence Day in Seoul
"We Have Part of Us Here," Turkish Envoy Says
Koreans to Begin Visa-free Travel to U.S. from Nov. 17
Turkish Ambassador Hosts Event to Honour 85 Years of Independence
RP Economy Shows Resilience Despite Global Maket Uncertainties: Amb. Cruz
N. Korea off US Blacklist after Nuke Inspection Deal
Nigeria's 48th Independence Day Observed
RP Marks 58th Anniversary of Joining Korean War
Dr. Kim Chong-In Receives High German Award
C. American Envoys Mark Independence
Seoul, Bucharest to Boost Cooperation
"Hari Merdeka" Observed in Seoul
Russian Envoy Defends Its Position on Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia
President of German Parliament Visits S. Korea
The 17th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine
Hu Arrives in Seoul on Aug. 25 for State Visit
N. Korea Names Top-level Diplomat as Envoy to Syria
Morocco Embassy Marks Throne Day in Seoul
Egypt Marks 56th Revolution Day in Seoul
Symposium on Antimicrobial Peptides to Be Held in Gwangju
Tokyo's Dokdo Claim to Affect Cooperation with Seoul on Global Issues: Envoy
Bastille Day Celebrated in Seoul
French Cultural Center Marks 40th Anniversary
S. Korea Recalls Its Envoy to Japan
Belarus Marks Its National Day in Seoul
Pakistan Embassy Hosts Reception for Commercial Counsellors
UN Chief Ban Gets Hero's Welcome in Seoul
12th Anniversary of Ukrainian Constitution
"Stop Abusing Cambodian Brides," Envoy Asks
Czech Amb. Smetanka Soon to Leave Seoul
Red Cross Meeting Held at UAE Envoy's House
Amb. Ivashentsov Marks Day of Russia in Seoul
RP's 110th Independence Day Marked in Seoul
Hanyang Univ. President Gets German Honor
HUFS Signs MOU with WVSU of Philippines
Louis Palmer’s Solar Taxi Arrives in Seoul
Amb. Alcorta Marks Argentina's National Day
Algeria's Ex-Foreign Minister Mohammed Bedjaoui Visits South Korea for a Week
Amb. Santhananaban Greets New Diplomats
Serbian National Day at Namiseom
Lecture on Effects of Environmental Disasters on Agriculture to Be Held at Ewha University
S. Africa Marks Freedom Day with Reception
Too Stupid Question for Chinese Envoy?
German School Seoul Goes International
Amb. Schoeman Meets with Local Journalists
Canada's Korean War Veterans Visit Seoul
US Gen. Burwell B. Bell Gets Top German Medal
Canada's Delay in Visa Causes Outcry in Seoul
Welfare Is Kazakhstan's Primary Goal
Lee Vows to Enhance Ties with Middle East
Conference on Global Partnership on Feb. 1
Envoy's Wives Take on Flower Arrangement
Amb. Schoeman Helps Promote S. African Wine
Amb. Warwick Morris Goes Back to London
"No Discrimination for Pakistani English Tutors"
"Local Education Should Be Done In English"
Czech-Korean Science Forurm Held in Seoul
Canada Opens New Embassy in Jeong-dong
Wife of UAE Ambassador to Korea Joins Prestigious Art Exhibition in Seoul
Egyptian Minister Ahmed Darwish to Visit Seoul
Hon. Gianni Vernetti Visits Both Koreas
ASEAN Envoys Marks Its 40th Birthday in Seoul
Tunisian Envoy Promotes Tourism, Bilateral Ties
Canadian Embassy Moves to Jeongdong
Egyptian Amb. El-Taify Calls for More Cooperation between Cairo and Seoul
Beautiful Saturday Charity Event on June 30
Ex-Science Minister YH Kim to Run for President
Dr. Sohn Hak-Kyu Declares His Own Party
Amb. Vargö Marks Day of Sweden in Seoul
Amb. Leggeri Marks Italian National Day in Seoul
Turkey Envoy Ozmen Cheers Local Students Up
British Minister on Education Mission to Seoul
Pakistani Envoy to Leave Seoul in June
Amb. Torzsa Sees Change in N. Korea
Canadian FM MacKay Meets with FM Song
Norway's Crown Prince, Princess to Visit Seoul
Korea-Czech Friendship Ass'n to Be Launched
1st Korea-Italy Symposium on Conservation & Restoration for Cultural Heritage
Amb. Arteni Promotes Romania in 2 Events
Wives of Foreign Envoy Comfort Alien Workers
Differing History Perceptions Hinder Bilateral Ties: Minister Song
Grants HUFS President Park Chul with Order
South Korea Role Model for Kazakhstan
Foreign Envoys Flock to Meet with Dr. Sohn
"Parade of Nations 2007" Slated for May 15
1st African Conference on Human Development
French-Canadian Cultural Festival
UK-Korea Int'l Workshop on Vaccines for Flu
"Great Opportunity to Learn Korean Language"
Tunisia's Independence Day Marked in Seoul
Ex-Gov. Sohn Bolts from GNP for His Own Path
"More Cooperation Needed" Says Amb. Baati
S.Korea Likely to Participate in U.S. Visa Waiver Program Shortly
Seoul Names Ambassador to Japan, Russia
Malacca, Asia's Most Important Sea Lane
N. Korea Negotiator Warns of Partially Foregoing Denuke Steps
Ex-Minister Han Named as New Prime Minister
50 Years of Korea-Turkey Ties Marked in Seoul
Birth of Moroccan Princess Marked in Seoul
Malaysia's Deputy PM Najib to Visit Seoul
UK, Korea Host Seminar on Service Competition
Canadian Canola Oil Seminar on March 8-9
Dr. Lee Chun-Shik Gets German Order
Foreign Minister to Visit Washington, Moscow
Seminar on Competition in the Service Sector
Workshop on Human Rights Education
Minister Song Calls Rice over 6-Party Talks
Serbia Marks National Day on Feb. 15, 2007
Russia Will Assist Inter-Korean Business Ties
"The EU Stands by Afghanistan"
New "Think UK" Campaign Launched in Seoul
Korea, Belarus Marks 15th Anniversary of Ties
U.S. Congress Weighs Temporary Visa Waiver for Koreans
Australia to Showcase Fashion Brands
Algeria Inks MOU with Seoul for New City Project
Why EU-Korea Partnership Matters?
Iraq to Reopen Embassy in Seoul in 13 Years
Tunisia Gears up For Korean Investments, Tourists
New UN Head Names Two Key Posts
Col. Giovanni De Roma Visits Seoul Dec. 12-14
MTPB Seoul Throws Year-end Party 2006 on Han River Cruise Boat
Korea Britain Society's Yearly Dinner for Charity
Twist of Fate Led Ban Ki Moon to Top Post at UN
North Korea Not Serious About Diplomacy
Czech Silver Medals to Be Awarded to 3 Locals
Senior Poet Ko Un Receives Cikada Prize
"South Korea Is Role Model for Afghans"
Geopolitics of Energy Seminar Due On Nov. 21
Partners in Research and Development
S. Korea's Next Foreign Minister a "Hot-Head"
"Korea-Africa Forum Is Turning Point for Ties"
"Hardliners" Control Policy in North Korea
Amb. Hadid Marks Algerian Revolution Day
Partners in Research and Development
Nanotechnologies Lecture to Be Held at SNU
UK Deputy PM John Prescott Visits Seoul
Corporate Governance Seminar at UK Embassy
How Will Nuke Test Affect Ban Ki-Moon's Future Role at the UN?
Ban Ki-Moon Cements Hold on Top UN Post
"Ukraine Wants More, Better Ties with S. Korea"
ROC Envoy to Host Reception for 95 Double-Ten
Italy-Korea Workshop on Membranes at Sicily
Serbian Delegation to Visit Seoul Sept. 25-29
MP Margaret Hodge to Visit Seoul on Sept. 18-19
“FM Ban Ki-Moon Best Candidate”
Libya Marks Al-Fateh Revolution Day in Seoul
Slovakia Marks Its Constitution Day in Seoul
Afghanistan Wants Better Ties with S. Korea
Egypt National Day Observed in Seoul
Ban Leads in Race for Next UN Chief
Transition Time in Morocco
UK Trade Minister Ian McCartney Visits Seoul
EU Envoys Send Protest Letter to Seoul Gov’t
Ambassador's Wives Save Kids with Cancer
S. Korea is No. 1 to the Philippines
Amb. Ivashentsov Marks Day of Russia in Seoul
UK Embassy, FSS Sign MOU on Education
Amb. Schoeman Marks Freedom Day in Seoul
AU Supports Asian Candidate: Amb. Schoeman
UPKAA Pays Courtesy Call to Philippine Envoy
EU Centre Opens at Seoul National University
Home of S. Korea's 1st First Lady: Francesca
UK Veterans of Korean War Visit Seoul
38 Canadian Veterans' Pilgrimage to S. Korea
Dr. Schofield Memorial Event to Be Held April 12
Ibsen's "Ghosts" to Be Staged in Seoul on May 9
Swedish Speaker Attends SNU Panel Meeting
Morocco on the Move
Tunisia Marks Independence Day in Seoul
"El Arte de los Diplomaticos" Exhibition in Seoul
"Actions Not Words"
"US Should Give Evidence on Fake US Bills"
Dead Magpie Stirs Fears at Envoy's House
Franco-Korean Friendship Year Begins
Seoul, Paris to Mark 120 Anniversary of Ties
Ban Ki-Moon to Run for UN Secretary General
Iran Marks National Day in Reception at Lotte
Susan O. Castrence New Philippine Ambassador
FM Ban Ki-Moon Heads to US for Talks with Rice
Ukranian Embassy Marks Its Armed Forces Day
Seoul Inks Cultural Exchange Pact with Madrid
Top Iranian Envoy Hopes for More Exchanges
UK Amb. Morris Lauds 4 Chevening Fellows
Friends of Britain Gather for Year-End Party
Finland Celebrates 88th Independence Day
Thais in Seoul Mark National Day on Dec. 5
Romanian Film Festival Runs Dec. 1 to Dec. 3
Korea Hosts Int’l Symposium on Islam
Prince Andrew Praises UK-Korea Trade Links
Commemorating Victims of Holodomor
Prof. Marek Belka to Visit South Korea
Hamel Trade Award 2005 Granted to Inalfa, Irdeto
Poland Observes Its Independence Day in Seoul
Dr. Aleksandruk Serves as "Charge de Affairs"
"The Spirituality and Education of Comenius”
Tunisia Marks 18th Ann. of "Nov. 7 Change"
Prince Andrew Comes to Seoul for 4-Day Visit
Poland Observes Its Independence Day in Seoul
"2005 Korean-American Friendship Night"
Lebanon and Korea Strengthen Ties
Iran Probing News Source on Alleged Trade Ban: Amb. Mozaffari
"Prof. Jang's Comment on African Incorrect"
Taiwan's "Double Tenth" Observed in Seoul
Amb. Taify Entertains Egyptian Dancers
Pakistani Premiere Shaukhat Aziz in Seoul
British Minister Visits Republic of Korea
Amb. Schoeman Hosts Reception for DM Pahad
Austria Reopens Honorary Consulate in Busan
Malaysian Envoy Hosts Luncheon
Qatar Observes Independence Day in Seoul
Dutch Deputy Defense Minister Visits Seoul
Ex-Adoptee Returns to Seoul as US Diplomat
A. Vershbow Tapped As New US Envoy to Seoul
Referendum on the Draft Charter Set on Sept. 29
Colome Replaces Panes as New Spanish Envoy
Kid of Alien Dad May Get Moroccan Nationality
"We Wish for High-Speed Cooperation"
"S. Africa Gives Break That Breaks New World"
Top English Football Team Here for Peace Cup
"UK Has the Ability to Lead EU"
Amb. Li Practicing Diplomacy in Korean Way
N. Korea Must Return to Talks Unconditionally
"Tunisian Passion" Fascinates Local Audience
Amb. Morris Presents Scholarships to Locals
Vershbow Named as New US Envoy to Seoul
Amb. Hakim Sends Pansori to Morocco
Oshima Named as Japan Ambassador to Seoul
Germany Invites 6 Korean Artists
Ambassadors, Wives Watch Soccer Match
Tunisian Communications Minister Visits Seoul
Amb. Braastad Marks National Day of Norway
Polish Film Shot in N. Korea to Be Shown
German High Tech Items Shown in Seoul
Dominican Republic Wants to Draw Investment
Sweden Observes King's Birthday
"Warszawianka" Joins High Seoul Festival
Russia Supports Cairo Bid for Permanent Seat
South Africa Marks Freedom Day with Reception
Seoul Plaza Painted Red & Yellow with Tulips
Amb. Helmy Marks 10th Anniversary of Ties
"Asia's Best Foreign School" to Open
Tunisian Embassy Ushers in the Spring
Bangladesh National Day Observed in Seoul
World Summit on Information Society in Tunis
Irish President Stresses Friendship with Korea
Hill Appointed as State Dept. Assistant Secretary
Amb. Savov Observes Bulgaria's National Day
Orange Revolution Possible by Students Strike
Swiss Policeman Beats Up S. Korean Coed
53 Int'l Mother Language Day Observed in Seoul
Prof. Byun Gets Sweden’s Prestigious Medal
Jeju Island Attracts 117 Foreign Envoys, Family
Amb. Umana’s Daughter Weds Rontgen
“Not Only Tourist Paradise But Hi-Tech Society”
Egyptian Soccer Team Beats Korean Team 1- 0
“Sri Lankans Grateful to Koreans for Help”
First-Ever Hungarian Lace Exhibition in Seoul
Australia Showed It All on Australia Day
Canada-Korea Symposium Planned in Toronto
Paal Likely to Be Next US Envoy to Seoul
Seoul Eyes on Africa for Economic Cooperation
FM Ban's Visit to Algeria Will Boost Bilateral Ties
Tom Schieffer Likely to Replace Hill as US Amb.
US Amb. Hill Will Succeed James Kelly
Amb. Jerandi Hosts Reception for Women
"Bulgaria Eager for Economic Cooperation"
It's Vacation Time for Most Embassies
Sudan Wants More Investment from Seoul
"South Korea to Import Algerian Wine"
60th Vietnam People's Army Day Observed
CCCK's Christmas Party at Oakwood
Finland Marks 87th Independence Day
Egyptian Envoy Thanks Seoul Gov't for Support
Romania Marks 86th Revolution Day at Shilla
"Arab Culture Night" Draws Locals, Foreigners
Romania Observes Its Revolution Day Dec. 1
Algeria Fetes 50th "Revolution Day"
Belgium Embassy Marks National Day Nov. 15
Kangwon Land Draws Scores of Top Envoys
British Amb. Morris Visits Geomundo Island
Foreign Envoys, Family Visit Kangwon Land
Turkey "Public Day" Celebrated at Hilton Oct. 29
Amb. Smetanka Marks Czech Nat'l Day Oct. 28
Global Conference on Iraq Slated Nov. 22-23
Hungary's National Day Celebrated at Hyatt's
BC Hosts "Education UK Alumni Night"
Tunisian Presidential Election Due on Oct. 24
The Scots Guards Bring Down the Flags
Amb. Geier Observes German "Day of Unity"
ROC Envoy Hosts Reception for 93 Double-Ten
Amb. Helmy Holds Reception for IAEA Chief
Oct. 3 Is Day of Jay, Day of Unity for Germans
"Czech Offers Well Priced Skilled Labor"
Amb. Boutache To Return Home on Sept. 25
High Diplomatic Posts to Open for Civilians
Amb. Furkalo Says Roh Will Visit Kiev in 2005
Swiss Amb. Muhlethaler to Leave Seoul in Oct.
Foreign Envoys Away for Summer Vacation
Sonatrach, Bergesen Jointly Launch New LNG Carrier at Daewoo Shipyard
Morocco to Mark Throne Celebration Day July 30
"Many Foreign Envoys Oppose Moving Seoul"
Portugal Commemorates Birth of Camoes
"June 10 Is the Day Luis de Camoes Died"
President Roh Names Amb. Tom Foglietta as Honorary U.S. Consulate to South Korea
Africa Day Observed with Pledges to Preserve Peace, Stability in Africa
"Humble Mind, Attitude Important in Diplomacy"
2010 World Cup Chance to Unify Tribes, Culture
We Want to Learn from Korea's 2002 World Cup
"Morocco Leads Race to Host 2010 World Cup"
South Africa's 10th Freedom Day Marked
South Africa Marks 10th Freedom Day

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