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Letters from America
Cop28 and Man’s War On the Earth

By Martin LeFevre
Special Contributor
The Cop climate conferences have become a farce. This year the host nation, the United Arab Emirates, chose an oil company executive, Sultan Al Jaber, to preside over Cop28. And surprise surprise, ...

"Food Is Medicine" Simmers
Special Contribution
By Ben Leonard & Chelsea Cirruzzo
“Food is medicine” — a concept that employs prescribing medically tailored meals to tackle chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease — is having a moment. The White House last year pledged ...

Angelina Jolie Blames Israeli Bombing in Gaza
250 Celebs Calls for "Stop of Carpet Bombing"
Top Hollywood actress and UNHCR's special envoy Angelina Jolie strongly criticized Israeli military actions in Gaze in her recent Instagram statement, according to Helsinki Times and ...

Letters from America
War between Russia and Ukraine Drags on

From the first hours of the war that broke out on Feb. 24, 2022 due to the fault of Russian President Putin with the goal of conquering Ukraine, as soon as Russian missiles reached Lvov and Russian ...

Letters from America
Fluidity of Thought Is a Far Cry From Flowering of Insight

By Martin LeFevre
Special Contributor
Why is it that even as Artificial Intelligence (which should be called Artificial Thought) is overtaking human thought in speed, knowledge and efficiency, many thinkers are still upholding the ...

Modification to 2nd Infantry Division Memorial Gets Underway
(Washington DC) Oct. 26, 2023 -– Today, in front of the 2ID Memorial, the announcement was made that the 2nd Infantry Division Memorial will be modified to honor those brave warriors of the 2ID who ...

Time Is Elastic, But Timelessness Is Fantastic
As Einstein proved, time is elastic, slowing down as the speed of light is approached. Given that’s true of physical time, how much more elastic and illusory is psychological time? With sufficient unpremeditated ...

Murder Most Foul: Thoughts on Moral Responsibility
Complaining of "media bias," Hamas spokesperson Dr. Basim Naim denies allegations that its members intentionally murdered civilians and non-combatants in their assault on Israel last week. ...

Slaughter and War Spew from Time and Memory
Overhanging the gorge are great angular outcroppings of volcanic rock — solid and sharp-edged protrusions from some long-ago eruption of Lassen or some other volcano in the area. In many ...

Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights Confirmed by the US Senate
In January 2023, President Joe Biden nominated Julie Turner to be the US Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues. She is a career official at the Department of State and well- ...

The Universe Is in a State of Meditation. Why Aren’t Human Beings?
Two Kinds of Metaphysical Movement?
Putin Is 'Ruining,' 'Drowning' Biden in Swamp of Ukrainian War, Wanting Trump to Win
Resolve Contradictions, Revere Paradoxes
Top Leadership of NATO Led by the US Is in Confusion
The Human Brain Is Exapted for Insight
Two Old Men Are Rushing to the White House
Narratives or Insight?
Oppenheimer, and “I Am Become Death”
Doing Philosophy In America
Is Joe Biden’s ‘Bidenomics’ Becoming an Electoral Gamble?
CSIS: The US Uses Drawdown Authority to Support Taiwan
Regarding Nihilism and Negation
Biden to Putin: "I Can't Force Zelensky to Conclude Minsk 3 on Your Terms”
Providence, the End of Man, and the Emergence of Human Beings
Trump: "Choose Me President and I Will Prevent World War III"
Awakening Intelligence Within
US Is Losing Its Positions and Authority. Are They Going into Isolation?
Teilhard Got It Backwards
Awakening a Proprioception of Thought
Human Being Is Not a “Very Small Phenomenon”
The Shells Are Running Out! NATO Leaders Are Trying to Curtail the War in Ukraine
US Congress Tries to Wish Away Israeli Racism and Apartheid
Finding False Comfort In Impermanence
Has the Retreat Industry Contributed to Human Regression?
NATO Show in Vilnius: Leaders of the West Trying to Push Ukraine into Mouth of Putin
Letter to a Friend about Meditation
The Leaders of the West to Zelensky: We Will Not Accept Ukraine into NATO
Haiti: Stop the Destruction of a Nation
US Authorities Investigate Cocaine Found In White House
Celebrating an Extraordinary American Life: Daniel Ellsberg
A Birthday Wish from America for Humanity on the 4th of July
Our View of Nature Is the Cornerstone of Our Worldview
Three Kinds of Singularity
Death on the Hospice Plan in Virginia: Regional Hospital Comes to the Rescue
An Explanation, Though It Won’t Change the Explained
Henry Kissinger’s 100th Birthday: Brief Juxtaposition with Three Other Centenarians
When Did Progressives Become Warmongers?
Ringing the Bell for Women’s Golf Day
Enforcement to Peace
AI’s Quantum Leap Demands a Quantum Leap in Human Intelligence
Elon Musk’s Neuralink Receives FDA Green Light for ‘First-in-human Clinical Study’
If the US Can’t Boss the World, It Will Spitefully Destroy It
Daniel Ellsberg Has Foiled Those Who Want Him Confined to the Past
The Ending of Psychological Thought
Fall of Bakhmut
Bidens Raked in US$10 million from Foreign Entities during Obama Administration
Appeal to the Leaders of the West
Why Science Can’t Save Us
Biden Getting Clobbered by Trump in Poll
How Important Is Hydration for Golfer!
Concerning Discernment and Difference
Brazil Closes US$ 20 Million Coffee Deal at Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, Oregon
US Chamber Hosts Forum for ROK President and US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo
Mystical Experiencing Is Our Birthright
Trial of Trump Saves US from Bloody Civil War
Food and Farm Act Introduced in Congress
AFIR: ‘Infrastructure Gap’ Will Limit CO2 Reductions from Road Transport
AI, AI, AI, or I, I, I?
Brazilian Team Secures Place at World of Coffee Championship in Athens
What Is Art, and an Artist?
Women of the Trofeo Princesa Sofía Mallorca Hiighlight Sailing
Canaries in the Coal Mines of Consciousness
International Global Tension Could Escalate into Global Catastrophe -- US Scholar
Cosmic Pointlessness or Infinite Immanence?
Cardinal Errors
China Is the Epicenter of Pandemics: Expert
Concerning Stagnancy, Demography and Vitality
No Peaceful Multipolar World Anytime Soon: Underestimating US Power is Dangerous
Mind, Brain and Consciousness
The State of Insight
"We Are Not at War with Russia, She Is Not Our Enemy," Biden Says
The Most Cynical War in the Modern World
South Korean Army Vs. BTS Army: Effects of Jin’s Conscription
The Religious and Scientific Mind
Zelensky Should Sit Down at Negotiating Table
The Truth Hurts
Fate of Ukraine Is Decided in Capitol -- Victory or Defeat
USA at Crossroads
Q Craziness and Unaddressed Evil
Contra Hobbes: Peace and Political Government Are Opposites
Localism Increases Fragmentation of Earth
United States Stuck in the Antarctic Night like the Belgica
Collapsing the Distinction Doesn’t Resolve the Contradiction
The Silence of Being
Heightened Senses In Nature Opens the Door to Meditative States
Humanity Will Eat Itself Through Violence, War, Hatred, and Neglect:
War & Peace. Who Is to Blame and What to Do?
The Inter-National Order Is Dead and Gone
Failure of Modernism, Arab-Muslim World
Polarization Isn’t the Problem
15th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival
Enlightenment Isn’t Personal
Human Beings Can Meet This Moment
China Is the Wrong Industrial Policy Model for the United States
Nagasaki and the Incorrigibility of Man
The Great White West Aims to Crush the Slavs and Chinese
Putin Strikes Fear into the Whole World
Central Questions in US-China Relations amid Global Turbulence
"Urban Break 2022" Adorns Seoul with a Diverse Palette of Color
Ukraine Is a Huge Suitcase for US President Joe Biden -- Hard to Carry and Scary to Throw
Continued Expansion and Upgrade Work at Sunchon Airbase
There Is No Evolution of Consciousness
Advancing Women’s Leadership, Gender Equity Are Critical for Sustainable Development Goals
South Korean Striking Truckers Continue with Failed Negotiations
While Jelly Beans and Jelly Babies May Be Sweet, They Possess A Powerful Punch
Putin Caught US with NATO Unable to Properly Defend Themselves and Started War in Ukraine
Imagining ‘Umwelts’ Is Unnecessary
US Stuck in the Antarctic Night like the Belgica
Expansion or Negation of Self?
Christopher B. Johnstone Joins CSIS as Japan Chair
Electric Cars: Great Idea, But Not a Panacea
Intelligent Life, Meditation and Transmutation
I Could Tell by the Way Lalisa Looked at Me That She Had Fallen Madly in Love ...
Great Art of Suffering -- Degenerate Life of Genius, Vagabond Writer, Malcolm Lowry
The Source of Evil Is Not a Person or a Nation
The Dialogue Buffet at the Death Café
The Dreaded Slump
An Evening in Savannah
Higher Thought: Threshold and Impediment to Intelligence
The Burgeoning North Korea Missile Threat
The US Empire Strikes Back: Russia Takes the Hits, China Lives in Fear
A Successful Life Is There for the Taking!
Is Universality a Western Idea?
China Unveils its 1st Long-Term Hydrogen Plan
Who Really Is the War Criminal?
What Is Your View of Human Nature?
Defeating Evil Without Violence
A Recipe For World War
Beyond Thinking Machines
The Millennial's Guide to a Successful Interview
Circumcision: Pope Francis States the Obvious, But Omits Half of Humanity
There Is No Such Thing as "Personal Development"
The Zen of Blackpink
Five Things to Watch in 2022
Time Is a Tremendous Illusion
Breakthrough Infection, or Inflection?
Five Things to Watch in 2022
Requiem for a Meditation Place
China Ramping Up Its Electronic Warfare, Communications Capabilities near S. China Sea
Putin, Permanently Keep Your Warriors on Ukraine Border
The Mayan Predictions Were Spot On!
Fragmentation and Wholeness
Confessions of a Single Dad -- I Lost the Instructional Manual to Teenagers
A New Chapter in U.S.-China LNG Relations
Previewing the 2021 Summit for Democracy
US President Joe Biden: Representing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
China: The Growing Military Challenge: Volume Two of a Graphic Net Assessment
Blurred Highway
How You Too Can Overcome Depression and Anxiety by Living Like Jennie Kim
Did Evolution Go Wrong With Man?
The Urgent Indifference of Enlightenment
Death Isn’t After Life; It’s Inseparable From Life
Ghost Sightings Around Mooresville Predate Lake Norman
Powell Lied, People Died: Justice Delayed Was Justice Denied
Adventures in American Education
No Place Better to Spend Autumn Evenings than on the Shores of Lake Norman
"No First Use": An Empty Gesture That Would Cost Nothing
Native Americans: The First, Forgotten Slaves
China's Commitment to Stop Overseas Financing of New Coal Plants in Perspective
China Headaches for Iran Nuclear Deal
The Quad's Strategic Infrastructure Play
China, Again and Again and Again
Musk’s Spacefaring Civilization Is Pipe Dream
Engaging China on Climate before COP26
When Will the United States Have a Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights?
Poking a Hornets Nest -- A Carolina Beach Adventure
Is Latin America Important to China's Foreign Policy?
No Significant Activity Observed in N. Korea's Sinpo South Shipyard
First-Ever Filipino Restaurant Experience, And Not in Manila
Chinese National Oil Companies Face the Energy Transition
Four Years On: An Update on Rohingya Crisis
Pfizer Vaccine Approved by FDA in America
The Blurred Highway
The Speed Trap -- A Cash Register for Small Towns in America
"Biden Deserves a Lot of Credit" -- US Scholar
11th Annual South China Sea Conference: Session Two
Afghanistan: After Action Report
What Glitters Truly Is Gold -- Through the Eyes of a Billionaire's Handler
US Chamber Hosts Coupang CEO "Bom Kim"
There Is Buzz with Elon Musk -- Will Dogecoin Go to the Moon or Collapse in Titanic Fashion?
A Glimpse of Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarines
Concern in Pyongyang over Protests in Havana?
China’s New National Carbon Trading Market: Between Promise and Pessimism
Sharp Focus: A Unique View of the Sinpo Shipyard
Scenario for US & NATO Invasion of Crimea and Origins of American Hatred of Russia
A Night of Celebration -- 4th of July and a Helping of PTSD
Progress Report on China’s Type 003 Carrier
Sharp Focus: A Unique View of the Mayang-do Submarine Base
Here's Today's Tip ... Importance of Loft
Miami Building Collapse -- Possible Flaw in Construction
Facebook Gives the Most Dangerous Extremists a Free Pass
After Digital Season, Chicago Opera Theater Announces Return to In-Person Performances
Join the "Restore4All" Restoration Community
Building Collapses in Miami, Florida, Leaving 5 Dead and 159 Missing
Geopolitical Implications of Scientific Innovation Trends in Northeast Asia
US Chamber: US Should Host APEC in 2023
Color Blindness in a Colorful World
Lake Norman, the Great Energy Vortex
China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Takes Shape
The Great Hostage Hoax
Bonny Lin, Ex-RAND Scientist, to Join CSIS
La La Anthony Redefines Hollywood
US 7th Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Bill Merz Visits USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
Beyond Polysilicon: The Ties between China’s GCL-Poly and the United States
Capitalism Breaks Down and Homogenizes Life, Disconnects the Past, Present and Future
Biden-Moon Summit: Rejuvenating and Modernizing US-South Korea Alliance
S. Korean President Moon Jae-In to Meet with US President Joe Biden in Washington DC
A Little Bit of Laos -- A Culinary Adventure
About That "Rules-Based International Order"
Anti-Asian Attacks an Ongoing Problem
By the Grace of God -- The Cylk Cozart Story
Joe Biden’s Shameful Push for War with China, Russia Ignores History, Denies Reality
Eli Broad, Billionaire Philanthropist, Dies at 87
Clutch Coffee Bar Expanding to Florida
Americans Are Artificially Intelligent
A Biden-Putin Summit: Jaw-Jaw is Better than War-War
Local Charlotte Boutique Is Turning Heads
Joe Biden Reaffirms Washington's Message to the World: Never, Ever Trust Us
"Vaccine Passports" and the Holocaust: An Invalid Comparison?
Sinpo South Shipyard Update: North Korea Moves Submersible Missile Test Stand Barge
What Do Overseas Visits Reveal about China’s Foreign Policy Priorities?
Sailing on Lake Norman without a Rudder
N. Korea Shows Signs of Reprocessing Activity at Its Yongbyon's Radiochemistry Laboratory
Business as Usual: North Korea Restarts Ballistic Missile Tests
CSIS Commission on the Korean Peninsula: Recommendations for the US-Korea Alliance
Zen and the Art of Ziplining at Lake Norman
“7 or Northing”
The Proper Etiquette for Street Fighting in Bath & Body Works
The Silent Voices -- A Look inside the Work of Women’s Rights Activist Marilyn Roustand
Reflections on the 10th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Goodbye Dr. Seuss: Let’s Erase the Past with Revolutionary Zeal
Understanding China’s 2021 Defense Budget
A Yankee in Dixie
USS Ronald Reagan’s Unprecedented Fight against COVID-19
Post-Pandemic American Society Must Not Return to Its Industrial Capitalist Roots
First Hiking Experience, Lake Norman -- Where Have You Been All My Life?
Same as the Old Boss, Julian Assange Edition
Who Is the Bigger Band, the Beatles or BTS?
Misogynism Within the Gaming Community
Biden's Iran Dilemma: Serve Obama's Third Term -- or Trump's Second?
When Has It Gone Too Far -- the Illicit Affair!
A Complex Inheritance: Transitioning to a New Approach on China
The Camping Experience! Well Eventually ...
Taken from Jurassic Park and Put into Civilization
10 Most Irritating Bad Driver Behaviors
Throw Me a Bone -- What in the World Is a Beaglemation?
Charlotte, North Carolina's South End Neighborhood Is America's Itaewon
How Covid-19 Affected US-China Military Signaling
What Is the United States of America? A Military Democracy
Jin Roy Ryu (柳津), Chairman & CEO of Poongsan Group, Joins CSIS Board of Trustees
COVID-19: The Way the Music Died?
Kids Stealing from Parents: What You Need to Know
The Undead Republican Party Seeks to Overthrow Democracy in America
How Joe Biden Can Score a Major Foreign Policy Win on Day One of His Presidency
Another US-Built Facility at Ream Bites the Dust
Asia: The Game-Changer for the Superpower
Liquid Capitalism: Everyone Drinks It, Swims in It, Drowns in It
ACA Continues Advocacy amidst US Government Offices in Lockdown.
Mapping the Future of U.S. China Policy
Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Means US’ Vote Becomes Ever More Important
The World's Best Virologists Unite to Report Accurate Information on COVID-19
How Asia Won the Race for the Skies!
Trump Regime vs. the ICC: The Wrong Side of "Sovereignty"
Life During a Trump Second Term: Paramilitary Democracy Accelerates
Dual Circulation and China’s New Hedged Integration Strategy
UC-Berkeley-Educated Korean Attorney Richard Kim Yu-Ho Specializes in Vietnam
Challenging Times for Police
A Frozen Line in the Himalayas
Six Easy Ways to Stop Wasting So Much Plastic
U.S. Warship Joins Partners for Multinational Group Sail
Rev. Hong-Ray Cho Named New Rector of College Seminary of Immaculate Conception
US Faces Irreparable Damage in a Cold or Hot Conventional War with China, Its Allies
Korean War's US Veteran Don E. Porter Passes Away at Age 90
Foreign Exchange Students Not Coming to America Due to Covid-19
Stop Blaming Russia, China for US Disarmament Failures
Two Years since Singapore: Did Kim Outplay Trump?
Bill Fontana To Reenact His Sonic Projections from Schloßberg (1988) Project in Graz
Supreme Court Stands on Right Side of History to Uphold DACA
Global Feminist Activists Stand in Solidarity with Mobilization to Defend Black Lives in US
"Touch" Wins Both Best Film and Best Director Award at 11th Annual NYC Indie Awards
How Much Violence Is Enough for Depraved American Leaders and Their Subjects?
Sil-li Ballistic Missile Support Facility
No Culpability, No Accountability for 70,000 Americans Killed in 60 Days
The Coronavirus Panic: Counting the Cost
KORUS Alliance: "In This Together"
What’s on the Horizon for Covid-19
How Sports in 2020 May Be about to Go Digital
Asia-Pacific Responds to COVID-19
Next Steps for the Coronavirus Response
Siblings at War in Your Home?
COVID-19 Threatens Global Food Security
Geopolitics and the Novel Coronavirus
Nuclear Weapons Should Be Front-Burner Issue in 2020 Race for White House: Experts
Korea Focused Reception for National Association of Governors (NGA)
Time for US Brand of Democratic Socialism
Hope for the Climate
The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
What's Inside the US-China Phase One Deal?
A Soldier’s View of Seoul and More (1951-52)
When Iran Attacks
Send in Pope Francis, Not the Marines
The Most Precious Gift for Humanity
Cruising for Change: North Korea
America’s Education System: Teaching the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing
Peggy Guggenheim: The Last Dogaressa
Julián Castro's Monolingualism: a Failure or Just Standard Assimilation?
The United States: A Nation on Suicide Watch
Red Flags: Why Was China’s Fourth Plenum Delayed?
"Fall Exhibitions 2019"
Biden's Immigration Plan: Between Trump and Warren
Campus Watch Seeks to Hire Managing Editor
23 Restaurants Giving At-Risk Youth an Opportunity to Succeed
Korean War's US Veteran Don Porter Is Back with His Second Book “Ball Games in Heaven"
US War on Iran: Evil, Stupid, Self-Damaging
US President to Visit Japan in late June
I Saw Them All
“Chinese, Russian Influence in the Middle East”
White Wave to Stage "Eternal Now" at Dixon Place in New York City May 19-20
Islamists Teach Young American Muslims
Violence against Females Is a Global Epidemic
CSIS Scholars Discuss Trump-Abe Summit
The 10th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival To Take Place May 7-12, 2019
New Non-Stop Flights from Incheon to Minneapolis, Boston Increase Air Travel
Is North Korea Preparing for a Military Parade?
Which Wolf Will You Feed?
Reading Is A Human Right
Sanctions against North Korea: An Unintended Good?
North Korea Reportedly Renews Commitment to Dismantle the Sohae Launch Facility
The Trump Administration’s Trade Objectives with Japan and the European Union
2018: A Year of Progress and Success for Korea-U.S. Trade and Investment
KITA Hosts Luncheon Meeting with US Ambassador to Seoul Harry B. Harris Jr.
Responding to the Xinjiang Surveillance State — and Its Likely Progeny
Online Learning
Rethinking U.S. Strategy in the Pacific Islands
Will the Election Results Turn the Tide on Trade?
What Is Meaning of Necessity of WTO Reform?
U.S. Chamber’s U.S.-Korea Business Council Holds 30th Annual Plenary Meeting
Updated US-Korea FTA Signed by Moon, Trump
Avert Coming Danger: Proven Way to Restore US Presidency
Necessary Counterterrorism Conversations
Legal and Illegal Immigration: A Winning Hand for Trump?
Space Aliens: Do They Walk Among Us?
Urim Books Participates in CBA International Convention 2018 in the US
Singapore Summit Assessed by Victor Cha
World Cup: Beyond the Soccer Field
Negotiating the Right Agreement: Looking Beyond the Nuclear Side of North Korea
John Kelly's Fails English and History
The Korean Civil-Military Balance
“Why I Traveled Over 10 Million Miles”
Syria: Is Trump Finally Putting America First?
“A Sporting Life and the Forgotten War”
Six Wins as KORUS Turns Six
S. Korea, 3rd Most Powerful Country at Henley Passport Index 2018
Convenience Food You Should Avoid
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Opens New Website
CSIS & Syracuse's Maxwell School Offer Executive Master's in International Relations
Dr. Sue Mi Terry Joins CSIS as Senior Fellow for Korea Chair
EU to Social Media: Regulate or Be Regulated
Celebrating the Johnson Collection
S Korea-N Korea-US Tensions Will Quickly End If Leaders Do This …
N. Korea & Kim Jong-Un Get a New Enemy with "The Leader Is Present" by Max Papeshi in U.S.
Trump's Tiny Heart and DACA's Repeal
US Chamber CEO Strongly Opposes US Withdrawal from US-S. Korea Trade Agreement
China and Technology: Tortoise and Hare Again
Yesterday's Immigrants: Better Than Today's?
"Forgotten War" Hasn't Been Forgotten!
Why You Should Buy Ralph Lauren Stock?
Marriage Saving Tips We All Should Know
Countering Coercion in Maritime Asia
Grenada's St George’s University Signs MOU with S. Korea's Uiduk University
Advancing Justice Applauds Court Decision to Keep Block on Muslim Ban 2.0
"Countering Coercion in Maritime Asia"
Forbes Announces World's Biggest Public Companies
Bill Gates Tops List of Forbes’ 2017 Ranking of the World’s Billionaires
"Israel in Reality" by Zvi November
Trump’s Bigger Military Won’t Necessarily Make the US Stronger or Safer
Asian Americans Advancing Justice Outraged by Recent ICE Raids
Treatment Matters for Women's Strength
Trump's Alternative Reality on Immigration: a Step Back for the Country
Earth Is Now a "Toxic Planet"
US Leaves TPP -- Dashed Hopes for More Industry Growth in Asia?
Man Who Drank 10 Cans of Coke Everyday?
President Donald Trump Fulfills Day 1 Promise to Abandon TPP
Password Tips to Keep You Safe from Hackers
What Is the U.S. “One China” Policy, and Why Does it Matter?
Bipartisan Commission Calls for Reinvigorated U.S. Economic Strategy toward Asia-Pacific
Russian Hacking Report: All Hat, No Cattle
Another Rocky Year Ahead for the Big Four
The Trump Transition and Asia: The Need for Policies and Plans
After The Trump Triumph
The National Security Agenda He Must Address by the End of the Coming Spring
Dr Steinbock's Interview on the Trump Triumph
AAJC President Calls for President-elect Trump to Reverse Aggressive and Hateful Rhetoric
BRICS Foreign Ministers Express Concerns for Terrorism in UN General Assembly Meeting
The 2016 North Korea Human Rights Film & Freedom Festival in Washington, D.C.
Hangzhou G20 Summit: Ambiguous Gap Between Aspiration and Action
Brazil Wins 49erFX Gold by 2 Seconds from New Zealand
Kaine's Español: Not Just Empty Palabras
A Powerful, Proven Tool for Police and Military
AAPI Victory Fund Condemns Donald Trump for Attacking American Muslim Military Family
CSIS Launches “Beyond Parallel” Website on Korean Unification
Immigration: The Supreme Court Hands GOP a Victory for Now
US Film Director to Cover Women’s Baseball World Cup to Be Held in Busan in September
Asian Pacific American Congressional Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton
Trump's Tax Returns: Our Business?
Struggle for Brazil & against BRICS
S. Korea vs. Me
Trump's Wall is Full of Holes
Few Seats Left for Wharton High School Global Young Leaders Academy Summer Program 2016
Angry Latino Voters Will Deny Trump the Presidency?
Is there an Obama Doctrine?
Bilingualism and US Presidents
LA Chapter of Korea Franchise Association Opens Its Office in Cerritos, LA County
Cruz: A "Canadian" for the US Presidency?
Spanish in the US: Just an Immigrant Language?
"World People's Conference on Climate Change, Defense of Life" to Be Held in Bolivia
CSIS Announces Thomas J. Pritzker Appointed Chairman of CSIS Board of Trustees
Korea University Student Lydia Ko Nominated for Athlete of the Month
The Abe-Obama Summit
Resident Artist from Manhattan Honored at Festive Hollywood Gala
Habitat for Humanity Named Social Services Nonprofit Brand of the Year in Harris Poll
FIFA and Its Accomplice: The Brazilian State Erick Vasconcelos
Henry Kissinger Praises Late Lee Kuan Yew
Venezuela’s Desperate Times and Nicolás Maduro’s Desperate Measures
Netanyahu's U.S. Visit
Majority of Black Americans Live through Worst Economic Conditions in Modern History
All Spin and No Substance: The Need for a Meaningful Obama Strategy
S. Korea’s BTS Comforts 15-Year-Old Venezuelan Girl Hit by Cancer
Putin Tops Forbes' 2014 Ranking of World's Most Powerful People for 2nd Year in a Row
Imploding US Strategy in Islamic State War?
Landslide Victory Expected for Evo Morales in Bolivia Presidential Election: Polls
Public Transportation for the People in Brazil
CNBC Unveils New Worldwide Exchange On-Air Team
The Madness of 2008
Berklee College of Music Signs MOU with S. Korea's Baekseok Arts University
Korean Pianist Wins 1st Prize at New York Internatio​nal Piano Competitio​n
Adopted Korean American Wins Republican Nomination for Oregon House District 34
7th New York Int'l Piano Competition Kicks Off
Obama’s Confidant Mark Lippert Named as New US Envoy to S. Korea
Floyd Mayweather: Highest-paid, Arguably Best Boxer of All Time Is Back in Ring on May 3rd
Gyeongju Artist Honored at Festive Hollywood Gala
Why Obama and Abe Should Take Lead on TPP
Met Presents 2 K-Culture Events
US Strategy and Added Sanctions on Iran
Ever Onward, Ever Upward: The History of the World's Tallest Skyscrapers
North Korea Abducts American Senior Citizen
Harvard Graduate School of Design's S. Korea Students Win Public Art Competition
Venezuelans Excited about Korean Culture
The New York Tasting 2013: Grüner Veltliner – an Internationally Acclaimed Noble Grape
Huawei Helped Vivo to Implement World's 1st WDM Networks Crossing Amazon
US Strikes and Military Involvement in Syria: The Need to Keep Action Limited and Conditional
The U.S. Intelligence Report on Syria: Learning from Iraq
President Obama Channels Lord Cromwell:
Outlook of Brazil’s Economy
President Obama’s Data Harvesting Program: NSA as Pollster, PRISM as MISO
Drew University Launches 1st Summer Institute on Religion & Conflict Resolution
Obama Xi Summit in California -- “Getting to Know You”
S. Korea President Park Geun-Hye Holds Summit with US President Barack Obama
N. Korea Threatens to Strike the United States
Shinzo Abe Comes to Washington
Chinese and Indians Optimistic about their Growing Role in the World
"I Acted in Self-Defense," Accused Killer Says
Elderly Korean-American Man Kills Black Cuple over Dog Droppings in Dallas, Texas
World Champion Boxer Ricky Hatton on CNN’s "Talk Asia"
I Love Lucy Live" is a Modern Day Classic
Reordering Chinese Priorities on Korean Peninsula
US Presidential Election: Is America Better Off with Another Four Years of Obama?
Global Poll: Obama Overwhelmingly Preferred to Romney
Democracy Prep’s Cultural Exchange Program Sends Harlem Students to South Korea
Adam Cappa: The Inspirational Rock Star
Kyle Adams: Chicago's Tim Tebow
CSIS Global Aging Initiative Releases Report on “The Future of Retirement in East Asia
South Korean Artist Inspires with Enchanting Art
Don’t Leave U.S. Companies on the Sidelines of Myanmar
Florida Teen Loses Arm to Gator
ScoreSelectSM Option for the GRE® Tests Now Available to Test Takers Worldwide
S. Korean Hong Sa-Hun First Prize Winner at 6th New York International Piano Competition
President Aquino’s U.S. Visit Will Cap Revitalization of Alliance
Panetta to India: Why Now? For What?
Christian Camps Go Global
Implications and Results: United States–Philippines Ministerial Dialogue
NMU Commencement Speaker and Soloist Selected
Chicago Is Calling K-Pop to Their City
Chicago Responds to SHINee's Sherlock
Rex Flodstrom Fights for Surfing Freedom in Chicago and Wins
S. Korea's Defense Ministry to Support Korean War National Museum Project
SM Entertainment Holds Auditions in Chicago
Xi Jinping Visits Washington DC
Hindus Ask Madonna to Highlight Gypsy Apartheid Issue during Her Europe Tour
Chicago to Hold 2nd Flashmob for "SM Town" Live Concert
2011 Launch of the GRE® Revised General Test Propels Program Volumes to Record High
Santa Clara Univ.'s Joint LLM Program with Seoul National Univ. Reaps Benefits
Antonio Banderas in Talks to Play Fidel Castro in "Castro’s Daughter"
Startling the Global Community, Canada Withdraws from the Kyoto Convention
Why Go to Myanmar?
US Citizens Support FTA in Pacific: Polls
US Congressman Sherman Disputes Estimates of Libyan Operations
Dr. Victor Cha, Other CSIS Scholars Discuss President Lee Myung-Bak's State Visit to US
First Elected Tibetan Exile Leader Lobsang Sangay on CNN's Talk Asia
CSIS Launches US-India Defense and Security Cooperation Project
Combating Stress in Police Work and Preventing Crime, Terrorism, and War
US Remains Leader in Space competitiveness
Launch of GRE® Revised General Test Marks Biggest Change in 60 Years
"Gossip Girl" Star Ed Westwick to Appear on CNN's Talk Asia
Vargas' Case Touches Off Immigration Debate
ICANN-gTLD: A Name Game But Not Just Anyone Allowed to Play
Michael Radford Signs for "Castro's Daughter
Preserving American Power
Does Majority Want to Tyrannize Minority?
Global-Image-Cyber-Warfare -- the gTLD weaponry
US Fasion Maestro Tom Ford on CNN Talk Asia
Why US COIN Will Not Work: War Is Blade to Blade!
S. Korea Investigates Fresh Claim of Chemical Dumping
Obama's New Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Leads Nowhere
Jun Yeji and Yun Jeong-Han Display Their Works at Agora Gallery, June 4-25, 2011
US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue
President's Committee to Support Screening of Iraqi Film "Son of Babylon" in Washington DC
Obama’s Bin Laden Kill Sets Precedent
Human Languages Originate from Africa, Too
Importing Brazil’s Oil Policy
Mideast Democratization Positive for the US
What Should America Do Now on Egypt?
Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows
Health Outlook in Japan
Support Libya's February 17 Revolution: Time to Work with Iran
Korean-American Cho Myung-Kwon, Trainer for Formidable Contender for "2011 Derby Trail"
Japanese Nuclear Crisis
US President Obama's Trip to Latin America
March 11 Earthquake: Where Things Stand
Obama Soon to Submit Korea FTA to Congress Ahead of Deals with Colombia, Panama
The March 11 Earthquake: Japan to the Test
"US FTA with S. Korea Will Benefit N. Korea"
Nixon Center Becomes Center for Nat'l Interest
Piers Morgan Asks Donald Trump about Politics, Family & Fixing Economy
Android Moves to World's No. 2 Smartphone OS
One of World's Most Sought-After Living Artists Damien Hirst on CNN's Talk Asia
Prof. Shin Hyun-Song Wins "2010 ICFR/Financial Times Research Prize"
US Withholds Radiation Hope from S. Korea
"Memorandum to Hu Jintao: What Do the Americans Want?"
IACHR's Efforts to Address Issues of Sexual Violence in Displacement Camps in Haiti
All Taxes of Social Democracy, None of the Fun
Monkeys Help the Disabled with Daily Activities
Dr. Russell Dohner Practices Love in Rural Area
Kim Yu-Na Named United States Sports Academy's 2010 Female Athletes of the Year
America’s Shanghai Surprise
19-Year-Old S. Korean Exchange Student Dies After Fight at School in Los Angeles
Lee Daniels to Helm "Anna in the Tropics"
"Look to the East on Climate"
Is ASEAN Secretariat Properly Resourced?
Louis Vuitton to Display Hindu Motifs Worldwide
The Chinese Ant and the American Grasshopper
Statement of Congressman Brad Sherman on proposed U.S. – South Korea Trade Pact
North Korean Revelations and Provocations
Liberty Starts in School
Japanese PM Naoto Kan on CNN’S Talk Asia
CSIS and LSU Launch Event Series on Disaster Management and Emergency Response
"Heart but No Seoul: Obama Will Leave S. Korea without KORUS"
Beyond "Band-Aids’ for Hunger
U.S. Congress: Reconciliation or Continued Bickering?
"America's First Pacific President" Attends Seoul G-20 Summit
Nick Szechenyi, Deputy Director of CSIS Japan Chair, Discusses President's Trip to Japan
When Korean-American Dream Turns Nightmare
Five Places in US Offer Free Land to Newcomers
The Erosion of American Higher Education
The Federal Takeover of Education
Succession in North Korea
The Schools Scandal
Samsung's Foiled-Hunter Ad Bags PETA Award
National Education Association Selling its Saul
Midterm -- Democrats' Curse for Obama's 2012?
The Fiscal Burden of Educating Children of Illegal Aliens
Fixing American Dumbocracy
Martina Navratilova's Fight against Cancer
The Last American Skill
The Basis for Black American Reparation
Why Most Black Women Are Single in America
Architect of China's Quest for Military Dominance
How to Live 100 Years: Centenarian Life
Why Blacks Are Highly Unemployed in America
China Exports Chinese Language
Challenges of Social Progress in IBSA
"Regime Change in Japan: Take Two"
Muslims and America: Internalizing the Clash of Civilizations
“Third Strike for Obama’s Indonesia Visit”
The Aftermath of the Cheonan
Korean War Here Visits Fort Bragg
U.S.-Japan: A Step Closer to Resolving the Impasse over Futenma
Obama Trying To Make Rape Look Like Seduction
US Delegation Finds Inadequate Response and "Victim-Blaming" Approach to Rapes in Haitian Displacement Camps
Eric McVadon to Address ICAS Spring Symposium in Washington DC
Child Safety Measures Opposed
VIP Press Preview on May 13 6-8 p.m.
Power Shortages -- Just Another Forgotten Consequence of Climate Change
The Sinking of the ROK Navy Vessel Cheonan
Free TOEFL® Go Anywhere Website Created for Korean Students
US' Global Views Improve While Others Decline
Why U.S. Immigration Policy Needs Tweaking
US President Obama to Visit Guam, Indonesia, Australia on March 21–26
Obma's Trip to Guam, Indonesia, Australia
South Korean Teachers Reach for the SKY
U.S. Interests in ASEAN Are Significant
Taliban Sense Weakness in NATO
Vancouver Olympics Open Under a Cloud After Fatal Luge Accident
Emily Blunt Wants to Use the Cello to Escape the Pressures of Fame
Mia Maestro, Daniel Bruhl to Star in "Castro's Daughter"
Sandra Bullock Named Best Actress at Screen Actors Guild
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Reportedly Visit Divorce Lawyers to Help Them Separate
CNN's Amanpour Interview with Hatian President Rene Preval & PM Jean-Max Bellerive
Ten New Global Trends 2010
Severest Earthquake in Haiti over 200 Years
Is Islam to Rule the World?
Pet Retriever Fights Cougar to Save Boy
Obama Blames al-Qaida Affiliate for Christmas Airline Attack
Beyond Nuclear Deterrence: A Complementary Protective Approach for Israel
Marco Enriquez-Ominami: Change?
Amanpour Speaks to NATO Secretary General about Troop Pledge to Afghanistan
To Avoid a World Full of Tragedy and Fear We Must Teach Our Children the Truth
Taking "The Men Who Stare at Goats" Seriously
"The Revenge of the Giant Rat"
Chomsky: No Change in US 'Mafia Principle'
Obama Declares Swine Flu A National Emergency
Lady Gaga Will Dress as a "Monster" at Concert
Scientists Call for "Ocean Parks" to Protect Seas
The Halloween Party in America
Obama's North Korea Conundrum"
Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
19 Dance Teams Join "2009 Wave Rising Series"
Kim Jong-il Appears on Track for Power Transition: Expert
New Orleans Has Gone to the Dogs
Free Speech and Censorship on the Internet
World's Oldest Dog Dies at 21 — or 147
Amanpour Sets Agenda with New Show on CNN
"Globalization and the American Worker: Negotiating a New Social Contract"
New US PGA Cahmpion YE Yang on Talk Asia
Over 170,000 People Protest Against South Korean Poor Animal Protection Laws
Hillary to Tell on Husband's Trip to N. Korea
"A New Approach for Safeguarding Americans"
Michael Jackson's Doctor's Office Raided by Police Looking for Manslaughter Evidence
World's Untold Stories: Warfare by Remote
Thoughts on "Michael Jackson"
Victor D. Cha Speaks on N. Korea’s Nuke Test
President Obama's Trip to Moscow, G8, Ghana
React to "Tea Parties" by Having EAT Parties
On This Fourth of July
Talent & Tragedy of King of Pop Loved by All
Michael Jackson, "King of Pop," Dies at Age 50
America’s Most Important Agreement Today
A Wholly Unauthorized Guide to North Korea
Juche, Baby, Juche!
SS Meredith Saves 14,000 Korean Refugees
CSIS Scholars Discuss N. Korean Nuke Issue
Insanity behind Weapons of Mass Destruction
Prospects for Future in North Korea
40-Meter-Long Snake Found in Amazon
"The Hot Rains of Sumatra"
Obama's Upcoming Trip to Europe, Middle East.
U.S.-Korean Relations in Obama Administration
US Invasion of Iraq Threatens Multilateralism
Victor D. Cha Annalyzes N. Korea’s Nuclear Test
UN Sec. Gen. Ban Speaks on Myanmar on CNN
Politics of Religion or Religion of Politics?
People to People Uses Dead Student's Name as Recruiting Tool
HTS Management, Army Leadership on Trial Too
Educating Americans for Campaigns of National Interest
Advanced Cell Technology and CHA Bio & Diostech to Collaborate on RPE Technology Development in Korea
62-Year-Old Sly Stallone Shows Off His Muscle
"Die Galerie" to Exhibit Marc Chagall, Max Ernst
Voodoo Priests, Practitioners, Assailants of Soul
Proposed Solution to America's Long Lost War on Drugs
Lower-Cost Female Condom Gets FDA Approval
New Mexico Senate President Sides with Artificial Sweetener Maker "Ajinomoto"
Mexico -- Drug Cartels and the American Market
Obama Annuls Edict Against Stem Cell Research
Foreign Students Made Sex Slaves
How Can We Untangle This Mess?
Parents Say No to Artificial Sweeteners
Death Threat Tarnishes US Army Human Terrain System
Independent Film Scheduled to Shoot in Boston
Hillary Clinton Speaks to CNN on Her Asia Tour
Is WV Part of A National Pedophile Network Exploiting Foreign Exchange Students?
The Mystical Realm of Human Terrain and COIN: Who Is in Charge?
USA -- Obama Is in Free Fall at the Moment
CNN's Exclusive Interview with Afghan President Hamid Karzai
In South Korea, Anger Smolders a Year after a Landmark Was Destroyed
Gwang Ju Resident Selected as Concerto-Aria Concert Performer
Baby Born In Calif. With 12 Fingers, 12 Toes
Executive Presence: What is It & How to Get It
President Obama Interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper
Synagogue in Venezuela Vandalized in Break-In
Canine Crime Fighter Crippled by Police Duty
As Super-Predators, Humans Reshape Their Prey at Super-Natural Speeds
Human Terrain System Meets the Bowman Expeditions:
New U.S. Envoy Presents Credentials to UN Chief Ban Ki-moon
U.S.Senate OKs Bill to Delay Digital TV Switch
Identity Theft and Internet Fraud
Obama's Success Hinges on More Than Race
A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
USA -- Obama Faces Major Internal and External Problems
In Nashville, a Ballot Measure That May Quiet All but English
An Open Letter on the Crisis of Hate between Israel and Palestine
US Economy's Gloom Expected to Begin Lifting by Late '09
Lack of Government Accountability
Harvard Prof. Samuel Huntington Dies at 81
Man in Santa Suit Kills 8, Self on Christmas Eve
Beans, Nuts Better for Diabetes than Grains
Tribune Company Goes Broke
Obama — The Invisible Man in the Ghetto of Seoul
Korean Biotech Co. & US Cell Tech. Form JV
Human Terrain System: Murder Charges, Paranoia, General Sacked
Obama -- The Invisible Man in the Ghetto of Seoul
Pregnant Man: “My Wife and I Are Normal Couple”
Guantanamo Treatment for US Civilian Human Terrain Team Member
Sex Selection Abortion: Destruction of Human Race
Law Breaking, Fraud Alleged at Imploding
Will Obama Be Able to Check Clash of Culture
Iran Lashes Out at Barack Obama
The Russian Mob and America
Obama Captures Historic White House Win
Americans to Decide President with Obama Leading McCain
Christian Science Monitor to End Daily Print Publication
The Morally Corrupt Campaign Tactics in America
Stocks Shoot Higher as Volatility Continues
Dow Plunge Anew as Data Points to Recession
L.A. Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate
200 Ex-Diplomats Endorse Obama
Senate Slips Huge Pentagon War Funding Bill in Under The Radar
Obama's Presidency Could Galvanize 30 Million American Idealists and Reformers
$700B Rescue Plan Finalized; House to Vote Monday
US Leaders Reach Tentative Deal on Landmark Bailout Plan
UAE FM Meets Abbas, Blair, Karzai in New York
Newwork Hosts Incheon Mayor Ahn Sang-Soo
Bush Team, Congress Negotiate $700B Bailout
Stocks Tumble Amid New Wall Street Landscape
'Seinfeld' Experience Arrives in Harvard Square
Women’s Equality Day, August 26, 2008
Dear Banks in America
S. Korean's Best Global Companies of the Year
ST Columnist Pisano Opens His Website
Korean BBQ Goes Upscale in Culver City
Poll: U.S. Presidential Race Statistically Tied
U.S. Falling Behind South Korea and Taiwan
Korean Artist SooJin Jeong in New York Exhibition
Dogs May Tell Much About A Man
America Is Already Committing Acts of War Against Iran
Obama Needs to Hammer Economic, Foreign Policy Failures in Bush/Cheney Years
Memorial Service to Be Held for a Fallen Hero
Coral Decline Hits Rich and Poor
Memorial Service for a Fallen Hero
The Terrible Consequences of Runaway Spending in U.S. Government
Even Americans Oppose Taking Sides in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Poll
Koreans Absolutely Correct to Object to US Beef Imports
Man Risks Own Life to Save Drowning Bear
Advocate for City Exchange Students Says Order Defies Free Speech
Secret Life of the World's Biggest Fish Revealed
California's Suit against Whole Foods Markets
US Wants Justification: We Want A True Accounting
Newwork Hosts Mayor from Seoul's Jung-gu
Hands-On Cooking with Italy's Top Chefs
Condemnation Pours on Burmese Junta as Suu Kyi's Detention Continues
US Woman, Prounounced Dead, Comes Alive
New Mexico Gov. Richardson: Best USA Secretary of State 2008
American-Assamese Preparing White Paper on One-Horned Rhino
US Girl Who Lived in Korea Wins Scholarship
Race, Differences between US, and Fixation
China Olympics, Tibet Torture, Coca-Cola Profits
Mouse Adult Stem Cells Developed into Heart and Blood Cells
2-Week-Old Twins Overdosed by 1,000 Times
Reedley, Dinuba Honor Korean Legacy
Int'l Counter-Narcotics Policy in Afghanistan Victimizes the Poorest, Fuels Armed Resistance
What Role Obama's White Mother Played?
Ex-President Kim Dae-Jung Visits Portland, Ore.
Gorbachev Asked to Lead Next USA President Out of Iraq Conflict
S. Korea's Bulldozer President Lee Myung-Bak on CNN's Talk Asia
Tiger Needs Major Comeback
Global Views of USA Improve
Why Obama Won't Separate From His Pastor
U.S. House Speaker Pelosi to Dalai Lama's Defence
Art Chicago 2008 Draws Leading Art Galleries
"Wild Dogs in the Night"
American Seeing through the Haze
Yahoo Expected to Reject Microsoft's TOB
Obama Sweeps Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana
From Korea to Delano with Tiger Spirit
Clinton Wins in Missouri; GOP Race Close
From Korea to Delano with Tiger Spirit
If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Spanish
Student 'Ambassador' Dies Neglected & Alone
Hillary, Romney Emerge as Winners of Nevada Caucuses
President Bush Wraps Up UAE Visit
Assassination Poses Dilemma for US
House Prices in Asia Gain Momentum
Immigration Issue More Important than Ever for U.S. Presidential Race
Chavez Loses Constitutional Vote
Daewon, Minsago, among Best High Schools
1000th Rare Whale Shark Found
Hillary Is a Symptom of America's Malaise
Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson Outlines His Foreign Policy Agenda
Internet a Threat, Says UN Terror Chief
Spain's King Tells Chavez to "Shut Up"
Dolphins Save Surfer from Shark's Attack
Plain English Gets Harder in Global Era
A New Partnership With Latin America
Korean-American Crowned Ms. America
Ron Paul, Hope for a Reunited Korea
Argentina's first lady wins presidency: polls
Blackwater: the Visigoths
600 Billion Dollars!
S. Korea, Seoul Not Best Places to Live in
Young Professionals in US Bring Agri-issues under Spotlight
US School Officials Enforcing School Policies
Free the Cuban Five Now!
Why We Should Exit Iraq Now
US Foreign Policymakers Face New Challenge
Language Teaching Gains Second Life:
Happy Birthday America, July 2007! Open Letter
Dead Airman's Affidavit: Roswell Aliens Were Real
Hate and The Enemies of Reason
The Palestine Conspiracy
Up to 30,000 Canadians Homeless; Study Shows
Korean Exchange Student Excels in the US
New Orleans and the Price of Beans
Model Gisele Bundchen Opposes Condom Ban
With Korea as Model, Bush Team Ponders Long Support Role in Iraq
Boy Bags Wild Hog Bigger Than 'Hogzilla'
Lost Loves Found Again?
Stand Up America and Protest!
Resolving the Worsening Crisis at the FDA
Is New Orleans A Greedy Little City?
Donald Trump Becomes a Grandfather
Shetty Doesn't Want to Charge Gere for Kissing
Salmonella, My Old Friend ...
CNN Interviews Indian Actress Shilpa Shetty
World Publics Favor New Powers for the UN
Actress Shilpa Shetty Gives Her Thoughts on Richard Gere Kiss Furor in CNN's Talk Asia
CSFES Helps Exchange Students in the US
Bush Shows New, Improved Policy on N. Korea
In Nature But Not Invented By Nature
Flag Could Be Key to Return of USS Pueblo
Allard Wants USS Pueblo Back From N. Korea
Death Toll Rises to 31 in Virginia Tech Shooting
Convicted Felons Allowed to Host Teenagers
Did Katrina Almost Destroy New Orleans?
Greetings from New Orleans
US Congress Should Pass FTA for More Jobs
Traveling with Thomas
Cuba: A Success Story
Is US Blind to Dangers of Foreign Outsourcing?
Apple TV Connects Computer to TV
US Judge Throws Out Suit Against Google
Starbucks Signs McCartney to New Music Label
The World Really Does Not Know Me
Alarm Bells Sound in Nandigram for Indian Democracy
US Spends Much Less Money on Diplomacy Than Military
The Anatomy of Homelessness II
Boston Lead Singer Brad Delp Dies at 55
Rumors and Truth
The Queen
Is US Profiting from Miseries of the Homeless?
Tyra Banks Looks for Another 'Top Model'
This Is Our Gift to Our Children
Rio Carnival Parades End with Few Violence
The Anatomy of Homelessness
Wanna Have Clever Baby? Eat More Seafood!
U.N. Chief Dispels Criticism over Allegedly Bypassing Procedures: NYT
Booming Panama City Awaits Noriega's Return
Polygamists Practice Big Love In Arizona
Sole Superpower Challenged by New Rivals
S. Korea Makes Best Fake Handbags
"Sex Slave Resolution Will Clear House"
An Open Letter to America on Patriotism
Castro Appears on TV for 1st Time in 3 Months
Chavez: Castro Fighting for Life
Headhunters at Harvard May Pick a Woman
Little Asia on the Hill
Korea's Pop Idols Hunt Leads to Auditions in US
America: Land of Abundance, Insane Homeless
UN Sec. Gen.-Designate Ban Urges Iran on Talks
New Molecule Promises Early Detection of Alzheimer's: Study
Collision with Horse Restores Man's Full Vision
"The Giant Rat of Sumatra"
Rice Pioneer Dr. Henry Beachell Dies at 100
US Rep. Keith Ellison Wants to Carry Koran
Beaches, Best Option for Homeless in Hawaii
Cameron Diaz Discovers Inner Peace
Internet Fraud, Greedy Easy Targets?
Problem of Discipline in US Public Schools
Bush Taps Gates to Replace Rumsfeld
Risky Teen Sex: Blame Social Pressures
DA Declines Suing Host in Exchange Saga
Bill Clinton, George Bush & Craig Scott
US Bishops Given Misleading Guidlines
Disaster Declared as Quake Hits Hawaii
Venezuela and Iran in Unlikely Bond
Parents of Korean Exchange Students Warned
A. Villaraigosa's Asian Tour Begins on Oct. 15
Research Targets Korean-Americans in US
"Woman Avoids Jail for Theft from Student"
We've Been Excluded from High-Level Dialogue
Chávez Literary Theme -- Power of the People
Tribute to Illegal Migrant Workers Killed in 9-11
Bush Acknowledges Secret CIA Prisons
Stem Cell Politics: Divide and Conquer
HIV Prevention Must Address Women' Needs
Students Land in US without Schools, Hosts
Young Foreign Students Left Unprotected in US
S. Korean FM Ban Best Choice to Head UN
Staying Alive with HIV
CSFES Helps Foreign Students in the US
Korean Cusine Popular in the US
Mideast:Food with One Hand, Arms with Other
Navratilova Visits Laureus "Fight Back" Project
Sun Kills 60,000 a Year, WHO Warns
To Know You Is to Love You
Stem Cells Veto: A Cause for Hope
Science and Ethics at Crucial Crossroads
Albert Einstein's Love Life Revealed
American Man Speaks after 19 Years in Coma
Passive Smoking: Why Is It Dangerous?
Saved by the Belle, a Beagle Who Rang 911
Dan Rather Leaves CBS after 4 Decades
Drinking Coffee Maybe Good for Liver
Stem Cells — A Changed Personal Course
Korean Stocks Fall Hard as Dow Falls Sharply
Shadow of Pentagon on CIA
How Does My DNA Work?
"I Still Love Tom," Says Actress Kidman
Stem Cells -- Changing My Personal Course
Power Platforms Make Every Woman an Amazon
Stem Cells -- Changing Personal Course
Pole to Pole 2006: Inspirational Insanity, Again!
Jesus and Illegal Immigrants?
Stem Cells -- Changing a Personal Course
Surgery Knocks 37 More Kg off Former Half-Ton
New Device Allows Woman to See without Eyes
Seal Hunters Ram Protesters' Inflatable Boat
Woman Displays Exceptional Recall of Her Past
S. Korea Has 'Strong Will' to Beat Japan
Polygamy Drives Plot of New HBO Dramedy
Freedom of Speech in English Only?
Rice Pumps Iron for the Cameras
World Population Reaches 6.5 Bil. This Year
Bilingual Education: Parents Know Best
The GOP: No Guest Worker Program?
Tancredo: the Ugly Face of the GOP?
Finding a Muse in Mountains, Chestnut Trees
"Warrior Princess" to White House?
Rice's Q & A with S. Korea's FM Ban Ki-Moon
U.S.-South Korea Relationship Has Soured
Speedskating's Apolo Anton Ohno
Lowering Expectations at Science's Frontier
Science Takes Hard Look Inward
Rights for Illegal immigrants?
Schatten Tries to Patent Human Cloning
Bush Announces Strategic Language Initiative
Kimchi Sales Rise Linked to Bird Flu Cure?
Wolves Thrive but Animosity Keeps Pace
What Makes Some Scientists Cheat?
Healthcare for All?
No English, No Service?
Clemency Appeal Rejected by the Terminator
Korean Scientists Likely to Face Tighter Scrutiny
Hopes for Korea Will Be Aired At Seoul Summit
Inmates Try Boot Camp for Kicking Drugs
When Language Knowledge Means Security
Bigfoot-Sized Ape Lived Alongside Humans
Bilingual Principals?
US Artist Mark Rothko's Works to Come to Seoul
US Congressman Proposes Border Fence
Hillary's Attack Bewilders Seoul Government
Mexicans Head North for Better Life, Way North
Mexico in US
Poll: Americans More Accepting
Tongue-Tied Bush?
China-S. Korea Overtake US As No. 1 Spammer
US Democrat to Go to N. Korea for Nuclear Talks
Is Immigration a Local Affair?
Python Bursts after Trying to Swallow Gator
Voting Rights in Español
East Meets West, With an Argentine Twist
Legendary Monster of Deep Captured on Film
Profiting from Illegal Immigration?
Ashton & Demi Get Married
Job Safety for All?
As Human Crisis Abated, Animal Rescues Began
When English Only Discriminates
After 4 Years, 1st Renewal Signs at Ground Zero
Over 1 in 4 Korean Men in US Smoke
Microsoft S. Ballmer Vows to "KILL" Google
Border Control with Songs?
Our Shrinking Language Tapestry
Guilty Parents, Innocent Children?
Language Born of Colonialism Thrives Again
Choices, Up to Your Knees
Scientists Speak Up on Mix of God and Science
Olivia Newton-John's Lover Gone
No End to Woes for Michael Jackson
Only One Language for America?
OMA Designs Museum, Multiuse Complex in US
George Bush: Already Lame Duck?
Christian Groups Press Bush About N.Korea
Wyatt Earp Fought Here, but the Corral Isn't O.K.
Peter Jennings Dies at 67
New Chapter in the Mystery of Marilyn
Kimchi Chic in the Big Apple City
When Old and New World Met in a Camera Flash
An American Trying to Capture Monet's Magic
The Men Who Bombed Hiroshima
US Hints N. Korea Talks near End
How the Father of the A-bomb Fell from Grace
Nuke May not Have Brought Japan to Surrender
A Comprehensive Immigration Bill That Works
The Desire for Tallest Building Persists
US Tries New Approach in Talks with N. Korea
Teenage Golfer May Also Be a Marketer's Dream
The Day the World Lit Up
Big Fish That (Sadly) Aren't Getting Away
Reviving His Works, on Paper and Plaster
Ten Thousand Years of Cherokee History
Language as Integration
Rice Plans to Visit Seoul on 4 Nation Asian Trip
Driving in English Only?
Agents Said to Dismantle a Korean Sex Ring
New Design Unveiled for Freedom Tower
The Aliens Are Invading?!
Untying Americans' Tongue?
Last Crusade in Career that Reshaped Religion
Is Michelle Wie Next Big Thing in Golf?
Blueprint to Terror-proof Nation's Skyscrapers
How the Web Changes Your Eeading Habits
US Plans to Renew Its Food Aid to N. Korea
Detractors Divided over Hillary Book
Foreign Makers Pace Car Industry in South
Illegal Workers Saving Social Security?
Korean Word for Golf?
America in its Photo Innocence
Oprah Winfrey Heads Celebrity Power List
King Tut, Museum Trailblazer, Begins an Encore
Golf Is an Issue for Well-Rounded Dealmakers
Michael Jackson Cleared of All Charges
Learning Languages the Easy Way?
What Women Want: More Horses
US, Seoul Try to Ease Rift on Talks with North
Valuing Bilingualism?
Striving in America, and in the Spelling Bee
The Dark Fascination With Tyson
The Scandal That Toppled a President
US Sends Stealth Jets to South Korea
11 Steps to a Better Brain
That Exotic, Deceptive London Smog
US Stops North Korea Work on MIAs
Entropy: Enemy of Evolution?
English-Only Laws: Why?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pete Wilson II?
US Is Warning N. Koreans on Nuclear Test
Language Fluency Means Security
World 'Must Stop N. Korea Testing'
A Brancusi Sells at Record Price
Picasso and Beckmann Win Out in Thin Market
US Cites Signs of Korean Steps to Nuclear Test
Diners and Dinner, Close to the Flame
North Korea Labels Bush a 'Dictator'
Annan Urges Anti-Nuclear Effort
Paris Inc.
Episode 1: The Ranch Hand
N. Korea Able to Mount Warheads on Missiles
Language Barrier Called Health Hazard in E.R.
35 to Vie in 12th Van Cliburn Piano Competition
When the Feds Bash Immigrants
Steps at Reactor in N. Korea Worry the US
Wall St. Suffers Worst Day in 2 Years
Injuries Rising as More Kids Take Up Golf
Autumn Birth Linked to Childhood Brain Cancer
Learn English or Lose Your Child
Brain-Damaged Terri Schiavo Dies
Smokers Don't Recognize Risks of Their Habit
Girlie Man Budget
Fingers Point to Male Aggression
Librarian Takes Stand in Harvard Bias Case
Spicing Things Up in the East Bay
Saving Social Security or Killing It?
Hanwha Funds Korea-US Exchange Council
Harvard Finally Gets a Passport
A Run in 2008? No, No, No, Says Rice
Yale Univ. Cuts Expenses for Poor to Beat Rivals
Plane That Crashed Into Empire State Building
US Adventurer Sets Off on Solo Global Flight
A Manual for Illegal Immigrants?
N. Korea Could Be Bluffing on Nuclear Arms
Rice Assures S. Korea of U.S. Pressure on North
"Kyoto" Era Begins
German Shorthaired Pointer Best in Show
Grammy Pays Posthumous Tribute to R. Charles
U.S. Is Shaping Plan to Pressure North Koreans
Santiago Adopts Bilingual Education
Las Vegas Builds Its Own Great White Way
Author of "Death of a Salesman" Dies at Age 89
US Asks China to Increase Pressure on N. Korea
Uncle Tom Was Real Person; Cabin is in Canada
Interpreting: A Dangerous Job for All?
Stingy Government But Generous People
When English Only Is Not Enough
Rocky Mountain High Life
Beaches for Svelte, Where Calories Are Showing
Spending Political "Capital" on Immigration?
Wolf Comeback Turns Predator into Prey
In Melting Arctic, Warming Is Now
US Intensifies Its Role in Relief
In Past Tsunamis, Clues to Future Ones
Gonzales: Attorney General for the Country or for Bush?
Speak English or Else?
Annan's Outspokenness Behind U.S. Pressure?
Medical Help in Foreign Languages?
Number of HIV-infected Women on the Rise
English in France? Mais Oui!
Bush's New Cabinet Is for Harmony, Control
The Danger of Being Tongue Tied
Close Call at LAX Points to a Problem
G.I. Deserter Recounts Cold, Hungry Times
Equatorial, Wild and Most Curious
"I Can't Believe I'm Losing to This Idiot"
'We Are Required Now to Work Together'
A Bilingual America?
Eco-Resort at Caribbean Sea
"Ray" -- Portrait of Genius, Painted in Music
No Second Term to George W. Bush
Christopher Reeve, 52, Symbol of Courage, Dies
San Diego County Violates Voting Rights Act
Four-Sport Playground in Canada
Leaf Season: Chasing the Peak
Should "Illegals" Be Permitted to Drive?
Guess Tries to Regain Its Fabulousness
An Eclectic Season for Museums Unfolds
A Floating Weekend from Miami to the Bahamas
Senior Photo Journalist Eddie Adams Dies at 71
Raise the Minimum Wage to Help Business
Celebration: San Francisco
Latest Buzz in TV Programming -- Generosity
Lost in Arabic Translation
In Suburbia, It's a Wild, Wild Life
New Cracks in Nuclear Containment
Brown Univ. Receives $100 Mil. Financial Gift
Barbara Walters: The Exit Interview
Kerry Says Bush Has Ignored N. Korean Threat
Costing or Producing Billions?
Multilingualism Is a Necessity In Many Jobs
Arrested Migrants Repatriated Deep Into Mexico
100 Years Ago, This Garden Was Hole in Ground
Hiking Mount Whitney
Che Guevara Legacy Lives On in Bolivia
The Unsinkable Kate Winslet
Safety in Languages?
Misty about Niagara Falls
Canadian Vistas Bleak and Wondrous
From Illegal To Legal
Alaska's Tradition Yields to Modern Customs
Brazilian Dogs Go under the Knife
Does Bilingualism Keep You Young?
The High Road in the Andes
The Windy City Shows Off Its Great Taste
Florida's Latinos to Pick the Next US President?
It's Koreatown, Jake
Background Checks Rile Professors
No Se Habla English?
An Unearthly Plateau in Venezuela
Zeta-Jones Recounts Terror at Hands of Stalker
Pilot Fatigue Grows as Problem for Airlines
Killing Desert in US-Maxican Border
When the Olympic Games Turned Political
Hitting Slopes in Colorado, This Time on Foot
When Bilingual Is Silver, Trilingual Is Gold
Are Neocons Losing Their Hold?
A Prized Project, Mayor and Persistent Criticism
Switzerland: Too Many Languages?
New Face of Underage Drinking: Teenage Girls
Canada Guide Dog in Language Row
The Joys of a Simple Life
Stopping Illegal Immigration through Fear?
Oscar-Winning Actor Brando Is Dead at 80
Holding America to Its Ideals
Depending on How You Count
Confessions of a Policy Wonk
Putting Action After Feelings of a Superhero
More Collegians Sign Up for Sign Language
Espanol: Gateway to English and Integration
How Much Has Bush Repaired US Image?
Harvard's Leader Keeps Up Push to Remake School for 21st Century
Brutal Terror Tactics: How Nations Respond
Clinton: 'Demons' Led to Affair
Licenses for Undocumented Workers: Schwarzenegger to the Rescue?
Diversity Spoken in 39 Languages in LA County
English As It's Really Spoken
39 Tigers Moved From Unsafe Rescue Center
U.S. Defends Plan to Reduce Forces in S. Korea
The Meaning of Mr. Reagan
Korea, Japan Needs to Play Key Role to Settle Differences of US and Europe Views on Iraq
Miss Australia Wins Miss Universe 2004 Title
National Parks Fast Falling into Disrepair
New Details of Prison Abuse Emerge
Study Weighs Costs, Benefits of Options in Shifting U.S. Overseas Forces
Pentagon Weighs Transferring 4,000 G.I.'s in South Korea to Iraq
"Degeneration of War Right Before Our Eyes"
She Was Ordered to Pose for Abuse Pictures
American Soldiers Brutalized Iraqis
CBS Airs Photographs of Iraqi Prisoners Abused by U.S. Military
Global Campaign to Police Child Sex Tourism
Pressure Rises on Bush Team
'An Enduring Love': The Last Empress
Bush's Power vs. Rights of Detained Citizens
A Soldier's Hope Deferred in Iraq
New Zealand Nabs Global Biz Challenge Title
On Stand, Rice Strikes Back
American Adventurist Sets New Sailing Record
Int'l Students Flock to Seattle for Biz Contest
U.S. Extends Fingerprinting Rule to Millions More Visitors
Does Bilingualism Make You Smarter?
The Tongue-Tied CIA
"John Kerry Must Resign"
Americans Favor Football Over Soccer
More People Prefer Single Life to Marriage
"Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions"
Why Kim Jong-Il Must Go
"Kim Jong-Il Should Let His People Go"
Pyongyang Sustains the Unsustainable

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