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Global Views
Open Letter to Herzi Halevi,
Commander-in-Chief, Israel Defense Forces

Special Contribution
By Dr. David R. Leffler
am writing to you today with great urgency and hope regarding the precarious situation in Israel. Israel has faced more than its fair share of challenges and conflict, and the Israel-Hamas war is a matter of ...

Op-Ed Special
Other Think

Special Contribution
By Zvi November
The Palestinian Media Watch ( sends out daily Internet reports that document the visceral Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred produced and disseminated by Palestinian TV, radio, ...

Letters from New York
Ukraine for the USA, NATO Turned Out to Be an Unbearable Burden

By Anatoliy Sibilov
New York Correspondent
The main mistake of US President Joe Biden was that he did not prevent a war that was known to the whole world and to him personally since April 2021, when a Russian army of 180 thousand ...

Letters from New York
A War on Two Fronts for the United States? Who Is More Important — Ukraine or Israel?

By Anatoliy Sibilov
New York Correspondent
Everything changes instantly and unpredictably. Who would have thought a few days ago, on Oct. 7, 2023, that a new brutal, bloody war would break out between Hamas and Israel and it would ...

Letters from New York
The Cost of the Ukrainian War that NATO Leaders Led by the US Did Not Prevent

By Anatoliy Sibilov
New York Correspondent
Just look at the serious passions that have flared up in the Congress related to the war in Ukraine, which has lasted 19 months and has no end in sight. At least $100 billion have been spent on all types of ...

First-Ever Climate Supercomputer Predicts Likely Human Extinction
Extreme global warming is likely to wipe out all mammals – including humans — in 250 million years, according to a brand new first-ever scientific study. It has been reported that temperatures on ...

Disney Empire Strikes Back: MMA Legend Carano Becomes Victim of McCarthyism 2.0
Gina “Conviction” Carano’s conscience and political awareness are threatening to destroy her glamorous career. For those who may not know, the First Amendment of the US ...

CSIS: Growing Military Cooperation between North Korea and Russia
The White House’s acknowledgement this week of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s possible trip later this month to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin is only the latest evidence ...

BRICS: The Quest for a Just Multi-Polar World
The BRICS Summit that concluded on Aug. 24, 2023 in Johannesburg is a significant milestone in the journey towards a multi-polar world. From five members, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa it ...

IISS: The Impact of Cyber Operations in the War against Ukraine
A new report published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) reveals that external threats and related strategic concerns are driving governments to pursue more ambitious cyber ...

18 Months of Bloody War in Ukraine
Voice from NATO Headquarters to Zelensky: NATO in Exchange for Territories
Challenges to Democracy in Latin America
Niger: A Coup against French Control and Dominance
Young People Demand Skills and Learning for Future Employment
Global Carbon Council, Climate Change Center to Expand Voluntary Carbon Market
Planet vs. Plastics: Global Theme for Earth Day 2024
Putin hits the South of Ukraine
Western Imperialist Villains Descend on Vilnius for Crusades 2.0
The Normalization of Migrant Deaths and Its Implications for Humanity
The War in Ukraine Was Provoked -- And Why That Matters to Achieve Peace
From Empires to Vampires: The Downfall of the West
America at the Crossroads: Ukraine's Victory over Russia or Defeat of US by Kremlin
Nord Stream Blast Story Was Not Hard to Find
Is Ukrainian Army Ready for Counterattack?
China and Brazil Deal a Blow to US Dollar-powered Bullying
International Criminal Court: Sauce for the Goose ...
The World Gone Wrong: The USA Proxy War against Russia Will Unleash Hell
Did the West Agree with the Following Idea?
How the West Will Respond to the 2nd Russian Spring Offessive?
Putin Took Unprepared West by Surprise
Defense Industry Skills in Great Demand
The Four Front+ War or World War III: A Sketch
West Ready to Assist Ukraine for Its Victory?
It's Time Zelensky to Sit Down at Negotiating Table with Putin
Why Islam's Jihadists on Attack of the World?
Ukraine’s Zelensky Leads the 21st Century Version of the Contras
Will Indonesia in ASEAN Go Up against China in South China Sea?
So Long as There Are Nukes, We Had Better Hope We Live in a MAD World
Imperial Delusion Is the Enemy of Peace and Prosperity
Offensive of Ukrainian Army in Kharkiv and Kherson Regions? Negotiations or a Long War?
Mariupol: Let's Talk About "Chemical Weapons" Propaganda
USA Sees Russia’s Operation in Ukraine as Blessing in Disguise
World Started Talking about War between Russia and Ukraine -- Will It Take Place?
"Putin and Zircons Mach 9"
Cowardly West.
World and Regional Powers Shape the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia Bites the Dust
RSS Condemns Islamist Attacks on Hindu Minorities in Bangladesh
Meeting of West, East, Russia’s Place in Global Race Held
"Technology Should Be Isolated from Politics"
Montreal Is The Most Instagrammed Olympic Stadiums Of All Time
SARS-CoV-2 Treatment and mRNA Vaccine Issues Demystified
China’s New Space Station Is a Stepping-Stone to Achieving Broader Ambitions
How China Affects Global Maritime Connectivity
Myanmar’s Military Seizes Power
Modern Imperialism in Korea and Abroad
Rise of China, Future of Peace in Asia
Better to Be a "Nigger" from Nigeria
China Won’t Be Scared into Choosing Marketization
How the World Ends
More Is Possible Now to Address North Korea’s Health and Humanitarian Needs
Settling Kurdish Self-Determination in Northeast Syria
Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism and Enemies of Humanity
US Should Stop Meddling in Spratly Dispute
China, US Choose Between 4 “Cs” Conflict, Containment Vs. Competition, Cooperation
Shinzo Abe Rolls On
John Bolton Vs. International Criminal Court: A Simple Solution
Trade and Wages
Superpower Conflict : World Order Is at Stake!
The Creation of "Koryo Union" Is the Only Peaceful Solution in the Korean Peninsula!
N. Korea: No More Threat to World Peace and Opening New Economic Corridor
Korean Culture Sweeping Across the World
The Chinese Are Coming! The Chinese Are Coming!
How Much Have the Chinese Actually Taken?
The Other Side of N. Korean Threat: Looking Beyond Its Nuclear Weapons, ICBMs
Some Questions from the Edge of Immortality
More Korean War Is "Worth It?" To Whom?
Keeping Quiet about Overpopulation Could Trigger a Global Revolution
The Other Side of the North Korean, Iranian, Hezbollah, and Yemeni Missile Threat
Restarting Negotiations between Koreas: Kazakhstan Maybe Is a Way
Microsoft Corp. vs. United States: Jeff Sessions Wants Open Borders, But Only For Police
Bring North Korea to the Negotiation Table, Do Not Sanction It
Three Key Players in Middle East Diplomacy
Tensions among S. Korea, N. Korea, US Will Quickly End If Leaders Do This
Mexico Resembles a Civil War: Three Murders Per Hour in Early 2017
Wahhabism vs. Muslim Brotherhood: Qatar Crisis Opens Old Wounds
Trump Uses Saudi Arabia to Balance Its Ties with Middle East and Southeast Asia
Dog Meat Industry in South Korea
America, China, Russia Should Work Together on the Issue of North Korea
Forces That Shape Military Options in Korea
Behind the Scene of Khan Sheik Hun Chemical Attack and US Strike on Syria
Nuclear Preemptive Strikes on North Korea?
The Trump-Xi Summit Paves the Way to New Realism in US-Chinese Trade
Requirements for Permanent Residence and Citizenship
Micro Power Nations
South Korea, 3 Other Dragons in Decline?
Mother Nature’s Revenge
Innovation Asia & Trump Nation
Is This the End of Free Trade?
What If Clinton Wins?
Twenty Years, Three Minutes: Time to Ratify the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Japanese Views of Korean History
Dallas Is Fated Fruit of Existing Order
Trump, Saddam, and the Presumption of Innocence
Reflections on History
Should Asia Pacific Lead World with Robust Roadmap for Sustainable Development?
Antagonism between N. Korea and China?
"Hillary Is Wrong"
Random Thoughts on From Afar
Trump Backs Off Iraq Charge; Admits He Favored the War
After the Paris Attacks, a European Anti-ISIS Coalition Comes Together
Renminbi as the 5th Int'l Reserve Currency
Moving Forward with the Obama-Xi Cybersecurity Agreement
U.S.–South Korean Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Agreement Signed in US Capital
Dieselgate: Why VW Will Come Out Smelling Like Roses
Xi's Seattle Stop Sets Up His D.C. Drop In
China, US Should Transcend Economic Fears
The Hollande Doctrine: Your Guide to Today’s French Foreign and Security Policy
In Troubled Waters: Truths and Misunderstandings about Korea-Japan Ties
Will the Real Feminists Please Stand Up?
August 1945: Let's Talk About Terrorism
The Iran Nuclear Agreement and Iranian Energy Exports
The Iran Nuclear Agreement and Iranian Missile Developments
A Few Highlights of “The Deal”
Crisis Averted in China's Stock Markets for Now
Behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks
"Hangul Is the Planet’s Most Efficient Alphabet"
Why Did "Women Cross DMZ" in Korea?
"Earth’s Natural Resources Are Finite"
Natural Law
Will Post-2015 Development Agenda Integrate Eeconomic, Environmental, Social Pillars?
"US International Strategy for Cybersecurity"
187 World Famous Scholars Urge Japan Not to Distort "Confort Women" Issue
Yemen and Warfare in Failed States
Shia-Sunni Conflict: An Outcome of American Strategy?
Obama & Netanyahu: Here Is a Viable Alternative
Global Age Illiteracy Syndrome
Trans-Atlantic Scramble for Free Trade Deals
S. Korean Investors Positive about European Commercial Property
Choosing Between Novel Promise Or New Peril
Twin Peaks in Sino-US Relations 2015-2020
Monster Collision of 15 Monster Trends in 2015
Through Greece, China's EU Strategy Is Winning Friends
The Visibility -- Vulnerability Dilemma & Defense
The Real Risk of Greek Election
Statelessness: They Say It Like It's a Bad Thing
Who Got Served?
Shattering Israel’s Image
Pakistan on the Verge of Collapse
Struggle for Free Trade in Asia Pacific
Two Cities
Hong Kong's Stark Choice: Gradual Integration or Slow Decay
America, China and the Islamic State
The Real Center of Gravity in the War Against the Islamic State
ISIS and Ukraine: They'll Say Anything
Key Issues and Demands for Action from the Administration and Congress
Erdogan Needs A Spasm Of Lucidity
Murder Charges against the Boeing Company Regarding Asiana 214 Accident
Now That The Guns Have Been Silenced
The World Can Be A Scary Place
Iraq: The Economic and Governance Sides of the Crisis
The Right Order
Breaking the Myth of Missile Defense
The Downing of the Malaysian Airliner: Avoid Rushing to Judgement
Boeing Facing Murder Charges in Asiana 214 Accident
Need for Real World Strategies and for European Partners Rather than Parasites
Further Ugly Vibes from the Obama Administration
Jew Hating Conference
Labor for Liberty, Abolish Slavery
China-Vietnam Tensions High over Drilling Rig in Disputed Waters
The Future of the Printed Book in the Digital Age
Countries Should Know Their Endemic Malaria to Plan the Fight Well
Identification Totalitarianism
How Israel & Korea Can Join Forces, Change World
Crimea Crisis
Likelihood of Military Rule in Pakistan
Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the “Clash Within a Civilization”
Why the Fatwa against Terrorism Is Ineffective?
John Kerry Returns to the Mekong Delta
Angola: A Conspiracy to Ban Islam?
The Demise of Pax Americana
Rapprochement with US Reinforces Iran Hand in Iraq
Jordan Invites US Targets for Syrian Retaliation
North Korea: A Clear Double-Strategy with a Red Line to Stop the A-Bomb Needed
Rapprochement between Iran and US
Terrorists Came to Maim Kenyans But Instead Heroes Emerged
Syrian Chemical Weapons Disposal: Between Distrust and Playing Chicken
Should Universities Find Jobs for Their Graduates?
Russian Identity and the Challenges of the Time
US Revisionis​ts & Arab Spring
Kerry’s Success Worse than His Failure
Syria & Khan al-Assal Massacre: Western Silence, Gulf Crimes and Covert Operatives
Sea World Entertainment and Guantanamo Bay: Captivity, Torture, and Slow Death
Enemy Agenda & Israel's Ruling Intelligensia
Further and Better Japan's Policy on Africa
Hamas and the End of the Arab Spring
Morocco in the Age of Uncertainties
Barack Obama’s Legacy of Ashes
Syria and Shia Massacred by al-Nusra: Gulf and Western Powers Have No Shame
New Fisheries Agreement between Taiwan and Japan Is Result of Viable Diplomacy
Turkey & Discontent towards Premier Erdogan: Istanbul, Ankara Hit by Demonstrations
UK, MI5 and Syria: Hypocrites, Somalia and Brutal Murder of Lee Rigby
Views of China and India Slide While UK's Ratings Climb
Evolving Military Balance in Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia
America’s Uncle Sam: Death by a Thousand Cuts
Fractured US Intelligence Rules Out Greater Cooperation with Russia
Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
US National Security State Fails in Boston
The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
A New Containment Policy -- the Curbing of War and Violent Conflict in World Society
Strategic Plans?
Nuclear Betrayal: Sacrificing Koreans for Profits
Wrong Interpretations by Maulvis Defaming Islam
Why Japan Should Join the TPP
Asia-Europe Relations in a Changing World
US, France, UK Support Islamism
COP18: The Climate Talks in Doha
South Korea Elects President Park Geun-Hye
Reducing Tension in the Middle East
Israel, Gaza and Doha: The Sham of the Western and Islamist Alliance against Syria
Can China’s New Leaders Reform?
"Honor" Killing Or Gendercide?
Western Powers Support Multilateral Action on Syria But Don't Want to Send Troops
Storing Water against Hunger
Economy Forces Many Black Americans Into Third-World Status
The U.S.-ASEAN Relationship in 2030
Views of China Improve in Global Poll
But Speaker Chung, Korea’s Not Germany”
World Bank Presidency and Moral Aspiration
Syria and Terrorist Threat from Opposition: Many Dead after Latest Carnage
Hello, This Is Nature’s Call From Garbage Heap!
Syria: Outsiders Support Terrorism and US & Saudi Arabian Jigsaw under Obama
Latin American Leaders Will Soon Command Invincible Militaries:
US Public Opposes Israel Striking Iran
Just Who Are the Japanese?
The Request for Euthanasia
Is Iraq on the Verge of Civil War?
Is Iraqon the Verge of Civil War?
The Death of the DPRK Leader
Strong Bipartisan Support for Extending Employees' Payroll Tax Cut: the US Public
The Pacific Balance Is Shifting in China’s Favor
U.S.-China Defense Consultative Talks
Turkey and the New Middle East
Col. Gaddafi Killed: What’s Next in Libya?
Decline of United States of America
Restart of U.S.-DPRK Negotiations
As Euro Crisis Rises to Finale, Economic and Technical Brilliance from Leadership Is Needed
Help South Korea, Not the North
Embracing a Slim Hope on Pyongyang, but Full of Ucertainties and Toubles
Ex-Chief of British Secret Service Sir Richard Dearlove: "Al-Qaeda Ten Years after 9/11"
Green Growth on Agenda of Asia-Europe Meeting
Dalai Lama- Tibet-China: Re-set Harmony with Soft Autonomy versus Cultural Nihilism
Authority Breeds Inequality
Russia Attempts to Bring Koreas Together
9-11: 10 Years After
Japan and Russia: Lessons from Each Other
Growth of Communication Technology and Its Socio-Economic Impact
Is China’s Aircraft Carrier a Threat to U.S. Interests?
Truth and Consequences
America Needs a New Political Party: Base it on George C. Marshall's Public Service
Meet John Q. Public, Deficit-Cutter
China’s Stake in the U.S. Debt Crisis
EU, US, & Japan: Dysfunctional Leaderships Are Gambling with Leading Capitalist Economies
Historic Religious Event in the USA
China Ain’t Japan
Public Support for Taliban Negotiations
Competing for Economic Centrality in Asia
A Common Sense View of Super Injunctions
Abbas, Hamas, Conundrum of Palestinian Unity
"Koreans, Japanese Are Like Twin Brothers"
Beware of Humanitarians with Bombs
Rising Concern about China's Increasing Power
Syria's Old Boy Network
Libya: As You Sow, So Shall You Reap
Message from Tsunami
Qaddafi’s Departure Is Not Easy
On Egypt: What Should America Do Now?
Peace Revolution through Peace-Regimes
Black Money and Political Stunts
Global Food Price Spike Adding to Civil Unrest, Some Say
People in Mood of Throwing Away Despots
Somalia Opportunity, Shadow Anthropology
What Is Marriage?
The Very Literal "Conquest of Bread"
Egypt Protesters Will Spark Global Mass Movements: Internet, Globalization’s Positives
The People's Republic of Crony Capitalism
Japan- Decline, Galapagosization and Beyond
America Can Improve Unemployment
The Chain of Proofs for the True Religion
Damning Corporate Capitalism with Faint Praise
Taseer's Assassination in Context of Islamic Teachings
US Pot Assesses Chinese Kettle
A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste
Hindus Congratulate Pope for Making Vatican as World’s Most Environment Friendly Nation
Corporate Welfare Disguised as "Free Trade"
How Can Bamboo Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change?
Sustainable Human Development Started in Bethlehem
True Nationalism of Azim Premji
US-Russia: Peregruska to Perezagruska
"China Will Overtake the US," Says US Scholar
Interpreters in Conflict Zones Still Defenceless
When the Most Powerful Person Bowed Down before Gandhi
Rare Earth- Game between China and U.S.
G-20 Time for Seoul Summit
George Orwell is Alive and Well in Israel
Massive Challenges Highlight Key Role of Global Governance, Says Ban
Different Perspective Regarding Current Crisis in US-Israel Relations
Anatomy of a "Peace Process"
Politics of the Package
Asia's Economic Growth, MDGs, End of Poverty
Governments Misspend More Than Half of Our Taxes -- Global Poll
Today's World and Gandhian Thought!
UN Blatantly Turns Blind Eye As Sri Lanka Becomes Nation of Totalitarianism
The 2nd ASEAN-U.S. Summit in New York: What’s on the Menu in Manhattan?
300 Years of Jewish History -- Synopsis
Pakistan Getting Worse in Ramadan Holy Month
H1N1 -- Global Conspiracy in the Making?
China’s Perspective of Post-Cheonan Regional Security
“Absent in Danang: The Need for a U.S. Trade Policy in Asia”
Big Government Is Not the Issue
A Conspiracy to Transform India's Heaven into Hell
How NAACP Can Kill Racism in America
Reaching Success or Reaffirming Failure: The G8 Muskoka Declaration
Saving Kyrgyzstan
US President's Trip to G8 and G20 Summits
What S. Korea Could Learn from Latin America
China's Cheonan Dilemma
Is This the Reality of "True Muslims?"
What Is True Religion?
Rohingyas of Myanmar
Wake up Pak Rulers! It’s already too late
The Democratic Mudslide of Sudan
Is it the End of European Dream?
Keeping the Profit In Oil and Persistent War
Different View on Current Crisis in US-Israel Ties
Southern Thailand and Islamization
Islamic Terrorism: Afghanistan to Bosnia and Then September 11
How to Tackle Natural Disasters?
America's "Islamists" Go Where Oilmen Fear to Tread
U.S. -- Iran Power Struggle over Iraq
Turkey Is Trying to Dictate to Armenia
Nature Showed Its Might Again
Bosnia and Clinton's Radical Islamists
Iraq's Jewish Identity Faces Extinction
Muslims Slaughter Christians in Egypt
Suicide Bombers Are a Threat to Humanity
U.S. Creates Its Antithesis in Iraq
CSIS Victor D. Cha Comments on US Envoy Stephen Bosworth's Trip to North Korea
India: Veterans of Disguised Politics, Once Again Unmasked
Somalia and the Reality of Radical Islam
Wide Dissatisfaction with Capitalism
Dialogue on Principles
Nobel for Obama: Right or Wrong?
Number of Hungry Expected to Top 1 billion This Year, Warns FAO, WFP
Most Babies Born This Century Will Live to 100
USA and the Internal Islamic Threat
Nigeria and Christian Martyrs
The UNCRC – The Convention That Dare Not Speak Its Name
Hidden Graves of the Disappeared
Race for WMDs: Biggest Threat to Mankind
Different Hearts of Washington and Beijing toward North Korea
The Curious Case of Balochistan
A Simple Walk: Abbey Road Crossing Revisited
Economics of Climate Change; a Global Deal
Russian Public Wary of Obama
Obama Rockets to Top of Poll on Global Leaders
Majority of Americans Approve Complete Ban on Torture
US Intervention in Iran
How to Make Friends and Influence People
Human Trafficking for Commerce, Another Modern Day Atrocity
"Iran's Political Future After the Khameni's Friday Prayer Endorsement of Ahmadinejad"
ASEAN and Rapid Global Change
Matter of Inherent Right
From Egypt to the Promised Land
Islam Teaches Nobility, Humanity
Reconciliation in Iraq: Singular or Plural
China Vs. Global Financial Crisis
USA, CIA Created Sunni Islamic Terrorism
USA -- Violence Statistics & Statistical Violence
If G20 Agrees, Health Financing Might Come from Currency Transaction Levy
Past, Present, Future of Indian Nat'l Congress
"Mission Change" of Obama
New Formulae of Obama's Peace
War on Gaza: Israeli Action, Not Reaction
Engaging Philanthropists: This Time It's Personal
Expectations and Challenges before Obama
Most People Think Their Nation's Foreign Policy Is Morally No Better Than Average: Global Poll
Corpses and Politics
Growing Optimism That Obama Will Improve US Relations: Global Poll
Adieu Bush and Welcome Obama
Consequences of Bush Policy
The End of North Korea's Nuclear Brinkmanship
How Far Is the War?
Light That Spreads Love, Peace across Globe
Can Obama Restore US Image in Middle East?
Hussain, Iraq, Bush and Shoes
Pak's Misunderstanding
Imperial Korea
Global Attempt for Terror Relief
Al Qaida: Muslim's Foe or Friend
Countries Meet to Limit Big Tobacco's Influence
World Publics See Government as Responsible For Basic Healthcare, Food, Education Needs
Obama and Mayawati: A Comparison in Contrast
Mongolia and The Importance of This Nation to America, China, and Russia
National Partnership for TB Care and Control Is Shaping up in India
Global Recession: One of The Several Crises Facing Human Society
An Honest, Unbiased Look at Abortion
Rising CO2 'Will Hit Coral Reefs Harder'
Ethiopian Ambassador to Japan and Third Secretary in Tokyo Speak Openly about Somalia
UN Media Asked to Shed Light on Palestinian, Developing Nations’ Issues
Care for Children and Adolescents Living with Diabetes
World Peace and Shia-Sunni Unity
EGYPT -- Coptic Christians Are Still Marginalized
U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System: Madness, Mayhem and Troughs of Cash
Terrorism Opinion Sources Need a Hard Blow
Ethiopia Needs International Support to Contain Dangerous Forces in Somalia
World Food Scarcity and the Challenges of Climate Change and Bio Energy
The Holy Quran: Teachings & Teachers
Kosovo and the Crisis of Ignoring International Law and Global Opinions
The Principal Hope & Danger of Black America: Barack Obama
An Overlooked, Proven Solution to Terrorism
US "War on Terror" Has Not Weakened al Qaeda, Says Global Poll
Iran Is a Stabilizing Power in Afghanistan and Iraq
World Goes on High Alert over Killer Food Scandal
Venezuela -- Chavez the Enigma, a Great or Flawed Leader?
Bringing Diabetes to Light
The Fall of Kim Jung-Il Will Create Chaos as well as Chance for Reform and Opening in N. Korea
Calling upon Comprehensive Packages for Survivors of Trafficking
Lebanon Needs to Dismantle the Armed Forces of Hezbollah via Compromises
Iraq and Destruction of Christianity since Invasion by America
Bolivia Is Facing Meltdown So Can a Solution Be Found?
G7 Needs New Priorities
World Ozone Day (16 September) and Our Commitments
Macedonia Could Become the Next Balkan Flashpoint?
Russia Faces Many Security Concerns
No Consensus On Who Was Behind 9/11: Poll
State Intervention Versus Globalization and the Free Market?
Teachers' Day: The Sacrificial Goat
Chomsky: Britain has failed US detainees
Iran and America, Friends or Foe
Crisis Looms in US-Pakistan Ties
Georgia Took a Huge Gamble in South Ossetia But Russia Will Not Be Intimidated
Water Ice on Mars Confirmed
Time for Politics of People's Movements to Prevail
How to Prevent a War With Iran
Nuclear deal -- Indians in a fix
Did G8 Summit Give Answers to the Global Energy Crisis?
Climate Decision Makers Call for More Political Leadership, Clear Policy Environment: Survey
Winning over Angry Young Men Is Key to Enduring Stability in Iraq: The Senlis Council
Divorced Women Treated Worst in South Korea
A Maturing China-Africa Relationship
Crumbling Relations between American & Pak Armies
Life on Mars Could Have Come from Earth
American Target -- Terrorism or Islam?
Drop the F Word
The Bushes and Hitler's Appeasement
Why America Doesn't Need Foreign Oil
World Publics Say Governments Should Be More Responsive to the Will of the People
Asthma Control Is Appalling in Most Countries
No "Miracle Solutions" for Zimbabwe
Free Press, Access to Information Vital for Development, Top UN Oficials Stress
Failures of US-led War on Terror Bolstering Legitimacy of Somali, Afghan Extremists
Why Genetic Similarities Don't Prove Evolution!
Shia-Sunni Unity for World Peace
Oil Needs to Be Replaced as Energy Source
Iraq War: Who Lost, Al-Qaeda or Iraqi People
Erosion of Support for Free Market System: Global Poll
Do Corporations Owe Anything To Society?
Governments Should Act to Prevent Racism
What Exactly Is a Pundit Anyway?
African Union Dull under Spotlight
Change of Scope for Land of Hope
Black Race Not Related To Apes!
Large Majorities in All Countries Favor Equal Rights for Women: Int'l Poll Finds
Fossil Doesn't Support Bat Evolution!
Obama: Camelot or Chameleon?
Fate of US Hinges on Coming Election
Understanding Intelligent Design Theory
Benazir's Martyrdom -- A Memorable Sacrifice
UAE will remain staunch supporter for Palestinian Cause: Sheikh Mohammed
Pak -- May God Save You!
How All The Races Came from Adam and Eve
HINDRAF -- Bane upon the Nation
How Do Egg Yolks Turn into Chickens?
'Shut Up' Is Hit Ringtone in Spain
Natural Laws Vs. Intelligent Design?
US and Russian Publics Strongly Support Steps to Reduce and Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
What Is Liberal Theology?
We Need a Moratorium on Agrofuels
Of the Insanity of Our Children
A World Full of Fear
Sluggish Justice Emboldens Despots
Poll Finds Mixed Views About Bhutto’s Return
Scientists Are Not Creating Life!
Food for Thought -- on World Food Day
The Globalization of Hunger
Gandhian Philosophy: Nobler than Nobel Prize
Love Is the Missing Link in War-on-Terror
The Genetic Boundaries of Evolution
Action Needed on Global Warming
Bigotry, Racism and Discrimination
Rational Christian Response to Ayn Rand
It's Not a Clash between Christian and Islamic Civilizations
The Price of Tea in China
Crafting a US Foreign Policy for a New Century"
Majority Wants Troops Out of Iraq Within a Year
Jerusalem: The Babylon of Revelation of 14:8?
The Forgotten Issue Is Wood Supply
Any Life on Mars Came from Earth!
The Economics of Failure
Early Christianity Before The Papacy
The Crime of Public Cigarette Smoking
Operation Sunrise: Not an End
Implications of US-India Nuclear Deal
Youth Appeal to UN to Prioritise Health
Have Scientists Created Life?
South Korea as a Model for Ending Iraq War?
Christ Fulfilled The Sabbath!
Degrees Conferred on Rushdie & Laden
Enemies of the State
Modern Israel Not Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
New Strategy in Conquest of Middle East
China Will Catch Up With the US and That's OK
Why Are We Creating More Insanity in Lebanon?
Madonna and The Cross
Medical Students Need to Quit Tobacco First
Closing the Chapter on Impunity in Africa
Integrate Tobacco Cessation in Healthcare Services
Justice in George Bush's Veto?
Where Are The Half-Evolved Chipmunks?
US Should Renounce WMD
Don't Forget Workers on Intetnational Labor Day
American Attempt to Divide Iraq
Moon versus Manhole
Why Should S. Korea Enforce Tobacco Treaty?
Food for Thought About Global Warming
Darwin Only Had A Theology Degree!
World Publics Reject US Role as World Leader
Why The Fossils Don't Support Evolution
Popular Misconceptions About Hell
A Planned Conspiracy around the World
Christ Was Begotten, Not Created!
The Christian Response to Homosexuals
My Day in Court, Was I Railroaded?
WHO TB Strategy Out of Reach for Many Nations
Iraq Four Years After: The Conquest of Oil
Tobacco Industries Disregard Nepal's Ratification of Global Treaty
Only A Progressive Statesman Can Make the World Future Bright
America-Iran Cold War in Iraq
Evolutionists Wrong About Entropy
On Real Black History
Evidence Now 'Unequivocal' Humans Causing Global Warming: UN Report
Year of the Woman
Melting of Mountain Glaciers Accelerating: UN-Backed Report
Why Saddam So Popular?
Iranians Overwhelmingly Reject Bin Laden
We Now Weep Tears for the Future
Traditional Doctrine of Hell Has Greek Roots
Pawn Has Gone
Escalating the War: The Height of Folly
Just What Price Must We Pay for Oil?
From Fiqh to Qur'an: Resolving Apostasy
The Mad Mad World of Ads
Is Deputy PM's Office in India Justified?
Why Only Dujail Carnage: A Cause of Execution
UFFANS Holds Special Lecture Series
The Foes of Humanity: Extreme Thoughts
Unusual Retrospective View of World in 2006
Indian Muslims Uplift: A Try
Rap Music, America's Silent Enemy?
Annan Calls for Global Solidarity
Indian Parliament Felt Ashamed Again
How Outsourcing Will Destroy America
Indian Muslims Efforts to Unite on Secularism
"The World Must Know!"
Veils & the Muslim Women
Try George Bush Also
Shia, Sunni Differ on Saddam's Death Sentence
Poverty Reduction in Interventions
Just When Does A Secret Need to Be A Secret?
Ban Ki-moon vs. the Bad Guys
Controversy on Capital Sentence
Is Japan A "Virtual Enemy" to S. Korea?
Chairman Kim Jong-Il, A Man of Contradictions
See, Which Way the Wind Blows
Now Is the Time to Silence the Guns!"
Prof. Yunus Brought Economics to the Poor
N. Korea: Government Dedicated to the Absurd
N. Korean Sympathizers Sinister not Foolish
Afzal's Death Sentence: Politics or Clemency
S. Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon Sure to Succeed Kofi Annan as UN Secretary-General
Has Life Become Too Serious?
Methods to Identify Corruption
Quacks in Islam -- Well Wishers or Harmful
Despair at UN over Selection of 'Faceless' Ban Ki-Moon
Saddam Hussein and American Military Role
The Facts of Life Reviewed
Groundwater Belongs to People, Not to Firms
Tobacco Shown in Movies Influences Children
Water Is a Fundamental Human Right
Pope issue: Foes of the Islam?
Global Tobacco Treaty Should Be Implemented
Laden's Religion?
Live & Let Live
Are There Natural Limits To Evolution?
Vande Mataram -- A Political Game
Absence of Good Leadership
Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg Prosecutor
Case of Communal Harmony: Indian Madarsas
"We Should Not Fear Being Called Radical"
Winning Arab Hearts and Minds
5 Reasons Why Great Military Powers Lose Wars
God Blesses the Peacemakers
Tale of Two Dogs
UK Relaxes Hand Luggage Restrictions
Israel 's Invitation to Third War!
UNO -- Again Helpless
How the World Views America
Electing Next UN Chief Opportunity to Press for UN Reform
Israelis in the Mood for War
If I were the U.S. President -- What Would I Do?
UAE, France back global drive on Lebanon : Elysee
No World Peace without Central Asia Truce
World Peace & Central Asia Conflict
Nuclear Pig in a Poke
A Nuclear Hand of Friendship
Questionable US Diplomacy on North Korea
Creationists Right on Entropy, Evolution
Nepal: Let Us See Which Way the Wind Blows
Negro Slavery and The Myth of Ham's Curse
Prague Summer
S. Korea's FM Ban Likely to Be Next UN Head?
Bush Jr: Most Defamed President of US History
Where Are All The Half-Evolved Dinosaurs?
Why US Restored Ties with Libya
Ahmadinejad: Lost in Translation
A Throwback to France's Imperialism
Competing Views of Division and Unification
Islamic Protests Signify Deepening Gulf
Cloning, Stem Cell, and Bioethics: Another Look
For Pariah Nations, 'Rogue' Status Pays Off
Shouting at North Korea
Tamiflu Not the Answer to Bird Flu
Iranian President Denies Holocaust Existed
Is It Time to Panic about Bird Flu?
View on "Still Hope for the EU Constitution?"
The Real History of the Korean War
Deceitful Democrats
Commentary: This Time, History Isn't Repeating
Anti-American Sentiment May Hurt US Firms
Still Hope for the EU Constitution?
Zoellick Talks With China on Korea's Future
Afghan Politician Urges West for its Democracy
Intelligent Design On An Another Planet?
Persisting Prejudices: Profile of Tolerant Society
Viewpoints: Japan's Approach to History
Atomic Weapons: To What End?
Yasukuni Shrine: Old Wounds Still Fester
Uranium at the Core
In North Korea Talks, a Glimmer of Hope
Seoul's Warning to the US on Pyongyang
North Korea's Rising Urgency
Weapons of Mass Seduction
A Moment to Seize With North Korea
Untying the Korean Knot
The Global Paradox of American Power
Viewpoint: A Lost Nuclear Opportunity
Who Won World War II?
The New Imperialism
Lost in (Russian) Translation
N. Korea, 6, and Bush, 0
US Tries to Coax North Korea Back to Talks
Seoul Shifts Focus Back to History
Japan-S Korea Ties Take Turn for Worse
Bush Seeks to Alter Global Nuclear Pact
Now It's Time for Bush to Cut Deal with N. Korea
Health Care? Ask Cuba
A Time of Testing for Global Democracy
Is Conscription Imminent?
Annan's Outspokenness Behind U.S. Pressure?
Crucial Dilemma Facing the US President
"A Social Revolution Shakes South Korea"
No Second Term to George W. Bush
America's Retreat from Asia
French Influence in Europe Is Waning
China Hopes US Leaders Don't Shift
Jakarta Bombing Aimed at Aussie Premiere's Pro-US, Anti-Terror Policy in Oct. Election
Pyongyang Deserves Same Treatment as Seoul
Over 600 Tibetan Monks, Nuns Should Be Freed
"US Should Remain as Benign Superpower"
Murdering Medecins Sans Frontieres?
Would China Invade Taiwan?
Now US Forces Stationed in 130 Countries
The Bleak Future of the US-ROK Alliance
Will Brazil, Russia, India, China Be Superpower?
A Better Way to Reduce Nuclear Risks
Beijing Fights Itself, and Taiwan
Role of E. Asia in Coming Presidential Campaign
Global Power Shift from West to East in Making
Are Neocons Losing Their Hold?
Can the C.I.A. Really Be That Bad?
Center of Gravity of Int'l Affairs Shifts to Asia
"Seoul Government Needs to Conduct Its Own Version of 'Perry Review'"
What Will Happen after Power Transfer in Iraq?
Europe, Asia Cooperate for More Secure World
N. Korean "Kwanliso," or "political labor colony"
Korea, Japan Needs to Play Key Role to Settle Differences of US and Europe Views on Iraq
Meaning of U.S. Troops Move from Peninsula
"Allies Should Help When US Is in Trouble"
"US GIs Should Be Educated Not to Torture"
The Iraqi Insurgency's Impact on Korea

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Guest Column by Charles Mercies
Crucial Dilemma Facing the US President
In spite of the lengthy uncertainty the United States faced in the 2004 presidential elections, the American people have finally decided to give George W. Bush a chance for a second term as president. He made it by a very small margin that amounted to only 51 percent of the total votes. Even here, most of those that voted for him ... more

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