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CSIS Briefs:
Addressing Forced Labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Toward a Shared Agenda

Special Contribution
By Amy K. Lehr
The forced labor of ethnic and religious minorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), as part of a broader pattern of severe human rights abuses, is a significant and ...

North American Conglomerate Won't Export Racehorses to S. Korea Until Cruelty Stops
Stronach Group "Deeply Disturbed" by Treatment of Horses in S. Korea's Slaughterhouses
Jeju — After viewing the extended footage of the covert video filmed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) U.S. that shows shocking abuse and the killing of horses at a large slaughterhouse ...

Dresden Music Festival Wants to Reach Global Audience with New Strategies
The Dresden Music Festival wants to establish new perspectives to reach a global audience. In cooperation with the high-quality online streaming platform Dreamstage, they will broadcast ...

Korea: Keep Supporting People, Economy until Recovery Fully under Way, Says OECD
OECD in Paris, Auguest 11, 2020 — South Korea has limited the damage to its economy from the COVID-19 crisis with swift and effective measures to contain the virus and protect households and ...

U.S. Warship Joins Partners for Multinational Group Sail
WESTERN PACIFIC OCEAN — The U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) commenced a Multinational Group Sail alongside warships from ...

"I Bear the Stamped Impressions of My Home"
Of all the countries where I have gone, I swear none is more beautiful than my own, For the hidden places of Nature where no scent of man is near, Are the very ones impressed upon my soul ...

COVID-19 a Perfect Storm for Conspiracy Theories
As the global count of COVID-19 infections heads towards the 20M mark, the pandemic has created what the World Health Organisation calls an "infodemic," giving conspiracy groups a bigger platform than ever before. Researchers from QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre ...

Koreans Become Target of Nigeria Cyber Criminals
Recently, a random person from Nigeria sent me "friend request" on Facebook. And as soon as I accepted he sent me a private message. He wanted me to help him get a South Korean phone ...

Decoupling Kabuki: Japan’s Effort to Reset, Not End Its Relationship with China
Through a series of speeches and tough actions, the Trump administration has clearly signaled that it views a Xi Jinping-led China as an existential threat to the West, and hence, is trying to mobilize ...

"1796: The Diary of Love" by Malaysian Author
Editor's Note: The following story was received from Nanthini Rajarethinam a writer from Penang, Malaysia, who identified herself as an "advocate and solicitor." Her short romance story is the ...

Remote Control: Japan's Evolving Senkakus Strategy
Lee Krasner: Living Colour
Rev. Hong-Ray Cho Named New Rector of College Seminary of Immaculate Conception
Covid-19: The Job Crisis Is Deepening Globally!
US Faces Irreparable Damage in a Cold or Hot Conventional War with China, Its Allies
Korean War's US Veteran Don E. Porter Passes Away at Age 90
Qatar Issues Statement on WTO Ruling
Qatar Partakes in Extraordinary Virtual Pledging Conference of UNRWA
Qatar Participates in Arab Meeting to Discuss Developments in Libya
Foreign Exchange Students Not Coming to America Due to Covid-19


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The Best Choice for Taiwan & China
The realities between Taiwan and mainland China are 'economically hot, politically cold.' Their ever-increasing economic ties demand far better political relations. One highly feasible resolution is a 'federation.' Would it work? The answer: economically, the time is right; politically, it is only few steps ... more
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Harry Lime's Vienna
So what if it is the city of Mozart, Strauss, Haydn, Beethoven, Klimt, the majestic Schonbrunn Palace, the exquisite baroque Belvedere, and all the glories of Hapsburg indulgence! Call me a lowbrow , a philistine if you like, but I wasnt lured ... more
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THIRD WORLDER By Rolando Fuertes Jr.
Shisha: An Arab Delight, a Taste of Home
MANAMA, Bahrain ? An Arab man leans back in his chair as he blows smoke rings in the air. The smell of apple is much like the scent of baking an apple over a wood fire. So thick is the smell of apple tobacco inside the coffee shop you can almost taste it as it escapes ... more
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Window on Japan
The 47 Samurai That Never Were
Tokyo, Nov. 27, 2003 ? In the winter of 1703, following the revenge killing of a court official who had disgraced and caused the self inflicted death of the local lord to whom they owed allegiance, over 40 samurai willingly, happily even, slit open their own ... more
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Tragedy in Sudan
Is Appalling Atrocity Genocide?
As he began speaking, Majok lowered his small cocoa-colored eyes and stared intensely at the ground. It was the summer of 2002 and I had just flown thousands of miles deep into the war zone of Sudan, the largest country in Africa, to interview former slaves. ... more
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