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Adventures in American Education
By John Stanton
National Security Writer
“General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that education is the foundation of a century-old plan. It is hoped that the People’s Education Press will focus on the fundamental task of fostering ...

Letters from America
No Place Better to Spend Autumn Evenings than on the Shores of Lake Norman

By Greg Evans
Special Correspondent
It is autumn now in Lake Norman. It is a time when changing leaves paints the shoreline a pastel brilliance as stunning as any location in the country. It is also a time when people seem to want ...

Op-Ed Special
"No First Use": An Empty Gesture That Would Cost Nothing

Special Contribution
By Thomas L. Knapp
"Debate on 'no first use' of nukes mushrooms in Washington," Joe Gould reports at Defense News. "Five years after President Barack Obama turned back from declaring a 'no first use' as US policy for ...

Letters from India
Let’s Talk about Self-Reform and Financial Transparency in Media

By Nava Thakuria
Special Correspondent
Guwahati: Along with the media fraternity of India, scribes of north-eastern States also start discussing if the proprietors of mainstream newspapers and satellite news channels can be compelled to ...

Transracial Korean Oli London Unveils New Face Tattoo Dedicated to BTS Singer Jimin
British Tiktok Star, Oli London who recently came out as Korean, has unveiled a brand new tattoo dedicated to his Korean K-pop idol Jimin of boyband BTS on the pop stars 26th birthday. Oli who has ...

5G Techritory to Host Forum to Discuss Absorption of €300 Bil. in Digitization Funding
For the 4th consecutive year, the 5G Techritory forum will meet to bring together the leading 5G decision-makers and practitioners in Europe and beyond. With the newly available European ...

Chicago Opera Theater Releases "Taking Up Serpents" as Digital-Only Album
CHICAGO, IL – October 5, 2021 -– “Naysayers accuse opera of resuscitating a permanent past. Here is where you can see the present,” proclaims Chicago Magazine. Under the leadership ...

"SiDance 2021" Will Kick Off in Seoul on Oct. 16
"SiDance 2021," South Korea's largest global dance festival, will run at major arts centers in its capital city of Seoul between Oct. 16 (Saturday) and Nov. 14 (Sunday), 2021, announced ...

Lee Byung-Hun to Receive The Excellence in Asian Cinema Award at 15th Asian Film Awards
The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) announced on Sept. 30, 2021 that the recipient of this year’s Excellence in Asian Cinema Award is the renowned Korean actor Lee Byung-Hun (이병헌, 李炳憲). The ...

Native Americans: The First, Forgotten Slaves
As a full-time substitute teacher in a school system on the Eastern US seaboard, I am assigned to cover for state-certified teachers who are absent from duty. I’ve had many assignments over the past ...

China's Commitment to Stop Overseas Financing of New Coal Plants in Perspective
China Headaches for Iran Nuclear Deal
China Evergrande Group: Short-term Volatility, with Some Broader Impact Likely
The Quad's Strategic Infrastructure Play
UK's Decision to Consider Vaccinated Indians as 'Unvaccinated' Lacks Scientific Merit
China, Again and Again and Again
Step Up Pace Globally If Universal Vaccination Could Lead Us out of the Covid Pandemic
Musk’s Spacefaring Civilization Is Pipe Dream
Berliner Philharmoniker, Kirill Petrenko to Give Concerts in Denmark, Sweden on Nov. 16-20
Will Inclusion and Accountability Take Centrestage at Generation Equality Forum?
Engaging China on Climate before COP26
A Real "Boom" in the World of Cosmetics and Beauty: South Korean Cosmetics
When Will the United States Have a Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights?
Poking a Hornets Nest -- A Carolina Beach Adventure
Is Latin America Important to China's Foreign Policy?
Backgrounder: 9/11 and Radical Islam
No Significant Activity Observed in N. Korea's Sinpo South Shipyard
Dakar Rally 2022 – Saudi Arabia: Planning ‘the Most Challenging Motorsport Event on Earth’
Indo-Utsav: Celebrating the 75th Indian Independence Day in South Korea
“The Daughters of the UAE,” Partners in the UAE’s Successful Journey
Meeting of West, East, Russia’s Place in Global Race Held
First-Ever Filipino Restaurant Experience, And Not in Manila
Chinese National Oil Companies Face the Energy Transition
Four Years On: An Update on Rohingya Crisis
Marine Ecosystem Models May Greatly Underestimate Future Climate Change Impacts
Pfizer Vaccine Approved by FDA in America
Grundfos Foundation to Present "Into Dust"
2021 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Overtake the Future
The Blurred Highway
The Speed Trap -- A Cash Register for Small Towns in America
"Biden Deserves a Lot of Credit" -- US Scholar
11th Annual South China Sea Conference: Session Two
Afghanistan: After Action Report
What Glitters Truly Is Gold -- Through the Eyes of a Billionaire's Handler
US Chamber Hosts Coupang CEO "Bom Kim"
Montreal Is The Most Instagrammed Olympic Stadiums Of All Time
There Is Buzz with Elon Musk -- Will Dogecoin Go to the Moon or Collapse in Titanic Fashion?
A Glimpse of Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarines
Inside Africa -- A Missionary’s Work in Africa and Search for Family History
Concern in Pyongyang over Protests in Havana?
Bolshoi Theatre Ends Its 245 Season with Premiere of Handel's Opera Ariodante
Placido Domingo Gives Large-Scale Concert in Russia on Occasion of His 80th Birthday
US Defense Chief Austin Accomplishes Two Missions in Southeast Asia
A Bouquet of Novel Compounds: New Treatment Options for HIV
Tibet Sympathizers to Lodge Protest against China’s Aggression
Moritzburg Festival Starts Open Air and with a Digital Premiere on Aug. 7, 2021
One Size Does Not Fit All: Expanding the Buffet of Choices for Preventing HIV
China’s New National Carbon Trading Market: Between Promise and Pessimism
Prof. Yunus Receives Laurel, Bangladesh Adds Name in Olympic History
India Practices Secularism, Democracy and Pluralism: RSS Chief Bhagwat
Tale of Two Pandemics: Follow the Science and Do Not Forget One at the Cost of the Other
Sharp Focus: A Unique View of the Sinpo Shipyard
Scenario for US & NATO Invasion of Crimea and Origins of American Hatred of Russia
A Night of Celebration -- 4th of July and a Helping of PTSD
Progress Report on China’s Type 003 Carrier
Governments Must Adopt a Strong Political Declaration that the Global Crisis Mandates
Macedonians Pay Attention to Fashion Afresh
Sharp Focus: A Unique View of the Mayang-do Submarine Base
Here's Today's Tip ... Importance of Loft
SARS-CoV-2 Treatment and mRNA Vaccine Issues Demystified
18 Days to Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Miami Building Collapse -- Possible Flaw in Construction
Berliner Philharmoniker Releases First Edition of Music Education Format with Kirill Petrenko
Facebook Gives the Most Dangerous Extremists a Free Pass
Iran: Reshaping the Regional Politics in the Middle East
Mefloquine: A Promising Drug “Soldier” in the Battle Against COVID-19
Uighurs Persecuted in China
After Digital Season, Chicago Opera Theater Announces Return to In-Person Performances
Indian Growers Ship 2.5 Tons of GI Mangoes to South Korea
Were People the Missing Link in Covid Response?
Join the "Restore4All" Restoration Community
US Politicizes COVID-19 Vaccines
Fondation Beyeler Granted Building Permit for Extension Project with Atelier Peter Zumthor
Building Collapses in Miami, Florida, Leaving 5 Dead and 159 Missing
Geopolitical Implications of Scientific Innovation Trends in Northeast Asia
US Chamber: US Should Host APEC in 2023
Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation's Welcome Back Week
Color Blindness in a Colorful World
Lake Norman, the Great Energy Vortex
Blind Observations
E. African Countries Champion Integrated Rice Sector Development to Curb Escalating Imports
The Berliner Philharmoniker Will Return to Normality in the 2021/22 Season
China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Takes Shape
World Localization Day: Peasants Rise Up to Demand Genuine Food-system Reforms
Needed a Scientific Probe into Bamunipahar Tragedy
Strategic Competition and Foreign Perceptions of the United States
The Great Hostage Hoax
Bonny Lin, Ex-RAND Scientist, to Join CSIS
La La Anthony Redefines Hollywood
Local Communities Could Save Africa's Drylands, Experts Say
US 7th Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Bill Merz Visits USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
Save Lakshadweep: Stop 'Reform' Which Is Not Socially Just and Ecologically Sustainable
Backgrounder: Israel vs. Hamas
Retirement Home in the Algarve, Portugal
Beyond Polysilicon: The Ties between China’s GCL-Poly and the United States
Capitalism Breaks Down and Homogenizes Life, Disconnects the Past, Present and Future
Children of Hamas: Kill and Be Killed
Dresden Music Festival Takes Place in June – Streaming Festival in May
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Steams Off the Coast of Iwo To
Biden-Moon Summit: Rejuvenating and Modernizing US-South Korea Alliance
S. Korean President Moon Jae-In to Meet with US President Joe Biden in Washington DC
A Little Bit of Laos -- A Culinary Adventure
About That "Rules-Based International Order"
Museum of Cairo -- The Mystery of the Secret Passageway
It's Time to End the Small Palestinian Victories
China’s New Space Station Is a Stepping-Stone to Achieving Broader Ambitions
Bangladesh: Hefazat-e-Islam and Militancy
Future Scenarios for Leadership Succession in Post-Xi Jinping Era
How China Affects Global Maritime Connectivity
Anti-Asian Attacks an Ongoing Problem
British K-Pop Star Oli London Defies Online Trolls by Charting at #6 on iTunes K-Pop Chart
By the Grace of God -- The Cylk Cozart Story
Joe Biden’s Shameful Push for War with China, Russia Ignores History, Denies Reality
Eli Broad, Billionaire Philanthropist, Dies at 87
2022 European Championships Will Be Held in Aarhus, Denmark
Clutch Coffee Bar Expanding to Florida
Cohabitation Before Marriage: A Solution to Divorce?
Americans Are Artificially Intelligent
Berliner Philharmoniker in the Digital Concert Hall and on Television in May 2021
K-Pop Sensation Begins to Sweep Europe
A Biden-Putin Summit: Jaw-Jaw is Better than War-War
Local Charlotte Boutique Is Turning Heads
Joe Biden Reaffirms Washington's Message to the World: Never, Ever Trust Us
"Vaccine Passports" and the Holocaust: An Invalid Comparison?
Sinpo South Shipyard Update: North Korea Moves Submersible Missile Test Stand Barge
Tech Challenge Disrupts Status Quo with Innovative Restoration Approaches in Aral Sea
What Do Overseas Visits Reveal about China’s Foreign Policy Priorities?
Michael Jackson: The Epitome of Love
Sailing on Lake Norman without a Rudder
N. Korea Shows Signs of Reprocessing Activity at Its Yongbyon's Radiochemistry Laboratory
“Success and Fame Are Blood Sweat, Tears”
Ottomar Borwitzky, Former Principal Cellist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, Dies at Age 90
1423: Joseon by Nanthini Raj
Business as Usual: North Korea Restarts Ballistic Missile Tests
CSIS Commission on the Korean Peninsula: Recommendations for the US-Korea Alliance
Zen and the Art of Ziplining at Lake Norman
Turkey Emerges as the Global Power
“7 or Northing”
The Proper Etiquette for Street Fighting in Bath & Body Works
The Door -- 1999 ~ Adventure during My Teenage Years
The Silent Voices -- A Look inside the Work of Women’s Rights Activist Marilyn Roustand
Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Honors Meta in Singapore with Coveted Award
Reflections on the 10th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Goodbye Dr. Seuss: Let’s Erase the Past with Revolutionary Zeal
Understanding China’s 2021 Defense Budget
New Agricultural Bills for Indians Help Farmers
Korean Cuisine 4th Most Popular Cuisine on Instagram
Rolls-Royce Dream Commission Artworks Presented at Fondation Beyeler and Serpentine
China’s Opaque Shipyards Should Raise Red Flags for Foreign Companies
Berliner Philharmoniker, Chief Conductor Kirill Petrenko to Cancel European Concert on May 1
Camilla Nylund to Replace Diana Damrau in Concert on Feb. 27 Due to Covid-19
How Developed Is China’s Arms Industry?
The Three Gems
A Yankee in Dixie
USS Ronald Reagan’s Unprecedented Fight against COVID-19
Post-Pandemic American Society Must Not Return to Its Industrial Capitalist Roots
Mystic Bond -- The Immigration
Opportunity Looms over Rohingya Repatriation
Thomas Søndergård Makes His Debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker
First Hiking Experience, Lake Norman -- Where Have You Been All My Life?

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Asia Watch by George Zhibin Gu
The Best Choice for Taiwan & China
The realities between Taiwan and mainland China are 'economically hot, politically cold.' Their ever-increasing economic ties demand far better political relations. One highly feasible resolution is a 'federation.' Would it work? The answer: economically, the time is right; politically, it is only few steps ... more
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Learning Languages the Easy Way?
The ad stated you could learn Spanish, French, or Japanese or other foreign languages in the time it takes to listen to a few CDs for the very low cost of less than $20.00. Maybe. It all depends on the meaning of learning a language. What will you be able to do after listening to a few CDs? No much in all likelihood. ... more
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India and The Oscars
India's Oscars fiasco is growing bigger, and no one seems to care. Aamir Khan's debut, "Taare Zameen Par," is the country's nominee for the 2009 Best Foreign Language Academy Award. The work undoubtedly ... more
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Getway with John Hagan
Harry Lime's Vienna
So what if it is the city of Mozart, Strauss, Haydn, Beethoven, Klimt, the majestic Schonbrunn Palace, the exquisite baroque Belvedere, and all the glories of Hapsburg indulgence! Call me a lowbrow , a philistine if you like, but I wasnt lured ... more
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Middle East News by Yasser Moailek
Gazan Weapons Dealer Reveals All
Rafah City resident Abu Mohammed whipped out his modern mobile phone and quickly dialed a number, before starting a concise conversation with the other side. "Hello. Please send me 750 watermelons and five crutches, and make that fast," Abu Mohammed ... more
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    Heated Campaigning But Friendly ...
    "Reform and Change" Wins Hamas ...
    Tunneling as a Life in Rafah, Gaza ...
    Abu Mazen Liked by US, Israel as ...
THIRD WORLDER By Rolando Fuertes Jr.
Shisha: An Arab Delight, a Taste of Home
MANAMA, Bahrain ? An Arab man leans back in his chair as he blows smoke rings in the air. The smell of apple is much like the scent of baking an apple over a wood fire. So thick is the smell of apple tobacco inside the coffee shop you can almost taste it as it escapes ... more
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    Third Worlder: "World, Read My ...
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    Obesity in Arab World Is on Rise
Window on Japan
The 47 Samurai That Never Were
Tokyo, Nov. 27, 2003 ? In the winter of 1703, following the revenge killing of a court official who had disgraced and caused the self inflicted death of the local lord to whom they owed allegiance, over 40 samurai willingly, happily even, slit open their own ... more
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    Asia's Biggest Fashion Festas in ...
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Tragedy in Sudan
Is Appalling Atrocity Genocide?
As he began speaking, Majok lowered his small cocoa-colored eyes and stared intensely at the ground. It was the summer of 2002 and I had just flown thousands of miles deep into the war zone of Sudan, the largest country in Africa, to interview former slaves. ... more
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