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Middle East & Africa
JUST Commentary
Thank Mr. Biden for Letting Gaza Kids Starve

Special Contribution
By Dr. Marwan Asmar
Gaza continues to starve. The north of Gaza is experiencing the worst famine thanks to the Israeli blockade and the fact the Biden administration is turning a blind eye and continues to fund the deadly ...

Saab Signs GlobalEye Support Deal with UAE
Saab and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Defence have signed a contract and Saab has received an order regarding in-service support for the GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and ...

Expo 2023 Doha Unveils Exclusive Fan Zone for Asian Cup 2023
Expo 2023 Doha is set to elevate the Asian Cup 2023 experience with the grand opening of its exclusive Fan Zone, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Al-Bidaa Park. The Expo 2023 Doha Fan Zone ...

Iran Vows Retribution Against Israel For Assassination Of Senior IRGC Advisor
Tensions in the Middle East have escalated following Iran’s vow to seek revenge against Israel for the assassination of a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) advisor. The which occurred in ...

JUST Commentary
Israel Attacks Palestinian Health Workers in Gaza

Special Contribution
By Rupa Marya & Vijay Prashad
On Nov. 11, 2023, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) stated that Israeli tanks were within twenty meters of the al-Quds hospital, the second-largest hospital in Gaza City. They reported ...

J Street Stands with Hamas – Naturally
The shocking and horrific Hamas attack on Israelis on October 7 – the mass murder, rape, abductions, torture, and mutilation – was a paradigm-shifting event. Israel's war in response is a starkly ...

Poll Finds Israelis Massively Support Eliminating Hamas
A poll commissioned by the Middle East Forum finds overwhelming support among nearly all sectors of the Israeli public to eliminate of Hamas. When asked the question "what should Israel's primary ...

US Denial of $6 Billion to Iran Is Its Latest Display of Pro-Israel Resolve
The United States announced on Oct. 12, 2023 that Iran would not be able to access $6 billion that had previously been provided to it in the context of a prisoner swap between the two countries. This decision ...

South Korea's Economic Diplomacy in Africa: A Promising Partnership
As the world undergoes significant geopolitical and economic shifts, South Korea's engagement with countries across Africa is emerging as a compelling and largely unexamined chapter in ...

Turkey's Behavior in Light of Hamas Attacks Is Appalling
Turkey, an ally of the United States and a member of NATO, has conducted itself appallingly in the aftermath of Hamas's terroristic, genocidal invasion of Israel on Oct. 7, 2023. One despicable example: ...

Hamas Must Be Brought to Its Knees
What Is Hamas?
Is This the End of French Neo-Colonialism in Africa?
That Other War -- Struggle and Suffering in Sudan
Recent Events in Niger Is Far from a Usual Pattern of Coups
Message of Palestinian Resistance Is Clear: No Surrender to Apartheid Israel
Israeli Soldiers Shoot Dead Two-Year-Old Palestinian
The Middle East: A Constant Source of International Instability
After Years of Attacking Protesters, Sudan’s Army, Paramilitary RSF Turn on Each Other
The On-Going Palestinian Nakba
Remembering American Heroes: A Reflection on Israel's Memorial Day
Israel Kills 11 in Daytime Raid on Nablus
Sergio Perez Back for Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023
Riyadh to Host Inaugural International Conference on Justice
Africa’s Largest Female Tusker, Dida, Dies
Kurumba Maldives Receives President’s Tourism Gold Award
Morocco -- A Medieval Kingdom in Disarray
UAE Embassy Organizes an Introductory Lecture on Role of Youth in UAE
Is China Building a New String of Pearls in the Atlantic Ocean?
Arabia, the Bastion of Darkness
Morocco: Kingdom That Outwitted Its Subjects
Backgrounder: 9/11 and Radical Islam
Dakar Rally 2022 – Saudi Arabia: Planning ‘the Most Challenging Motorsport Event on Earth’
“The Daughters of the UAE,” Partners in the UAE’s Successful Journey
2021 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Overtake the Future
Inside Africa -- A Missionary’s Work in Africa and Search for Family History
Uighurs Persecuted in China
Blind Observations
E. African Countries Champion Integrated Rice Sector Development to Curb Escalating Imports
Backgrounder: Israel vs. Hamas
Children of Hamas: Kill and Be Killed
It's Time to End the Small Palestinian Victories
Ex-Ambassador Ngovi Kitau's Mother, Loice Kutula Kitau, Passes Away at 118
Celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Morocco’s Green March
Qatar Issues Statement on WTO Ruling
Qatar Partakes in Extraordinary Virtual Pledging Conference of UNRWA
Qatar Participates in Arab Meeting to Discuss Developments in Libya
Qatar Pledges US$10 Mil. for WHO to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic
UAE Makes Global Efforts in Response to COVID-19
Etihad Airways to Offer Special Transfer Flights Connecting Key Cities on Its Global Network
Jerusalem Day: One Nation’s Capital throughout History
UAE Efforts for COVID-19 Widen Worldwide
UAE Develops Rapid Coronavirus Laser Testing Technology
UAE's Efforts for COVID-19 to Be Praised
UAE Develops Breakthrough in COVID-19 Treatment
UAE Cooperates with World on COVID-19
'Conspiracy Theories in a Time of Virus' with Daniel Pipes
Emirati Women's Rights Being Enhanced
UAE Evacuates Arab Nationals from China
There Has Never Been a Sovereign Arab State in Palestine
Palestine Is Geographical Area, Not Nationality
Mecca and Medina, Sacred Sites or Development Engines?
The Antisemitic Tweets of Murdered Saudi Writer Jamal Khashoggi
Israel in Reality: Multicultural Discord and Love in The Holy Land
UAE Proclaims 2019 as the Year of Tolerance
Year of Zayed: A Glance at Some of the Achievements of the UAE Founder
Has Saudis Officially Abolished Slavery Really?
"The Jordan Is Palestine" Conference
Egypt's First Edition of El Gouna Film Festival Screens Sparkling Fare
El Gouna Film Festival Opens with Sheikh Jackson
Is the Western Wall Judaism's Holiest Site?
New Egypt's El Gouna Film Festival to Add Colour to the Region
A War of Monkeys, Every Man for Himself
Why Live in Israel?
Temple Mount Violence
6 Arab Nations Ask FIFA to Replace Qatar as 2022 World Cup Host
Trump Hands Over the Possession of Arab Nations from Saudi Arabia to Tel-Aviv
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Visits Africa
Israeli Victory, Palestinian Defeat
Islamic State Continues Its Meteoric Rise
40 Galleries from 18 Nations to Attend Beirut Art Fair on Sept. 15-18, 2016
S. Korea to Invest US$5 Mil. for Ugandan Girls
Charming Korean Storyteller in Hanbok Causes Sensation in Kenya
King Mohammed VI of Morocco Delivers Speech
Saudi Arabia -- Kingdom In Retreat
"Why Oil Pipelines Not Safe in Niger Delta-Eng. Eradiri"
On Terrorism
A Spot of Light
Smashing Abbas Icon of Palestinian Non- Violence
Time for UN to Shift Mission in Yemen
Fraud Alert: Doctorate for Token
Desperate Journeys as Rite of Passage
It’s Time for a New Strategy
America, Saudi Arabia, and the Strategic Importance of Yemen
Likud’s Victory Is Israel’s Defeat
Sean Gabb's Speech
Reflections on the Elections
US Opens Up to Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, and Iran
Bennett: A Demagogue On The Loose
What about Arab War Crimes against Palestinians?
Radicalism Four Years into the “Arab Spring”
Palestinian Enmity Today
Short and to the Point
Palestinian-US Relations Head for Stormy Times
Abbas’ Dismal Failure at The United Nations
Palestinian Terror in the City of Peace
Rethinking Strategy toward the Islamic State
Palestinian Reconciliation at Crossroads
Hamas and the New Round of Fighting in Gaza: Both Sides are Escalating to Nowhere
Gaza Mini-War Observations
Boko Haram and the Imperative of Self-Defense
Israeli Ties Compromise Asian Support to Arabs
End of Hawks in Saudi Arabia
Islam's Tenuous Connection to Jerusalem
Survival Is the Saudi Key Word
Assad Is There to Stay
Playing Al-Qaeda Card to the Last Iraqi
The Israeli Left's Distorted Mindset
Essay on Boko Haram
The Saudi Bull in Arab China Shop
Israeli Factor in Syrian Conflict Unveiled
The Mandate for Palestine Still Relevant Nearly A Century Later
Significant Peripheral
The Subterfuge of Syrian Chemical Weapons
Egypt’s Foreign Relations on Tightrope
The Killers of Peace
Egyptian Revolution Derailed, Contained
Immutable Egypt
Pharaohs Back: Egypt's Hijacked Democracy
Syria: FSA and Al-Qaeda in Power Struggle
Thinking in the Box
Syria and the Sponsored Revolution Costing Tens of Billions of Dollars and Terrorist Ratlines
Christian Clergy in Syria Held Hostage by the Friends of France, UK and US: Gulf Petrodollars
"Bible Travels"
Nigeria, SA Have Key Role to Play in African Rise
Political Crisis in Tunisia after Belaid Murder: Prime Minister Jebali Resigns
Israel Violates the Sovereignty of Syria
Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood: President Mursi under Pressure from National Salvation Front
Syria and Bashar al-Assad Addresses Powerful Realities: Terrorism, Sectarianism and Meddling
Israel’s Doomsday E-1 Settlement
UAE’s Human Right Commitments and Suggestions
FSA Islamists in Syria threaten to kill Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva: Ukraine and Russia
Syria Needs Support to Defend Itself against Islamism, Terrorism and Disintegration
Shereen Hanafi Heads up Corporate Communications at Thuraya
Competitive Authoritarianism: New Pharaoh in Post-Pharaoh Era
Egypt, Jordan and Turkey: Political Crisis and War Mongering Erdogan Angers Syria
Capture of Kismayu May Stir Economic Growth in East Africa
Is Arab Culture Impediment to MENA Economic Development?
The Missing Option to Defuse Iran Threat
Egypt's Pharaohs Must Be Stopped
What Is Happening in Mali Is Not an Arab Spring
Qatar, A City-State with Great Ambitions
The End of Democracy in Egypt
Court Dissolves Egyptian Parliament: Army Takes Over, Civil War?
"Kenyan Cultural Day 2012" Held in Seoul
Sudan, South Sudan Crisis & Int'l Community
Dubai Ups Ante for Expo 2020
Gold Mining in Congo Should Stay Small
"Africa Could Be on Brink of Economic Take-off," Says Ann Harrap
Unsustainable Israeli Politics of Exclusion in Jerusalem
New Theme: Israel is Collapsing; Losing Its Democracy. Evidence? None
Media by the Masses -- Setting the Agenda
New Wave of Deforestation Threatens Africa’s Climate Resilience: Experts
Enhancing Africa's Food Security through Media
World Should Back Kenya’s Mission in Somalia
Morocco Continues Attacks on Western Sahara’s Population
Wangari Maathai: Audacious Woman of Her Time
Zambia: Slow But Sure, New Sunrise Goes Up
Nairobi Fire Tragedy: A Call for Urgent Safety Measures across Africa
A Country within a Country
Mozambique Gets New Designer Rice
Abu Dhabu Debuts at KOFTA as Emirate Wins over Increasing Number of Korean Hotel Guests
"War" over African Medical Investments
Russia's Turnabout on Libya Arouses Doubts, Welcome
DED Launches “Abu Dhabi and Korea: Strategic Relations and Joint Vision”
Iranian Authorities Raid Baha'i Institute
World's Largest University for Women Opened
Female Baha'i Leaders in Iran Transferred to Qarchak Prison
Imprisonment of Iranian Baha’i Leaders Enters Fourth Year
Mutations in the Middle East
Faceless Swazi Facebook Campaign Will Disappoint without Democratic Movement
Self-Determination and Ivory Coast
Where U.S. Chooses to Back "Armed Struggle"
Integration: The African Perspective
Truth Pursuit
Why Boycott 44 Cent US Postage Stamp Showing World "EID" (Holiday) in Arabic?
A Palestinian Wrong Way to Peace
Saudi Arabian Troops Enter Bahrain
S. Korea Wins Largest-ever Oil Development Deal from UAE
Korean-UAE Ties Growing Steadily, Says President Lee Myung-bak
Algeria Launches Charm Offensive to Head Off Unrest
Lessons from the Deadly Unrest in Libya and Bahrain
United Nations Honors Sheikha Fatima for Harnessing Active Role of UAE Women
Libyan Regime's Massacres Serious Violation of Human Rights, says GCC Chief
Can Morocco and Algeria Long Remain Exceptions?
Latest Round of UN-backed Western Sahara Talks Concludes in New York
Gadhafi Forces Retake Towns near Libyan Capital
Gadhafi Vows to Stay in Power "Until the End"
Egyptian Footnotes from Zvi November
E-Learning Initiatives by PMU
Scores Killed in Crackdown on Libya Protests
27 killed in Libya Protests
Palestinian September 2011 Deadline Doomed
Unrest Sweeps the Middle East
Mubarak Steps Down, Mlitary in Charge
Middle East at Strategic Crossroads, U.S. as Well
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Receives S. Korean FM Kim Sung-hwan
UAE-Korea Ties Reach the Level of Mature Strategic Partnership
U.S. Discussing Mubarak Resignation with Egypt: Report
Egypt Crisis Unlikely to Hit GCC: Report
Malaysian PM on a Mission to Woo More Gulf Investors
Somalia: New Players, Same Problems
Unrest in Egypt Sending Shock Waves Throughout Middle East, Israel.
Rescued S.Korean Freighter Faces Delay in Entering Omani Port
United States Has a Choice in Tunisia
Tunisia’s New Leader Takes Power amid Chaos
Ariel Conference for Law and Mass Media
Christian Arabs' Plight: Foreign "Protection" Counterproductive
Breaking the Siege of Gaza
Islam Rejuvenated in Karbala
Dubai Film Fest Opener
Dubai Film Fest to Unravel Diverse Selection
After 388 Days, Somali Pirates Free British Couple
Peace Held Hostage to Rotating US, Israeli Elections
The Socialite Network: UK's Queen Joins Facebook
Somali Pirates Set to Release S. Korean Tanker
"The King's Speech" to Set the Fest Rolling
S. Korean Oil Pipeline Bombed in Southern Yemen
Explosive Packages Discovery Seems to Reflect Growing Threat Out of Yemen
Women Empowerment a Concrete Reality: Sheikha Fatima
Wikileaks Publishes Huge Trove of Iraq War Files
Palestinians Outraged by Israel's Intention to Build 240 Settlement Units
Iran May Consider Ending Enrichment
UN Secretary General's Rep Hails UAE Leadership
S. Korean Student Feared to Have Drowned on S. African Beach
Who's Aiding Judaisation?
No Help from Washington
FIFA Games and Crime in S. Africa
Park Ji Sung Named Man of the Match
Israel Is Fueling Anti-Americanism among U.S. Allies
South Africa and the Ineptness of Law Enforcement
UAE Foreign Minister Reinforces Deep Relationship with US
Al Mabhouh Murder Probe: UAE Seeks EU Cooperation
Int'l Police Team Should Be Set Up, Dubai Police Chief Says
Dubai to Issue Warrants for 11 in Hamas Man's Killing
New Wave of Infrastructure Projects Gets Underway in Ras al Khaimah
Nato Attack Begins on Afghan Town of Marjah
Federal National Council of UAE Marks 38th Anniversary
Murder Suspects Will Be Easy to Trace, Dubai Police Say
Abu Dhabi to Attract Dh45b New Capital Investments
UAE is a Role Model for Religious, Civil and Personal Freedoms: Swiss Researcher
Souh African President Zuma Meets Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed of UAE
Burj Khalifa Launches with Spectacular Fireworks Show in Dubai on Jan. 4
U.S. Eyes New Sanctions against Iran:NYT
Danny Jordaan Hails 2010 for FIFA World Cup
UAE Selects Korea Electric Power Corp. Team as Prime Contractor
UAE’s First Nuke Reactor to Come Online by 2017
U.S. -Led World Community Fails, Palestinians on Brink of Explosion
Is Netanyahu's Building Freeze A Facade?
Man Burried, Stoned to Death in Somalia
Green Seen Again on the Streets of Tehran
Fateh Condemns Israel’s Expansion of Gilo Colony in Jerusalem
Need to Prepare for Bioterror Attack Stressed
Arafat Still Remembered as a Man who Thrived in Adversity
Nahyan bin Mubarak Receives US Secretary of Home Security Department
Abbas Confirms Not to Run in Elections
UAE Committed to Dialogue within Forum for the Future
NATO Secretary General Hails Role of UAE,Stresses Cooperation with Gulf Region
Mahmoud Abbas: Peace Starts from Jerusalem.
UN Inspectors Visit Once-Secret Iranian Site
EXPO 2010 Pavilion To Be Rebuilt in Abu Dhabi
Obama Promises to Keep Deadline of Troop Withdrawal from Iraq
Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Opens Najah 2009
UAE Urges UN to Highlight Palestinian Issue
Security, Reconciliation in Iraq Are Irreconcilable
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commanders Killed in Suicide Bombing
US "Personality Assassination" of a Palestinian Ally
Iran Agrees to IAEA Inspection of New Uranium Enrichment Plant
UAE President Issues Law on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Agency Sees Critical Point on Iran
UN Goodwill Ambassador Jolie Spotlights Plight of Iraqi Refugees
Egyptian Activists Urge Action in Saudi Case
UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Meets Mexican President
Obama Stuck between Wars on Iraq, Afghanistan
Newsweek Names Zayed Among Most Influential Leaders
UAE Reiterates Support to IRENA, Peaceful Nuke Energy
UN Secretary Ban Presses G20 to Maintain Commitment to Help World's Most Vulnerable
The Tragedy of Child Brides
New Iran Sanctions Get Rising Support
Municipal Pension Fund Misused in South Africa
Lack of Basic Services in South Africa
Crime Out of Control in South Africa
Lions Face Extinction in Kenya within 20 Years
Somalia, UK, and Killing of Christians
Iraqis 'Still Love Me'
Ethnic Cleansing as a State Policy
Sheep and Goats in the Holy Land
"Give Me a Smile instead of a Bullet"
When, Where the Pope Inspires No Hope
Kuwait Party Boycotts Election Over "Political Chaos"
3 Koreans Convicted of Bribery in Iraq: NYT
Turkey Offers to Raise UAE Isles' Issue with Iran
Arab States' Positions on UAE Islands Issue Firm and Unequivocal: UAE Foreign Minister
Egypt's President Skips Arab League Summit in Doha
Doha Summit an Opportunity to Mend Arab Fence: UAE President
Arab Summit in Doha Destined to Succeed
U.S. Moment of Truth on Palestinian – Israeli Conflict
Bomb in Yemen Kills 4 South Koreans, 1 Yemeni
UAE Economy Steaming Ahead with Confident Steps Despite Global Financial Meltdown
Fearing a One-State Solution, Israel’s President Serves Pabulum to Washington
Israelis, in Crisis, Vote for a Government of War
Gulf Defence Conference to Focus on Emerging Security Threats and Challenges
Qatar Charts a New but Worrying Course
Gaza New Siege Mechanism
Dubai Crown Prince, Deputy Ruler's Appointment Marks First Anniversary
Shrinking Saudi Middle Class Causes Concern
Iran Urged to Stop Irresponsible and Hostile Allegations against UAE
Growing Concern over the Suffering of Palestinian Women in Gaza
S.Korea for Peaceful Settlement of UAE Islands' Issue
UAE,U.S. Sign Bilateral Accord for Peaceful Nuke Energy Cooperation
Israeli Forces Advance Deep into Gaza Urban Areas
UN Warns Israel over Gaza Family 'Herded' into Shelled House
"You Need to Grab Every Opportunity" Says
UN Rights Chief Eyes Probe into Possible War Crimes in Gaza Conflict
IFJ Calls on World Journalists to Protest Israeli Denial of Access to Gaza
Non-Aligned Movement Strongly Condemns Escalated Israeli Military Aggression in Gaza
Ban Condemns ‘Unacceptable’ Israeli Strikes on UN Schools in Gaza
Iraq’s Minorities Face Extinction in Current Crisis
Israeli Ground Troops Invade Gaza to Halt Rockets
Current Situation in Gaza is Appalling: WFP
OIC Ministers Meet on Gaza Crisis in Jeddah
Arab Columnists Issue Protest Warning
Israel Kills Top Hamas Figure, Escalating Campaign
Hamas' Image Gets a Boost
One Arab Voice and Position to Tackle the Gaza Issue:Sheikh Abdullah
Arab World in Shock after Attacks
Israel Demolishes Hamas Compounds, over 200 Dead
Iraqi Scribe Stands Up to US President
Bush Makes Surprise Farewell Iraq Visit to Close Out Presidency
Arab States Must Pull Together
UAE Keen on Tackling Human Rights Issues Head on: Gargash
Korea, Algeria Mull a Higher Level of Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation
Oil Price Drop Won't Impact UAE Economy
Tunisian President Ben Ali Calls for the Year 2010 to Be Proclaimed "World Youth Year"
UAE Continues the Process of Empowerment as It Celebrates 37th National Day
Marrakech Int'l Film Festival
Countries Unite against Tobacco Industry Abuse
UN Chief Ban Expresses Concern over Humanitarian Situation in Gaza
Sheikha Fatima's Initiatives, Another Face of UAE Generosity
Prosecutors Want Mubarak's Son Summoned for Suzan Murder Trial
Tunisia: 21st Anniversary of Change
Arab First Ladies Call for Greater Empowerment
Saudi Arabia’s King to Test Washington's Foreign Policy
Abbas to Address Quartet Mediators, Stressing No Partial Solution with Israel
Arab Women Organization Conference to Open on Nov.11
Islamic Radicals Support Stoning Women, Terrorism, and Killing Converts to Christianity
Algerian Envoy in Seoul Hosts Reception to Fete 54th Anniversary of the Algerian Revolution
Date Set for Meeting on Pakistan Financial Crisis
Iranian President Receives Sheikh Abdullah
Elephants' Lives under The Hammer
Brazil Supports UAE on 3 Islands Issue
Shift in Capital Flows Gives Dubai a Historic Opportunity to Move Centerstage
UAE Voices Concerns over Israeli Expansion into Palestinian Territories, Golan Heights
SOUTH AFRICA, Race Attacks and Underlying Tensions Remain
Arabs Favor Reforms without Foreign Pressure
Mohammed bin Zayed Tours Pavilions of ADIHEX
Tunisia’s Efforts to Promote the Objectives of the Millennium Goal
FDI’s: Tunisia, Fast Becoming a Leader in The Automotive Wire and Cable Industry
UAE Foreign Minister Addresses United Nations
Al Benaa Real Estate Teams Up with HCT for a Joint Venture
US, GCC Voice Support for Full Exercise of Navigational Rights in Strait of Hormuz
Dubai Princess Haya Calls on Residents to Join Mission Green Earth
Livni's Victory Not Automatically Sunshine to Peace Process
Iranian Spy Network Stretches across GCC
Religious TV Sries Draws Mixed Response in Egypt
Ethiopia and Its War against Radical Islam and Chaos in Somalia
Syria Scores Diplomatic Victory with Sarkozy Visit
UAE Officially Documents Protest of Iran's Offices on Abu Musa Island
Algerian Envoy Hosts Morale Boosting Party for Beijing Paralympics Athletes
Iran Will Hit Back if Israel Attacks, Says Hezbollah
Symposium on UAE Efforts in Peaceful Nuke Energy
Barack Obama's "Half Brother" Discovered in Kenya, Living on a Dollar a Month
Continuing Occupation of UAE Islands Condemned
Iran's Satellite Launch a Dramatic Failure
UAE Uses Zaragoza to Showcase Its Development Model: Envoy
Arab League, GCC Urge Iran to Stop Unilateral Move on Abu Musa Island
Iranian Officials' Remarks' Insulting to Whole World
The 'Security Vacuum' in Jerusalem
Mubarak 'May Seek Another Term'
Pakistani Films Come to India, at Last!
Ben Ali Accepts to Run for 2009 Presidential Election
Algerian NOC Prexy Visits Korea on Way to Beijing Olympiad
UAE Renews Call to Settle Islands Row
India in Overdrive to Conclude Nuclear Deal
Algerian Envoy Hosts Reception to Cheer Athletes for Beijing Olympiad
Tunisian President Ben Ali Calls to Address Climate Change
Tunisian President Calls for Allocating One Dollar Per Oil Barrel to Combat World Famine
Nowhere to Go
Expo Zaragoza to Open June 14-Sept.14
Africa Day Observed in Seoul
UAE-Syria Leaders Confer on Issues of Int’l, Regional Arena
Arab Parliament Meditates Parliamentary Pressure on Iran on UAE Islets
Zimbabwe: From Africa's Breadbasket to Its Basket Case
UAE Extends Bridges of Cooperation with All Peace-Loving Nations: Sheikh Khalifa
Ban Ki-Moon Condemns Killing of Civilians in Gaza
UAE Remains Committed to Progress of Political Process in Iraq: Abdullah
Attacks on Carter Unjustifiable, Boycotting and Isolating Hamas Futile: Paper
Traditional UAE Costume Introduced to Korean Costume Specialists
Burj Dubai, World's Tallest Man-made Structure
Ban Ki-Moon Condemns Dutch Anti-Islamic Film
Death of the Two-state Solution
Mohammed bin Rashid Attends Final Day of Dubai Arabian Championship
Unique Dutch Strategy Improves Lives of African Orphans
Senegal: Ban Ki-Moon to Fight Violence Against Islam
AIPU reiterates UAE's sovereignty over isles
Women as Global Leaders Conference Opens in UAE
UAE Launches National Authority for Scientific Research
FM Abdullah Chairs UAE Team to Arab Meet
Humanitarian Situation in Gaza Worst since 1967 Say Aid Groups
Israeli Strikes Kill 50 in Fierce Gaza Clashes
Palestinians Must Regain Their National Rights
Mubarak Calls on Syria to Help Resolve Lebanon Crisis
Abdullah bin Zayed Hails UAE-Syrian Ties
UN Humanitarian Chief Assesses Impact of Closures on West Bank Residents
Qatar to Get First Church for Easter
Legacy of African Slavery Still With Us
Tribal Warfare Hinders Progress in Kenya
Euro-Arab Cities Forum Concludes
A $4 Million Ransom?
Kuwait Plans to Build a $77bn City of Silk
Israel Can Expect More Suicide Attacks - Hamas
Saudi Woman Strip-Searched over Starbucks Meeting
Luxury Car Show Attracts Hordes of Saudi Women
Tunisian Press Highlights Visit of Sheikh Abdullah
Shaikh Hamdan Appointed Dubai's Crown Prince
Internet Outages Disrupt Mideast, Gulf
UN Rights Expert on Freedom of Religion Voices Concern about Israeli Restrictions
Saudis can learn from Japan and South Korea
Arabs Hold Emergency Meeting on Israeli Strikes
UN Chief Voices Concern over Gaza
UAE, France Ink Landmark Nuke Accord
Marrakech International Film Festival Reviewed
UAE is Model of Tolerant Muslim State: Bush
Bush Achieves No Breakthrough
Security Top Priority for UAE: Abu Dhabi Crown Prince
Ban Ki-moon to Attend Madrid Forum
Bush Renews Peace Push
Al-Qaida Videos Now on Cell Phones
'Dubai will become world leader under Mohammad'
Mohammed bin Saqr attends media forum
Hamdan Orders More Field Hospitals in Pakistan to Cure Needy Patients
Pilgrims Pray for Muslims' Welfare
France Proposes Int'l Force for Palestinians
Saudi authorities ready for Haj
Manama Dialogue to discuss global security matters
UAE Celebrates 36th National Day in Seoul
Korea-UAE Ties Witnessing Progress in All Fields
No Need for More Oil Now, OPEC Tells US
UAE, S. Korea Successfully Complete T-50 Trainer Flight Evaluation
Malaysia, Iran And Turkey Plan to Produce 'Islamic' Cars
Major Orders Expected to Dominate Dubai Air Show
Bahrain Serious about Threat of Another Gulf War
Algerian Embassy fetes 53rd National Day
Filipino Faces Jail and Deportation from Dubai for Lewd Sticker
Our Masks of Life
Shaikha Fatima lauds role of Emirati women
Global Forum Opens with Eminent World Figures including Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein
Iran's Atomic Negotiator Resigns
Bhutto Returns Home to Pakistan
Eid Al Fitr All over the World
Congo's Long-awaited Peace under Threat
Sierra Leone's Defining Moment at Ballot Box
Libya Mends Fences with Int'l Community
6 Mil. Folks, 117 Degrees, No Water in Baghdad
At 89, Mandela Takes Role in Peace Alliance
Palestine: Who Speaks for Peace?
Obscure Attacks on Iraq Mosques
Global Ivory Trade Suspension Approved
Zimbabwe: A Cry For the Children
UAE, Pakistan to Upgrade Economic Ties
Food Security Is Vital for People Living with HIV
Syria -- The Target
Elizabeth Mataka Named Special Envoy for AIDS
Negative Attitudes toward US in Muslim World
Somalia's Disputed President Interviewed
Egypt: The Land of Ham
Coordination Needed to Tackle TB in Zambia
Representatives of Islam: Emperors or Saints
U.S. Admiral Says Diplomatic, Peaceful Solutions in Mideast Favored
34 Cases of Avian Influenza Found in Egypt
UN Honors Sheikha Fatima for Contribution to Women Empowerment
Iran Begins Uranium Enrichment at Underground Facility
Cooperation Between ICI Countries & NATO
Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid unveils the UAE Federal Government Strategy
UAE Unveils Federal Strategy
Dr. Ioan Emil Vasiliu: UAE Is Witnessing an Economic Miracle
Launch of Paulo Coelho's Latest Book Reinforces Dubai's Cultural Agenda
Kuwaiti Media: US to Attack Iran by End of April
U.S. House Speaker Wraps Up "Productive" Visit to Syria
How The Saudi King, Disillusioned with Bush, Is Trying to Save The Arabs.
Bush Administration Is Wasting Opportunities of peace in The ME
Arab Media Forum to Take up Detailed Case Studies to Spur Industry Growth
Arab Leaders Meeting Issues Direct Peace Call to Israel
Disturbed Iraq. Why?
OPEC Keeps Oil Production Limits
GCC Countries to Require 100,000MW of Additional Power over Next Decade
Symposium on "UAE & EU: March of Cooperation" Opens in Abu Dhabi
Film Claims 1967 Israeli 'Massacre'
Kuwaiti Embassy in Seoul Fetes 46th National Day in Gala Reception
Iran Launches Space Rocket
American Education Thriving in Qatar
Egyptian Blogger Gets 4 Years in Prison
Putin to Make 1st Visit to Saudi Arabia
Rally Used to Promote Nuclear Iran
OPEC Members Committed to Production Cuts
135 People Killed, 305 Hurt in Baghdad Truck Bombing
Muslims Awareness on Saddam Issue
Hu's Africa Visit Fuels Controversy
Lebanon Focus of Talks Between Ban Ki-moon and French Leader Chirac
Israel, Palestinian Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Dialogue
Are We on Right Track with Palestine?
Iraq Shows Film of Saddam Co-Defendants' Hangings
Ban Ki-Moon Urges Iraqi Government not to Execute Those on Death Row
Video Shows Saddam Being Taunted
Saddam Hussein Executed for Crimes against Humanity
Saddam Urges Iraqis to Seek Coexistence
“Save the ghaf tree campaign” elicits growing interest
Security Council Approves Iran Sanctions
Emirates ties up with lastminutedotcom to offer great hotel deals
Global Jihad's New Front in Africa
UAE Embassy in Seoul Fetes 35th National Day in a Reception
Israel & Palestine: Is Peace on Horizon?
ADCB Finance Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi
Will Washington Help Heal the Middle East?
Iraqi Tribunal Sentences Saddam to Hang
"Cirque Du Soleil" to Stun People in UAE
Al-Jazeera Plans to Battle Western Media
American envoy lauds democratic political process in UAE
Emirates Palace Receives Seven Stars Awards
Human Tragedy in Palestine: UAE Tells UN
Israel Must Open Up Its Nuke Program
IPO Market in the GCC Maintains its Momentum
Jordan’s Diplomatic row with Qatar over UN vote
1,250 exhibitors from 51 countries to participate at ADIPEC 2006
Tour Aimed at Sowing Seed of Disorder in ME
Khalifa's early interest in tapping oil for national development:Study
Al-Qaeda Video Takes Credit for 9-11
Palestinian President Abbas arrives in UAE
How Much Oil Does Mideast Really Have?
Sheikh Khalifa Donates Falcons to ADIHEX 2006
Iran Responds to Nuclear Deal
UAE takes step toward organizing indirect polls
Don't Forget Gaza
Arab FMs voice support to rebuild Lebanon
Arab Collective Security: New Study
Israeli Defeat Marks US Strategic Failure
Children's Tears Make UN Tidal Wave
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Meets Lebanese Community Members
Lebanon deserves better answer: UAE FM Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed
Arab women lead Lebanon coverage
Arab World Unified in Supporting Lebanon
Migrant Workers in Lebanon Victims Twice Over
Int'l Community Condemns Israeli Attacks on Civilians
Battles Loom After Reformists Win
The Way Israel Conducts Its Wars
UN Sounds Humanitarian Lebanon Alarm
Rift between U.S., EU Emerges on Israel
UAE, France Discuss Lebanon
Israeli Missiles Fall beside Sleeping Baby
Lebanon Blames US for UN Silence
UAE, Egypt Affirm Support to Lebanon
Israel and The Land
Dubai Aluminium Opens Office in Seoul
YMCA World Council in Africa
World's Finest Falcons to Compete at 'ABU DHABI 2006'
UAE Economy to Grow 10.5% in 2006
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Returns Home
Roh Meets with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Visits Seoul
Tunisia, A Small But Vital Nation
Cisco Asked to Develop Technology Solutions
Women in GCC at Greater Risk of Osteoporosis
Pan-Arab Broadcast Confab Opens in Abu Dhabi
Tunisia's Election to UN Human Rights Council
UAE FM Al Sha'ali Receives Korean Delegation
Roh's Visit Would Further Boost UAE-Korea Ties
S. Korean President Meets Sheikh Dhiyab bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Korean Investors to Build Twin Towers in UAE
"The Gospel of Judas" to Be Aired For 1st Time
South Korean Tourism Officials Visit UAE
Gulf Energy Signs Agreement with Microsoft
Killer Drought Threatens East Africa
Sheikh Maktoum Laid to Rest
Emirates Signs US$ 265 Mil. Deal with Ex-Im
Women's Rights Laws, African Custom Clash
GCC Chief Hails Improving Inter-Korea Relations
Tunisia Envoy Hosts Dinner for Saida Chtioui
Europe and Jerusalem
Morocco's UN Envoy Elected Judge at ICJ
US Official Says Oil Prices to Remain High
Hessen Keen to Set Up Economic Ties with UAE
Islam in Korea Marks Golden Anniversary
Power-Gen Middle East 2006 to be Bigger,Better
Emaar Inks Dh 3 Bil.Deal with Samsung
Hamdan bin Zayed Receives Iraqi Speaker
UAE Calls for Nuke-free Middle East
KAL, Emirates Ink Codeshare Deal
Biz Traveller UK Award for Dubai Duty Free
Life for S. Africa Lion Murderer
Falcon City of Wonders Launched in Dubai
Sorouh Unveils Al Reem Island Project
Zayed Opens Hunting, Equestrian Exhibition
Darfur's Nomads under Threat
Construction Boom in Abu Dhabi
King David's Palace Uncovered
King Fahd, Saudi Arabian Ruler Since 1982, Dies
Hunger Is Spreading in Africa
Saving Africa's Cheetahs
Abu Dhabi Eyes Law on FDI
Korean FM's Visit to Palestine 'Historical'
Boeing 777-200LR Touches Down in UAE
Qatar Airways Inaugural Flight Touches Down in Athens
Sheikha Fatima Advocate of Arab Feminism
Etihad Expands Services to Italy
Qatar Airways to Begin US Flights
Hamas Successful in Local Elections
Heated Campaigning But Friendly Atmosphere
Air India Express Starts Kerala-Abu Dhabi Route
Hunt a Rhino, Save an Ecosystem?
German Violinist to Stage Concert in Abu Dhabi
Ethihad Airways Sponsors Global Airport Event
Iran Eases Its Social Strictures
Gazan Weapons Dealer Reveals All
"Eyes of the Emirates" Inaugurated
Millions of Children Award Mandela, Machel
"Don't Neglect Your Own Culture"
Emirates' Ancient "Pearl Route" to Be Published
Chinese Women Embracing Islam in Dubai
Romantic Music Comes Alive in Abu Dhabi
Nat'l Conservatory of Music Performs in Dubai
Using Texts to Save Kenya's Elephants
What $3 Bil. Buys: A Hotel Fit for Kings
Democracy, Free Speech Mean Little to Iraqis
Fossett Breaks Nonstop Solo Flight Record
Suicide Bomber Kills 115 in Iraq
"Eternal Egypt" Official Site Has Been Launched
UK Committed to Military Cooperation with UAE
US Unlikely to See Gasoline Crunch This Year
Former Lebanese PM Killed in Car Bomb Attack
Italy Shows Latest Military Equipments
"IDEX 2005" to Open in Abu Dhabi Feb. 12-17
"Reform and Change" Wins Hamas Elections
880 Sudanese Slaves Liberated
Iraqi Elections Held despite Threats of Violence
Sustainable Transportation Imperative for MDGs
Iraqi Insurgents Outnumber Coalition Forces
Ethiopian Jews Want to Enter Promised Land
Tunneling as a Life in Rafah, Gaza Strip
First-Ever Romantic Music Society to Be Set Up
"City of Gold" Dubai Stands like Oasis in Desert
Inter-Arab Air to Be Fully Opened by 2006
Morocco Joins the Club of Super Car-Makers
Arab World Has 400,000 Drug Addicts
Abu Mazen Liked by US, Israel as Logical Leader
Sheikh Khalifa to Usher UAE into New Era
Half Palestinians Live in Poverty: World Bank
Yasser Arafat: an Embodiment of a Nation
Trials, Tribulations Make Barghouti Stronger
Zayed's Vision, Abu Dhabi Economic Miracle
Battle of Fallujah Is Not End of Iraq's Crisis
Abbas Escapes Assassination Attempt
Saudi Hotels Perform Well during Ramadan
Farewell to Arafat in Military Funeral in Cairo
Arafat, Founder of Palestinian Cause, Dead at 75
Nigerian Girls Lured into Prostitution in Europe
Korean Missionaries Carry Word to Hard Places
"Frail" Yasser Arafat in Paris Hospital
Bin Ladin: Reasons to Attack US Remain
Tuned in: Gazan Radio Stations on the Rise
Global Conference on Iraq Slated Nov. 22-23
GEM, Hyundai Ink Contract for Five Tankers
Tasting the Poison He Treats
Israelis Covering Up Their Losses in Jabaliya
Riyadh Can Produce 11 Mil. bpd: Oil Minister
Buying Groceries: A Matter of Life and Death
Madonna on Holy Land Pilgrimage
Israeli Forces Leave Northern Gaza in Ruins
Mosul Battles Leave Eight Iraqis Dead
German President Praises UAE Tolerance
Israel Closes Down Hebron
Third Worlder: "World, Read My E-mail!"
Education a High Priority for UAE's Future
Dubai: A Popular Long-Haul Holiday Destination
Palestinian Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike To Protest Worsening Conditions, Ill Treatment
Tired of 9/11 Hassles, Arab Tourists Head East
Shisha: An Arab Delight, a Taste of Home
Arab Countries Burdened with Rising Unemployment and Birth Rate
UAE Occupies Prominent Position in the World
Women Empowerment Must Start at Home
Israel Reroutes Separation Barrier in Jerusalem
Obesity in Arab World Is on Rise
Attacks Continue in Iraq as Philippines Pulls Out
Bowing to Widespread Anger, Arafat Replaces Newly Appointed Security Chief
Iraqi Minister Survives Assassination
Chalabi Aides Convicted of Abusing Authority
Kuwaiti PM Sabah Meets with President Roh
Sheikh Mohammed Visits Volkswagen's Factory
Mixing Prophecy and Politics in the Holy Land
UAE Sets the Pace in Tourism Development
A Message of Apology by Arab Journalist
South Korean Is Killed in Iraq by His Captors
Al-Jazeera Airs Video of S. Korea Hostage
Tossing the Ball in Palestinian Authorities' Court
New Strategies for New Challenges Adopted 16th Arab Summit, says Tunisian envoy
Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah to Visit to Korea July 14-16
Israeli Bulldozers Raze Palestinian Families
For Iraqi Women, Abu Ghraib's Taint
16th Arab Summit Ends with Commitment to Comprehensive Reform
Israel Continues Hammering Palestinians in Rafah Despite Worldwide Outcry
Hundreds of Homes Leveled, Thousands Dispossessed in Rafah Catastrophe
Democracy Spreads across Africa
"Morocco Leads Race to Host 2010 World Cup"
Sudan: 56 Boy Slaves Freed from Cattle Camps
Sheikh Hamdan's Four-Day Visit to Germany Gives Big Boost to Mutual, Cooperative Ties
Israel Destroys Handicapped Rehab Center
Sheikh Hamdan's Trip to Far East Bolsters Cooperative Ties with Korea, Japan, China
Dubai Cited as World's Safest Destination
Less Than a Month from His Predecessor New Hamas Leader Assassinated in Gaza
Nationalism Grows in Iraq
Palestinians Join Fund-Raising for Hamas
Food Crisis for the Needy in Gaza Strip
"Hamas Targets Only Israel, Not U.S."
374 Freed Slaves Arrive in Southern Sudan
Ex-Captives Recount Boy Rape in Sudan
Hamas, Fateh Opposed to "Peaceful" Intifada
New Hamas Chief Calls for Retaliation for Israel
Hamas Spiritual Leader Killed in Israeli Air Strike
Beyond the Statistics: Bereaved Families and Bitter Memories
The Day I Became Crippled: The Massacre of Hebron Recalled
Murder of Palestinian Leader Raises Concern
Israeli Troops Terrorize Palestinian Banks
"Refuseniks" Phenomenon Rising in Israel
Angry Palestinian Laborers Demonstrate
Valentine's Day in Gaza: Roses Await Lovers
U.S. Peace Activist Finds Love in West Bank
Israeli Air Raid Targets Islamic Jihad Leader
"Malnutrition in Palestinian Similar to Africa"

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