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Letters from America
Ten Years Later: Chris Hondros Honored
by North Carolina Journalism Hall of Fame

By Greg Evans
Special Correspondent
It was on April 20, 2011, that two-time Pulitzer prize-nominated photojournalist Chris Hondros was killed while on assignment in Libya. He was working in the city of Misrata with a few other ...

Seasoned Journalist Kim Kwang-Ki Sets Up ESG Economy in Seoul
Kim Kwang-Ki Spends Over 30 Years for JoongAng Ilbo
Kim Kwang-Ki, former editorial writer of the mass-circulation daily JoongAng Ilbo, has recently been inaugurated as the publisher & CEO of ESG Economy, the online economic daily specializing in ...

Seeing Is No Longer Believing: the Manipulation of Online Images
A peace sign from Martin Luther King, Jr, becomes a rude gesture; President Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd scenes inflated; dolphins in Venice’s Grand Canal; and crocodiles on the streets of ...

Letters from India
India: Persisting Vulnerability to Scribes

By Nava Thakuria
Special Correspondent
Scribes in India normally habituate with various forms of vulnerability be it physical security, job security, social security and now health security. The vast country loses a number of working journalists to ...

Op-Ed Special
Seoul No Safe Haven for “Deep State Journalism” — The New York Times

By Thorsten J. Pattberg
Cultural Critic
SEOUL — Good morning, South Korea! After China enforced the new Hong Kong Security Law, the New York Times on July 14, 2020, threatened to move its anti-China operations to Seoul. Incoming: ...

Big Journalist Kim Young-Hie Dies of Old Age
Kim Young-Hie, one of the most respected senior journalists in South Korea, has died of old age at his home in Apgujeong-dong in southern part of Seoul. He was at 84. The seasoned ...

Read Online Newspapers
North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica. Humans live, work, and play on the 7 continents. Humans sail the seas. Humans fly the skies. And humans read online ...

Media Bias, Political Polarization and Today’s World
These days, many of us are meeting or encountering lots of people on the social media, who either lack knowledge on the topic they are arguing, or are driven by their wrong egos. They really do ...

Journalists Have Responsibility to Bring Truth
Terrorism has taken a disturbing turn with the horrific murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Apparently the intent of this murder was to send a message to all journalists dedicated to ...

The Washington Post Aims to Boost Its Online Advertising Business
The mass media are investing in projects to tackle the main problems of online media today. The speed of downloading, fraud in visits or visibility are some of the issues that mainly concern to ...

Free Speech Supporters Should Still Criticise Charlie Hebdo
It's Only Censorship When They Do It
Young Journalist Killed in India, Condemnations Pour on Orissa Government
Unpaid Media Employees of Northeast India
Associated Press Opens a Bureau in Pyongyang
Watching CNN Habit for Asian Business Leaders
What’s the Deal with Al-Jazeera?
Protest Note from Guwahati Press Club
Journalists’ Killings: Justice Eludes in India’s Assam
Global Journalists Urge Mongolian President to Release Its Journalist Chuluunbaatar Dolgor
Average Household Spends 8 Hours 33 Minutes Watching TV Per Day in 2010: Findings
"SCHÖN!" Magazine Sparkles with Latest Issue
Beginning of a Long Strategic Partnership, Gulf News
Australian Government Condemns Violent Crackdown on Media
China May Take a Lesson from ex-USSR
New Executive Committee of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ)
Talks the Only Way to Prove Political Responsibility in Bahrain
Closure of BBC Radio Service Is Biggest Tragedy of Information Era
Project Censored Lists Top Unreported Stories
Nuke Energy is One Option for UAE: Paper
Extremist Acts Undermine Mideast Peace Process
Defiance Won't Help Israel
When British Newspaper Tenders Apology to Indian Scientist
TST Contributor Honored with Excellence Award
Changing Media Industry Offers Chance for News Agencies: WAM Chief
AJA Mourns Death of Reuters Cameraman Hiro Muramoto with Special Statement
US Forces Kill Journalists
Iran's Leaders Would Ignore Aspirations of Post-Revolution Generation at Their Own Peril
LA Times Curtails Print Edition Amid Recession, Falling Readership
Human Rights Watch's Reports are Subjective and Selective:UAE Daily
Dubai TV Reporter 'Detained' in Iran
UAE Papers Laud Contract Awarded to S. Korea to Build Nuke Power Plants
Selling News Space Culture in India: Concerns of Journalists
AJA Forum to Kick Off for 4-Day Run in Seoul
Skepticism on Geneva Talks between Iran and United States
Global Editors’ Conference to Be Held in Seoul
When Politician Uses Scribe for Vested Interest
UAE National Media Council Welcomes All Debates on Draft Media Law
Assam Editor Killing: Protest Continues
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist & Author Thomas Friedman on CNN's Talk Asia
Doha Summit Holds Israel Accountable for Crimes, Genocide in Gaza
Real Motive of Israel's War in Gaza
Is Palestinian Blood Cheaper than Others?
When an Assamese Magazine Rejects Advertisements on Principle
Stuart Reece, Host of Rough Around the Edges on TBS eFm
S. Korea’s Press Freedom Seriously Questioned
Asia Journalist Association Holds AJA Forum 2008 & Plenary Session in Korea
Mohammed bin Zayed Launches New Media Zone in Abu Dhabi
UAE-Bashing from British Press is Unfair: Gulf News
When Media Distorts Facts to Manufacture News
Where Editors Swindle Reporters
Highlighting Media's Challenge and Responsibility
Scholars Call for Free, Balanced Communication
Media on Media' Glitch: An Exercise of Distress and Confusion
Prof. Won Yong-Jin Elected as KACIS Chief
KBS Unions Warn of All-out Strike If Pro-Lee Chief Is Tapped
Journalists Dare to Defy Militants' Diktat
Asian Media Ignoring Crisis of Sub-Saharan Proportions
Lee's Media Chief under Fire for Media Control
No official censorship of the local media : NMC chief affirms
Nuke Energy to Fuel Growth in UAE
Islamophobia and Muslims
Int'l Community's Cool Response to Israel's Genocide Policy Disgusting, Pathetic
Israel's War on Gaza Strip: 'Gulf Today' Editorial
Journalist Reporting on Under-represented Communities Arrested
Panel Finds Iraq Still the Deadliest Place on Earth for Journalists
Asia Journalist Association Holds 2007 Plenary Session in Korea
Annapolis is a historic opportunity: paper
Most Dangerous War in the History of Journalism
National Media Council clarifies closure of GEO, ARY TV stations
CNN Reveals Major Investment in Int'l News
Musharraf's Grave Miscalculation
Shows How Korea Is World's Most Wired Nation
S. Korean Journalists Denied Internet Access as Gov't Closes Pressrooms
15th Int'l Conference for Digital Media Nov. 8-9
In Parting Shot, Blair Calls Press a "Feral Beast"
CNN Launches First Health Show
Arab Media Forum to Open on April 24
Fallout of the War in Iraq Continues
China to Put Blogs under State Control
Media Should Tell Reality, Not Reflection
UN Ban Ki-moon's Deeply Demoralized Organization
US urged to end the war, don't talk of a new one
Risk of Reckless Step as an Escape: UAE Daily
British Troops Must Leave Iraq: UAE Daily
LA Times Publisher Resigns; Editor Remains on Job
Media Convergent Journalism in Kuala Lumpur
Khalifa's Tour to Egypt, France, Morocco Filmed
UAE press contrasting views on UK terror plot
US Blind Support for Israel Fanning Fires of Extremism
Israel, US Fail to Learn from the Past
Media Assail Israel, US for "Crime Against Humanity"
Time to do away with UN: paper
Time to Demand Durable Arab-Israeli Peace Pact
Online Media Revolution Taking Off in S. Korea
IFJ launches 4th S. Asia Press Freedom Report
Korean Press Needs to Be Unification-Oriented
FT Asian Financial Centres Summit in Seoul
2005 A Record Year for Loss in Journalism
"Vershbow Should Apologize for His Remarks"
China Ratchets Up Control on Expression
IFJ Conference Planned at Mt. Geumgang
MBC Quest for Truth Foiled in Harsh Attack
Asian Journalists Association Adopts Charter
Google Pauses Online Books Plan
Five Journalist Leaders Arrested in Nepal
O'Reilly Critical of Seoul Press Law
European Papers Go Tabloid
For Arab, Hussein Photos Reinforce View of US
Call for Entries for IFJ Journalism Close May 31
Newspapers Struggle to Avoid Their Own Orbit
Online News Active in World's Most Wired Nation
History Repeats in Struggle for Free Press
Murdoch to Buy Rest Fox Shares in $7 Bil. Deal
New Asia-Wide Journalist Body Launched
Times in Tabloid Transformation
The President vs. The Dailies
Senior Photo Journalist Eddie Adams Dies at 71
Barbara Walters: The Exit Interview
JAK Urges Indonesian Gov't to Remove Defamation as Offense Under Criminal Code
JAK Backs Global Campaign against Bribery
KPF Invites Ex- CIS Journalists of Korean Origin
Seoul Mayor Lee under Fire for Spending Tax Money for "Promoting Him and His Policies."
JAK Seeks Support from Int'l Media Community for Safety of Journalists in Conflict-Ridden Areas
JAK Calls for "Urgent" Global Media Support for Immediate Release of South Korean Captive
Korea to Expand Journalists Exchange, Cooperation with Greece, Russia, Bulgaria
South Korea Dissolves Ties That Once Bound the Press to the Powerful
Daily Zoom Presses Other Free Dailies in Market
European Press Review on D-Day Celebrations
Advertising Rebounds, Circulation Decreases
A Brief History of Newspapers
We Want to Learn from Korea's 2002 World Cup
South Africa's Nelson Mandela Selected as Recipient of Manhae Peace Prize
Korea, Russia to Expand Journalist Exchange
JAK Launches Fund-Raising Drive for North Korean Blast Victims
"Vox Populi, That's the Constitution"
"Big 3" Dailies Blamable for Roh's Impeachment
JAK Delivers Protest Letter to U.S. Embassy Over Detention of Korean Journalists in Iraq
Broadcast Media Must Be Fair and Rational

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