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Medical Tourism
Writing Is on the Wall: Pictorial Health Warnings Reduce Tobacco Use
Special Contribution
By Shobha Shukla
More evidence from scientific research is pouring in to show that graphic pictorial health warnings on all tobacco products are very effective in preventing children and youngsters from starting to ...

Failing on the Basics: Are We Able to Break The Chain of Infection Transmission?
Special Contribution
By Shobha Shukla
A person wearing a mask riding a bicycle Description automatically generated with low confidenceThe year 2022 began on a dismal note, with its first week reporting the highest-ever number of COVID ...

When People with HIV Can Live Normal Lives Then Why 680,000 AIDS Deaths in 2020?
By Bobby Ramakant
Asia Correspondent
A person holding an object Description automatically generated with medium confidenceWhen we know how to prevent HIV transmission, and how to keep every person living with HIV ...

Letters from Europe
“Artificial Beauty Overshadows Natural Beauty”

Girls in Macedonia Cross Borders for Plastic Surgery
By Antonina Veljanovska
EU Correspondent
In the last few years in the Balkans, more and more girls and women have made adjustments to themselves whether it was ears, nose, chest, lips, or liposuction. Most plastic surgeries are ...

What Is the Ring?
Special Contribution
By Shobha Shukla
The dapivirine vaginal ring is a female-initiated option to reduce the risk of HIV infection. It is a silicon ring impregnated with 25mg of the drug dapivirine (a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor). It ...

Disability Is Not Limited to the Body, It Is Also about Mindsets
Very often it is our disabling attitudes that make life difficult for people with disabilities, rather than their own physical impairments. More than the disability itself, it is its psychological effects that take a ...

UAE Embassy Takes Part in 2020 Gangnam Medi Tour Festa
His Excellency Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi, UAE Ambassador to Seoul, delivered a congratulatory speech on video technology on the occasion of 2020 Gangnam Medi Tour Festa, which is held by ...

Tobacco-Caused Diseases Are a Bane to the Pandemic
Grappling with a pandemic that has impacted humanity is no mean task. Scientists, doctors, governments, civilians — the entire world — have adorned their respective uniforms and stand united in this war ...

Accelerating Progress on Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights, Key for SDGs
Improvements in the health sector, as well as in other sectors such as infrastructure development, economic growth and poverty reduction, play a major role in improving not only health and ...

Stop This Shaming of Menstruation
This disgustingly shocking and audacious signpost appears in a country where women value their bodily autonomy and rights fiercely, or so do I believe. This seems to be the work of some ignorant and ...

Do It Right the First Time, Every Time!
Asia-Pacific Should Bolster Health Systems
ESMO Hosts 2nd ASIA Congress in Singapore
Complacency Breeds Failure: Consolidate Efforts to End AIDS by 2030
US Medical Team Observes SELD Procedure
For Age Is Opportunity No Less Than Youth itself
New Study Pegs the Number of TB Cases in India at Double the Current Estimates
New York-Presbyterian/Queens Appoints Dr. Benjamin Lee as Chief of Thoracic Surgery
Self-stigma: Let Us Do More Than Just "Ttalk about It"
We Cannot Eliminate TB If We Leave Children Behind
MDR-TB Treatment Rgimen: Short Indeed Is Beautiful
Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancer Is a Public Health Imperative
Asthma -- Can We Live with It?
Strike at the Root of the Problem to Kill TB
Antibiotic Use Is Driving Antibiotic Resistance
Big Push for Transgender and Hijra Welfare
Nepal Leading Tobacco Control in S. Asia: Will It Spiral Domino Effect on Other Nations?
Lung Cancer: Difficult to Diagnose, Difficult to Treat, Easy to Prevent
Tobacco Smoking Ruining Lives: Lung Cancer Rates Alarming
Regular HIV Prevention Counselling Reduces Risk of Infection
Strong Tobacco Taxation Policy Adopted despite Industry Interference
Medical Malpractices: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Overcoming Roadblocks in Translating Evidence-Based Healthcare into Public Health Gains
Indian Doctor Trupti Gilada to Get Fellowship Award at AIDS 2014
Koreans Visit Leading Health and Safety Body to Learn More about the Profession
Management of Respiratory Diseases beyond Drugs: Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Gender Justice to Be at the Heart of Development Justice
Connecting the Dots: Tobacco Use, Diabetes, and Tuberculosis
It Is Time To Control Asthma
Call for No More New HIV Infected Children
Break the Silence around Cancer
How Can You Treat Your Illness Unless You Take Your Medicines?
Biggest Killer of Kids Under 5 Is Pneumonia
Asthma Medicines Still Unaffordable for Many
Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise in Repairing Brain Damage Even Hours after Stroke Occurs
Scaling Up Natural Fertility Awareness Methods Increases Access to Family Planning
Tip the Scale in Favor of Quality
Should Asthma Control Us or We Control Asthma?
New Technique to Prevent Diabetic Lower-Limb Amputations
Stem Cells Might Beat Drugs in Delivering Relief Faster
Cycle Beads: The Bead String for Family Planning
"2013 EU Gateway Programme Healthcare and Medical Technologies" Held at COEX in Seoul
S. Korea Is the King of Cosmetic Surgery
S. Korea, No. 1 Plastic Surgery Nation
Faster Help for Stroke Victims
Global Network to Target Asthma
Grand Meets Patients with Perfect One-Stop Medical Service
Gangnamgu Sweeps 3 Awards at AFHC Global Conference Held in Brisbane, Australia
Beware: All Forms of Tobacco Are Harmful!
Stem Cell Graft Restores Memory and Mood
Dr. Lee Sang-Chol: Global Healthcare Provider
Gangnam Mayor Shin Puts Signboard on JK
Director Kim Sung-Nam Cures Cancer Patients with Enzymes
Raoncell Medical Clinic Signs MOU with Shanghai AYJ Bio Research Center
KHIDI President Ko Kyung-Hwa Opens Medical Tourism CEO Course
New Nurses Welcomed by Hospitals, Clinics
Lee, Magic Oriental Doctor
Mother's Milk Is the Best Nutrition for the Child
Gangnamgu Mayor Shin Yeon-Hee Leads South Korea’s Medical Tourism
Where Is The TB Quilt, Nay Mask?
Gangnamgu Leads Medical Tourism
Time for Critical Thinking and Action?
Tuberculosis: Ugly Scar on Beautiful Childhood
S. Korea's Inbound Medical Tourism Revenue Exceeds Outbound in 2011: IMTJ Reports
Globalizing Korean Oriental Medicine: Ariang TV
Towards A More Enabling Environment for Effective HIV/AIDS Responses
"The Boy Who Became Successful"
More Medical Tourists Visit South Korea
Medical Korea's Medical Policy Improvement Project for Foreign Patients
Dr. Paik Nam-Sun Calls Self "Super Surgeon"
"Wooridul, Korea's Best Spinal Surgery Clinic"
The Growth of Medical Tourism in the UK
Lee Gil-Ya Gets Science Award
S. Korea: Growing Medical Tourism Destination
S. Korea Makes Inroads Into Medical Tourism
Feed Your Child Well: Prevent Pneumonia
Sports and Sprains -- a Bad Combination!
Affluence Spurs Asian Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism Big Business in Asia
Why Do Americans Go Abroad for Surgery?
Costly Medicines Mean Debt or Death for People with Hepatitis C
Why Your Doctor May Be Acting Differently?

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Best Hospital & Clinic
Plastic Surgery's Highly Specialized Care
Grand Meets Patients with Perfect One-Stop Medical Service
Among hundreds of plastic surgery clinics clustered in Seoul’s Gangnam area, Mecca of South Korea’s medical industry, Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic stands out. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and top-notch skills its 31 highly specialized doctors meet their patients, both locals and foreigners in its own system of one-stop service that ... more
Top Hospital: Wooridul
S. Korea's Best Spinal Surgery Clinic
Wooridul's Main Concern Now
Is Patients from Russia, Europe
Thirty years ago, Mr. Lee Sang-Ho, a neurosurgical doctor from Seoul founded a new hospital that specializes primarily in spinal surgeries. Its name was Wooridul Hospital. Just three decades on, Wooridul hospital has become known world-wide as the world’s best neuro-musculoskeletal diseases center with official branches in locations across the globe. Most of the spinal surgeries in Wooridul are performed ... more
Lee Gil-Ya Gets Science Award
S. Korea's Most Powerful Doctor Involved in Philanthropic Activities
President Lee Gil-Ya of Gachon University of Medicine and Science was chosen as the recipient of "Unam (雩南) Science Promotion Award" by South Korea's science journalists.
Lee received the award from Park Bang-Joo who chairs the Association of the South Korean Science Journalists in a ceremony held at Koreana Hotel in downtown Seoul on Nov. 25, 2011.
She received a plague and a cash ... more
Top Tourism Director
Director Maricon Basco-Ebron says
1 Mil. Koreans to Visit Philippines
"This year my goal is to increase the number of Korean tourists visiting the Philippines to 1 million," said Ms. Maricon Basco-Ebron, the head of Philippine tourism office in Seoul, in a recent interview. "We will achieve this with our new campaign ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’” In the interview held in her office in Seoul on Feb. 3, 2012 the tourism director said that the new campaign will be ...more
Top Travel Expert
Travel Expert Bridges HK with S. Korea
Director Scott Kwon of HK Tourism Board in S. Korea Says ...
Hong Kong has always been a fascinating destination for Korean people. Middle-aged or older Koreans grew up listening to the phrase: I go to Hong Kong, the expression they used when they were extremely happy. Used to be called Asia’s shopping paradise for young ladies and financial hub for business people, the port city now emerges as a travel destinationwith multi-faceted images.....more
best hospital & clinic
Dr. Shin HD Mixes Surgery with Art
Samsung Line Leads Medical Tourism in South Korea

Medical tourism is fast becoming the discourse among local peoples in South Korea as increasing number of foreigners from overseas visit the nation for both tourism and medical treatment. In the year 2012 the number of inbound medical tourists will hit 100,000 by the South Korean government’s estimate...more

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